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Released on March 9th, 2016


This document describes the functionality available in Sugar® Professional

Sugar is available for both on-demand (Sugar-hosted SaaS) and on-site deployments. 

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • 65509 : Cron job stalls due to high CPU usage (100%) and causes inbound emails to not import properly.
  • 70346 : Marking the Subject field in Notes as not required in Admin > Studio may not be respected in SugarCRM mobile as expected.
  • 70685 : Performing a Quick Repair and Rebuild may cause certain modules to not display as expected in the navigation bar.
  • 71281 : Related module variables (e.g. Start Date) may not display as expected in the email alert once the workflow triggers. 
  • 71564 : The custom relationship field (e.g. Accounts) improperly gets populated in addition to the stock relate field (e.g. Account Name) when creating a new record via the related module subpanel (e.g. Contacts).
  • 72086 : Marking the Contract module's Type field with "Audit" and "Required" in Admin > Studio may cause the Type field values to display as blank in reports. 
  • 72490 : Resaving the Opportunity module's Commit Stage field in Admin > Studio may cause the Forecast column to not display values (e.g. Exclude, Include) as expected in the forecasts worksheet for newly created opportunity records.
  • 73237 : Marking the "Relate to current record" box when adding a List View dashlet in the module's record view intelligence pane may not display the dashlet as expected.     
  • 73522 : Matrix-type reports may display incorrect total amounts in the report result. 
  • 73676 : Having multiple browser tabs open for Sugar may cause users to get logged out unexpectedly.
  • 73707 : Performing an upgrade to 7.6.x.x may fail for instances running Sugar on the XAMPP 1.8.2-6 platform. 
  • 73708 : The customized Product Catalog module may not be available to export as expected via Admin > Studio > Export Customizations.
  • 73722 : The addDays() function in a Sugar Logic formula may not work as expected, causing incorrect values to be calculated.
  • 73731 : Assignment notifications may be sent improperly to users when a time-elapsed worflow is triggered for meetings held more than 1 week ago.
  • 73772 : The quote's line items may not display in the same order as it was added after saving the record.
  • 73805 : When mass updating or deleting records in the custom module, the pop-up message displays the incorrect label for the module.
  • 73831 : Instance data may unexpectedly grow resulting in server errors.
  • 73837 : The total value in the report chart dashlet may not dynamically update to reflect the current total in the report.
  • 73848 : Workflow action to create a related record (e.g. opportunities) may not work as expected. 
  • 74023 : Changing the order of columns in the List View dashlet does not preserve the order as expected upon save.  
  • 74051 : Custom Decimal field values do not display correctly if the "1000s separator" and "Decimal Symbol" preferences are changed in user preferences. 
  • 74079 : Printing the Summation Report with Details to PDF may display the data differently than the generated report result.  
  • 74152 : When running on SQLServer, upgrading an instance with knowledge base articles may result in Fatal errors causing the Knowledge Base list view to not display as expected.  
  • 74261 : Quick creating a call or meeting incorrectly opens up the Legacy create view instead of the Sidecar record view after upgrading to 7.6.
  • 74268 : When creating a document linked to your Google Drive, the files in the drive do not display as expected when selecting from the drive. 
  • 74269, 74270 : Clicking the "Restore Default" or "Restore" button for the Subpanels layout in Admin > Studio does not work as expected.
  • 74311 : Performing a search using the case or quote number in global search bar may not return results as expected.
  • 74346 : When a workflow alert is triggered for the Quotes module, if the quote record has multiple product line items, it may cause multiple alert emails to be sent improperly.
  • 74368 : Moving emails between group inbox folders in the Emails module may not move the email as expected.
  • 74407 : Relationship fields located in subpanels may not display related records as expected.
  • 74513 : Performing a Quick Repair or rebuilding the cached file_map.php file causes the application to delay or time out when a large number of files are uploaded to the instance.
  • 74570 : A user assigned a role with access to the Forecasts module disabled may experience unexpected behavior for certain modules after upgrading to 7.6.x.x. 
  • 74608, 74979 : The metadata_cache may become corrupted in the database resulting in 412 errors and issues accessing your Sugar instance.
  • 74655 : The default value defined for a dropdown field (e.g. Lead Source) in the Opportunities module may not be respected when creating an opportunity from a quote.
  • 74775 : Administrators can improperly access related-module criteria in Start events that apply to new records, resulting in an error upon save. 

