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SugarCRM Mobile 2.0

Released on February 7th, 2014

Enhancements to existing features for SugarCRM Mobile Release 2.0 are listed below:

  • Offline caching : Available with instances running 7.1.5 and beyond, any record displayed in a list view, detail view, or record view is automatically copied to the mobile device's local database to enable viewing and modifying the data when the device does not have internet connectivity to the instance.
  • Offline buffering : Available with instances running 7.1.5 and beyond, users may now make changes to records stored in their device's local database which will be pushed to the instance upon reestablishing an internet connection.
  • Following button and designation : Users may now start or stop following records from SugarCRM Mobile. The "Following" designation now appears on a record's detail view when the current use is following it.

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