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wActivities April 2019 Update

Released on April 27th, 2019

New Features

  • Added a Scheduler job that automatically truncates the syncQueue table
  • Added the ability to disable the wActivites record sync temporarily
  • Added the Queued Date field in the wActivities module's Search Layout
  • Added a Delete option for any fields created from the Configure wActivities Modules settings in Admin
  • Code optimizations


Bug Fixes

  • An HTTP: 500 Server Error occurred after updating the wa_activities custom field
  • The vertical scrollbar disappeared after canceling the custom field update process
  • Custom Fields were deleted when updating their Type or Required attributes
  • New custom fields could be created without having a name and a display label
  • The wActivities Clean Queue Scheduler job deleted all syncQueue table records
  • The wActivities Clean Queue Scheduler job was recreated multiple times
  • Could not update any new fields created from the Configure wActivities Modules settings in Admin
  • The Display and System Labels were missing for any custom fields created/updated from wActivities
  • The Close button was not disabled in saving mode
  • The Custom Fields' types couldn't be changed
  • Process Queue Now actions button was too sensitive, and thus, prone to being easily pressed

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