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker. To view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using "" in the Targeted In Release field. Look for the bugs marked "Fixed" in the Resolution field.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in version

  • 53969 : The Projects module does not have the option (star icon) to designate records as favorites. As a workaround, the Favorites option can be enabled by changing 'favorites' from "false" to "true" in the ./modules/Projects/vardefs.php file.
  • 65527 : The SugarCRM® cube icon is used as the system-wide favicon even when "Display module icon as favicon" is enabled in Admin > System Settings.
  • 65647 : Users will not see updates to their avatar images without first logging out and back in to Sugar.
  • 65674 : Selecting an item from the Recently Viewed list under the module tab does not correctly update the list to include the selected record.
  • 66022 : Viewing or replying to emails sent from Outlook on Windows improperly display extra lines in Sugar.
  • 66209 : Help text is not being displayed.
  • 66520 : Notes may not be edited directly from the Contracts module's Notes subpanel.
  • 66573 : More than one user attempting to merge records simultaneously results in errors. 
  • 66580, 68435 : List view loads may experience performance issues as quantity of records loaded increases. Reducing the Listview items per page setting in Admin > System Settings may help resolve the issue. 
  • 66826 : Numerical fields such as Bug Number may not be used with type ahead functionality to generate a list of potential matches when relating records. 
  • 66842 : Relate fields cannot be sorted as expected in the list view.
  • 66900, 67294 : Resetting the forecast time period does not set the current time period correctly and causes various issues in the application.
  • 66910 : The notification for Cases module does not include the case number as expected when triggered via the workflow.
  • 66995 : The Display server response times option is improperly available to select via Admin > System Settings. 
  • 67445 : Multiple panels cannot be added as expected to the Record View layout in Studio.
  • 68095 : Text provided for Campaign Tracker URLs is unexpectedly shortened after the first 30 characters.
  • 68112 : Matrix-type reports display incorrectly when exported to PDF.
  • 68245 : Calendar dashlet may be missing from Legacy dashboard after upgrading to 7.2.0.
  • 68426 : New panels added to the Record View layout in Studio do not display the panel options (Display Type, Collapse?) until the layout is saved in Studio.
  • 68440 : Quick creating (e.g. Leads, Contacts, etc.) via the Emails dashlet on the Legacy dashboard opens up the legacy create view instead of the sidecar record view.
  • 68461 : Searching by non-primary email addresses in the module's list view (e.g. Accounts) does not pull up results as expected.  
  • 68464 : Changes made to record view layouts via studio are not reflected when quick creating records until after the full creation view is used. 
  • 68737 : Custom relationship field labels that were modified, improperly revert to the original label after upgrading the instance.
  • 68843 : The Product Catalog module cannot be filtered by the Type field in Sugar 7 as it is not available to add via Admin > Studio.
  • 68975 : Changing the order of subpanels via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels does not preserve the order upon save.
  • 68979 : Changing the currency of a quote multiple times may introduce rounding errors to the line item price fields.
  • 69382 : Campaign tracker URLs may log campaign status entries with no recipient information when clicked from outside the campaign email.
  • 69391 : Changes made to module names via Admin > Rename Modules are not reflected on list views columns for modules which relate to the affected module. The column names may be corrected individually by modifying each listview's column labels via Studio.
  • 69508 : Relating a new record via the Legacy module subpanel (e.g. Calls) in a module's record view (e.g. Leads) causes the Next and Previous buttons to no longer appear in the record view. Navigating back to the list view and selecting a record will correct the issue by restoring the buttons again in the record view. 
  • 69801, 69918 : Changing the style attributes for table tags, image tags, etc. on email templates via HTML may result in parts of the code getting removed upon save.
  • 69985 : If a custom module has a relationship with an individual Activity-type module (e.g. Tasks), this related module may not be available to select when creating a workflow action to create a record in a module (Tasks) associated with the target module (e.g. custom module). As a workaround, create a one-to-many relationship between the custom module and the Activities module, and the appropriate Activity-type module (e.g. Tasks) will be available to select when creating the workflow action.
