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SugarCRM Mobile 2.5.0 for iPhone

Released on May 19th, 2015

Feature Enhancements

Enhancements to existing features for SugarCRM Mobile Release 2.5.0 are listed below:

  • Mobile dashboards : Dashboards and selected dashlets are now available in SugarCRM Mobile for users accessing a Sugar 7x instance.
  • Activity Stream page : The Activity Stream page is now available in SugarCRM Mobile from the main menu for users accessing a Sugar 7.x instance. 
  • Global Search page : The Global Search page is now available in SugarCRM Mobile from the main menu for users accessing a Sugar 7.x instance.
  • Configurable start screen : Users accessing a Sugar 7.x instance can configure the screen they see upon logging in to be a dashboard, their activity stream, the Global Search page, or their Recently Viewed page. 
  • Closing activities : Open calls, meetings, and tasks may be closed via the "Close" Actions Menu option available on the record's row in any list.


Known Issues

The following are known issues with SugarCRM Mobile 2.5.0:

  • 57633 : Relate and flex-relate fields do not appear when viewing a related record.
  • 58252 : The Map action button is only available for address-type fields when the field’s database name includes the word "address".
  • 61160 : Languages marked as disabled in the Sugar instance are still available for use in SugarCRM Mobile.
  • 62378 : Archived emails do not appear in SugarCRM Mobile as email archiving is currently not supported.
  • 63364 : When logged in user selects themselves as a guest for the call, the Accept status displays "None" instead of "Accepted" in desktop version of Sugar.
  • 63365 : Calls and meetings duration hours and minutes may display on separate lines of the mobile layout after upgrading the Sugar instance.
  • 63431 : Address blocks (e.g. primary address) interspersed with non-address type fields (e.g. office phone) in mobile layout causes certain fields to not display as expected.
  • 63465 : Performing search in the Employees module returns incorrect search results in SugarCRM Mobile.
  • 63523 : The related modules list in a custom module’s detail view displays incorrect labels for activities (e.g. calls, etc.) when the language is changed in SugarCRM Mobile.
  • 63524 : Employees detail view layout does not display the First Name field as expected in SugarCRM Mobile.
  • 63675 : Assignment notification emails are sent improperly to the logged in user when assigning a call or meeting to themselves.
  • 63809 : Initial access to the context-sensitive menu of a report record’s list does not display the File icon as expected.
  • 63861 : Including the "xxx_usdollar" field associated with a currency field on mobile views for custom modules will cause an errant amount to be displayed.
  • 67130 : Role restrictions on viewing records in the Meetings module may cause an error when creating a new meeting assigned to a different user. 
  • 65722 : Custom sales-type module does not display its Amount US Dollar field with the correct currency symbol on list view when the record’s currency is not the default system currency.
  • 65723 : Quote records do not display a currency symbol with the Total Discount field.
  • 67145 : Role-level access restrictions may be out of date as users must log out and back into the app before role changes made in the instance while their device was in offline mode are reflected in the app.
  • 67590 : Users searching for a previously accessed record in SugarCRM Mobile after their access to a record was removed causes an error to be displayed.
  • 68359 : Relationship fields and subpanels may show outdated information in offline mode due to the automatic refresh of the downloaded record not including both sides of relationship changes.
  • 70728 : Role restrictions on the Notes module's Attachment field may prevent simultaneous reassignment of the note and uploading of an attachment. Users should save the note after adding the attachment prior to reassigning the note.
  • 71830 : If a module is disabled after offline mode is enabled, users may receive an offline error. To remove the error, disable and re-enable Offline Mode in Settings within the SugarCRM Mobile application. 
  • 72111 : Dependent fields do not display latest saved values within the Home or Recents view. 
  • 72112 : If offline mode is enabled in Admin > Mobile, any newly enabled modules will not work. The Administrator will need to disable offline mode, enable desired modules, and then re-enable offline mode.
  • 73136 : Users may be unable to open the Actions Menu on items in the Activity Stream list view. 

Supported Modules

The following Sugar modules are supported in SugarCRM Mobile:

  • Accounts
  • Calls
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Employees
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Reports
  • Tasks
  • Any Custom Module

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