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Released on April 6th, 2015

Known Issues

The following are known issues in version

  • 65229 : The Forecast field of revenue line item records is not automatically updated based on the ranges specified in Admin > Forecast.
  • 65647 : Users will not see updates to their avatar images without first logging out and back in to Sugar.
  • 65674 : Selecting an item from the Recently Viewed list under the module tab does not correctly update the list to include the selected record.
  • 66209 : Help text is not being displayed.
  • 66520 : Notes may not be edited directly from the Contracts module’s Notes subpanel.
  • 66521 : Likely, Best, and Worst amounts have a value of zero rather than being automatically calculated when a revenue line item is created through a workflow.
  • 66573 : More than one user attempting to merge records simultaneously results in errors. 
  • 66580 : List view loads may experience performance issues as quantity of records loaded increases. 
  • 66826 : Numerical fields such as Bug Number may not be used with type ahead functionality to generate a list of potential matches when relating records. 
  • 66995 : Enabling "Display Server Response Times" in system settings does not display response times as expected.
  • 67294 : Resetting the forecast time period does not set the current time period correctly and causes various issues in the application.
  • 67445 : Multiple panels cannot be added as expected to the Record View layout in Studio.
  • 68095 : Text provided for Campaign Tracker URLs is unexpectedly shortened after the first 30 characters.
  • 68245 : Calendar dashlet may be missing from Legacy dashboard after upgrading to 7.2.0.
  • 68426 : New panels added to the Record View layout in Studio does not display the panel options (Display Type, Collapse?) until the layout is saved in Studio.
  • 68440 : Quick creating (e.g. Leads, Contacts, etc.) via the Emails dashlet on the Legacy dashboard opens up the legacy create view instead of the sidecar record view.
  • 68461 : Searching by non-primary email addresses in the module’s list view (e.g. Accounts) does not pull up results as expected.  
  • 68464 : Changes made to record view layouts via studio are not reflected when quick creating records until after the full creation view is used. 
  • 68975 : Changing the order of subpanels via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels does not preserve the order upon save.
  • 68979 : Changing the currency of a quote multiple times may introduce rounding errors to the line item price fields.
  • 69391 : Changes made to module names via Admin > Rename Modules are not reflected on list views columns for modules which relate to the affected module. The column names may be corrected individually by modifying each listview’s column labels via Studio.
  • 69508 : Relating a new record via the Legacy module subpanel (e.g. Calls) in a module’s record view (e.g. Leads) causes the Next and Previous buttons to no longer appear in the record view. Navigating back to the list view and selecting a record will correct the issue by restoring the buttons again in the record view. 
  • 70023 : Scheduled reports may have incorrect or missing charts in the emailed PDF. Select "Print as PDF" from the report's Actions menu to see the updated chart.
  • 70106 : The Skype icon does not appear next to the phone number as expected when the SkypeOut integration is enabled.
  • 70124 : Studio’s formula builder displays several undesired functions (getListWhere, isForecastClosed, isForecastClosedWon, and isForecastClosedLost).
  • 70539 : Assigning records to a user via mass update does not send the assignment emails as expected to the user.
  • 70552 : Custom "Image" and "Address" type fields marked as required in Admin > Studio are not respected properly when creating or editing a record. 
  • 70553 : Disabling export via Admin > Locale does not remove the Export option as expected from the list view.
  • 70601 : Custom HTML files including javascript may not render correctly after upgrade to 
  • 70619 : The Cases module search does not support searching for a comma-separated list of case numbers. To specify a list of cases, create a filter using the "is any of" operator.
  • 70748 : The target list's Total Entries field does not display the correct count based on the number of related target list records. Reloading the web browser will resolve the issue and display the correct count.
  • 70810 : Cases created via Tweet-to-Case do not relate to a corresponding contact as expected.
  • 71147 : Errors may appear in the "Pipeline by Type by Team" report after upgrading from 6.5.x.x to 7.5.x.x. The report can be successfully reproduced from scratch.
  • 71230 : IFrame fields are incorrectly available as columns in list views.
  • 71375 : The Likely amount does not automatically update after editing a revenue line item from an opportunity's record view. Reload the browser to see the change.
  • 71376 : Newly added release records will not initially display in the Bugs module dropdowns for "Found in Release" and "Fixed in Release". Reload the browser to view the dropdown values.
  • 71377 : Users with read-only access to a module are restricted from configuring dashlets on that module's Intelligence Pane.
  • 71378 : A user's preferred language may not automatically load when a different system default locale has been specified. Choosing a language from the bottom of the login page will override the system default.
  • 71451 : Duplicate calls appear in list view when related to multiple contacts and the Contact column is visible. Remove the Contact column from list view to see unique call occurrences.
  • 71629 : Custom forecast ranges may not appear in forecast filters after initial setup or after resetting existing forecast ranges until the browser cache is cleared.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • 72047 : When editing layouts in Studio, changes to place two fields on a single row may not be preserved after saving and deploying.
  • 72087 : Attempts to generate a diagnostic file including “MySQL – General Information”  via Admin > Diagnostic Tools may fail.
  • 72089 : Legacy module records created via a Sidecar module’s subpanel for a custom relationship are related to the sidecar module via the incorrect, stock relationship.
  • 72123 : In newly created quoted line items, the Assigned User field is blank rather than matching the related quote’s assigned user.
  • 72224 : Changes to tasks cannot be saved when edited from a project’s Gantt view.
  • 72270, 72538, 72339 : Workflows may incorrectly fire when their conditions have not been met.
  • 72349 : Layouts may have unexpected configurations after deploying changes via Studio and Module Builder.
  • 72363 : Custom logic hooks may be removed from the instance’s ./custom folder after upgrading to 7.5. As a workaround, please re-install the necessary customization packages in the instance.
  • 72481 : Emails related to cases may no longer appear in the case's Emails subpanel after a reply to the email is sent. 
  • 72483 : Reports with filter groups including a Teams filter are not accessible after upgrading from 6.5. or 6.7.x to 7.5.

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker. To view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using "" in the Targeted In Release field. Look for the bugs marked "Fixed" in the Resolution field.


Additional Product Information

Sugar does not include support for the following pieces of functionality:

  • Offline Client is not supported in Sugar 7.
  • The iFrames module is fully deprecated and not supported in Sugar 7.
  • Use of fieldset-with-labels fields is deprecated in 7.5 and will be removed in 7.6.
  • Sugar Mobile Plus is not supported in Sugar 7.

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