  • 70024 : Scheduled reports may have incorrect or missing charts in the emailed PDF. Select "Print as PDF" from the report's Actions menu to see the updated chart.
  • 70106 : The Skype icon does not appear next to the phone number as expected when the SkypeOut integration is enabled.
  • 70124 : Studio's formula builder displays several undesired functions (getListWhere, isForecastClosed, isForecastClosedWon, and isForecastClosedLost). 
  • 70389 : Tabbing while inline editing the address block in the record view does not work as expected as it does not tab through all the fields (e.g. state, postal code, etc.) within the address block.
  • 70542 : The "Show Completed Meetings, Calls, and Tasks" option is not available in Calendar > Settings, which can cause performance issues in the Calendar module for users who have a large number of activity records. Setting Admin > System Settings > vCal Updates Time Period to "-1" will relieve the performance delay, however this will prevent user availability information from appearing when scheduling a call or meeting.
  • 70553 : Disabling export via Admin > Locale does not remove the Export option as expected from the list view.
  • 70601 : Custom HTML files including javascript may not render correctly after upgrade to 
  • 70619 : The Cases module search does not support searching for a comma-separated list of case numbers. To specify a list of cases, create a filter using the "is any of" operator.
  • 70748 : The target list's Total Entries field does not display the correct count based on the number of related target list records. Reloading the web browser will resolve the issue and display the correct count.
  • 71446 : For opportunities, changes made to labels via Studio > {Module Name} > Labels do not affect list view labels. Make changes to labels via Studio > {Module Name} > Layouts > List View to modify list view layouts. 
  • 71807 : Studio layouts appear in reverse order when right-to-left themes are enabled.
  • 71808 : Merging a record that contains the Global team results in the user being unable to select or deselect the Global team.
  • 71809 : Search filters do not allow the selection of blank dropdown options.
  • 72000 : Changing the Admin user with user ID = 1 to a regular user may cause the system index to not index records properly in Sugar. To resolve the issue, change the Admin user (user ID = 1) back to a System Administrator User. 
  • 72022 : The Projects module is incorrectly available to select via Admin > Mobile.
  • 72098 : Clicking the "Restore Default" button in Admin > Studio automatically saves and displays the out-of-the-box default layout despite not saving the change in Studio.
  • 72264 : Clicking on the opportunity's name in the Quotes detail view after downloading the quote to PDF improperly redirects to the home page instead of the opportunity's record view. As a workaround, right-click on the opportunity name after downloading the quote to PDF and the opportunity's record view will open accordingly.
  • 72286 : The Opportunity module's amount fields cannot accept negative values.
  • 72357 : Alert message displays when completing the installation of Sugar using IE browser (9, 11). Clicking the Retry button in the dialog box will open Sugar accordingly. 
  • 72409 : When generating a report, labels may improperly overlap in the chart (e.g. Vertical Bar chart) causing the labels to be unreadable.
  • 72882 : When accessing Sugar using Internet Explorer, the date picker does not display properly and disappears when using the scroll bar on the page. As a workaround, scrolling with your mouse or trackpad will display the calendar picker properly.
  • 72884 : When filtering on currency fields (e.g. Likely) for opportunities, performing a search does not return results as expected when based on the user's preferred currency.
  • 72887 : Customizing a role-list while creating a custom DropDown field in Studio causes the new field to not be saved. As a workaround, create and save the new field before making changes to any role-lists.
  • 72956, 73729 : Populating a target list by selecting a report for a module (e.g. Accounts) may not add all records as expected if the report contains a large amount of data. 
  • 73025 : Changes made to audited custom relate fields do not display in the View Change Log as expected. 
  • 73259 : Accepting or rejecting a recurring call or meeting accepts the first meeting or call in the series instead of the full recurring series.
  • 73426 : Users with no access to the Opportunities module can improperly access the Forecasts module. As a workaround, administrators should disable the Forecasts module for roles where the Opportunities module is disabled.
  • 73466 : Clicking the Test Connector button to validate the connector settings (e.g. Twitter, D&B) may improperly confirm a successful connection. 
  • 73485 : Parent modules incorrectly appear in related module dropdown lists.
  • 73488 : Re-ordering list view columns does not work as expected for iPad and mobile devices.
  • 73489 : The Email field does not display as expected in the pop-up search window for Legacy modules and may prevent filtering by this field.
  • 73490 : When a user's access to the Forecasts module is disabled, it improperly disables the Forecast Pipeline Chart dashlet despite the user having access to the Opportunities modules.
  • 73491 : Deleting a project via detail view after exporting to MS project, results in an error. As a workaround, delete the project from the list view.
  • 73492 : Sorting the Forecasts module by Likely, Best, or Worst fields may not sort by the base currency amount as expected.
  • 73689 : When users adjust the list view or subpanel column widths, the user's preferred column size may not be preserved if the browser window is resized. 
  • 73929 : Cases created from inbound emails may improperly display the case's description as HTML. 
  • 74007 : Disabling the Show Full Names option in user preferences is not respected and continues to display the user's full name instead of their username in Sugar.
  • 74086 : Grouping a report (e.g. Summation-type report) by the "Month: Date Created" or "Month: Date Modified" field may display the months incorrectly in alphabetical order on the X-axis of a line chart.
  • 74101 : When a new dashlet is added to the Opportunities module after removing an existing dashlet (e.g. Pipeline dashlet), the dashlet does not appear in the dashboard as expected after reloading the page. 
  • 74205 : Having a leading or trailing space in an item name in the dropdown list may cause unexpected behavior when filtering the module search using the specific dropdown value.
  • 74272 : The Email Address field does not appear in the list view of custom modules (e.g. Company-type) after upgrading from 6.x to To resolve the issue, navigate to Admin > Studio and move the Any Email field from the Hidden column to the Default column in the custom module's List View layout. 
  • 74431 : Downloading a quote to PDF may result in a TCPDF error if the PDF file includes a header image and spans multiple pages. 
  • 74628 : Certain workflows using a Relate-type field in the condition may fail to load as expected and result in errors after upgrading to 7.6.x.x. As a workaround, run the following query in the instance's expressions table: UPDATE expressions SET exp_type = "id" WHERE exp_type = "relate" AND lhs_field = "assigned_user_id".  
  • 74871 : Active workflows involving the Opportunities module may be set to "Inactive" after upgrading to As a workaround, manually reactivate the workflows in the database that were active prior to the upgrade. 
  • 74942 : Instances may experience intermittent errors involving the relationships cache file. As a workaround, remove /cache/Relationships/relationships.cache.php and run a relationship repair via Admin > Repair > Rebuild Relationships.
  • 75557 : Attempting to create a new record (e.g. opportunities) via the Quick Create menu while in the create view of a Sidecar module (e.g. Leads), may cause the Create button in the current module (Leads) to not work as expected if you cancel out of the quick create view. 
  • 75559 : Attempting to reply to or forward a sent email via the Emails module may result in internal server error. 
  • 75572 : Configuring the Quick Create menu via Admin > Configure Navigation Bar Quick Create may not work as expected. To resolve the issue, navigate to Admin > Repair and perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild then reload the page to view the changes made in the Quick Create menu.
  • 75722 : Manually updating the public metadata javascript without clearing the entire metadata_cache table may cause the browser to reload indefinitely when accessing Sugar.
  • 75580, 75587 : Creating and running Matrix-type reports may not display the results correctly as expected.  
  • 75588 : Email addresses imported to Sugar are not marked as "Primary" by default on the record.
  • 75591 : Certain dropdown options may not appear as expected for modified dropdown fields after upgrading to

Additional Product Information

Sugar does not include support for the following pieces of functionality:

  • Customizations to add iframes are fully deprecated and not supported in Sugar 7.
  • Use of fieldset-with-labels fields is deprecated in 7.5 and will be removed in 7.6.
  • Sugar Mobile Plus is not supported in Sugar 7.

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