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Sugar 7.2.1

Released on June 18th, 2014

SugarCRM 7.2.1 is primary a stability and security release available to all on-demand and and on-premise customers.

New Features

  • Historical Summary option : The record view now includes the Historical Summary option to view historical data related to the record’s activities (e.g. calls, meetings, emails, etc.).
  • List view email option : Emails may now be generated from list views with one or more records as recipients.
  • Upgrade-compatible custom layouts : When upgrading, layout changes introduced by the upgrade will now be merged with any existing layout customizations.
  • Editing reports from report dashlets : Reports may now be edited directly from a saved report dashlet.
  • Contextual quick create : Creating a child record when a parent record is in focus automatically relates the two. For example, creating a case while viewing an account prepopulates the Account field.
  • Learning Resources dashlet : Links to Sugar’s learning resources are now available on a homepage dashlet as well as in the Help dashlet on each module.


  • 64991 : Email address entered in the edit view layout of the users profile fails to save as expected.
  • 65254 : The Opportunities module in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Sugar has a Probability field that should not be available in Admin > Studio.    
  • 65696 : Sidecar modules do not properly respect the email settings in user preferences.
  • 66836 : Marking the Email Address field as required in Admin > Studio is not respected properly when creating or editing a record.
  • 66883 : Attempting to mass update a multiselect or dropdown field to a blank value is not successful.
  • 66951 : The Opportunities by Sales Stage dashlet displays incorrectly and does not match the chart generated in the original report.  
  • 66981 : The Street Address field does not support multiple lines when entering the street address. Street Address field with multiple lines will display the street address in one line after upgrading to 7.2.0.
  • 67077 : The Restore Default option for layouts (e.g. search, record view, etc.) in Studio does not work as expected. 
  • 67085 : The Default Pricing Formula in Admin > Product Catalog does not work as expected to display the correct amounts.
  • 67091 : Space is missing between the State and Postal Code in the address field for FF 26 andIE 10.
  • 67108 : Editing a line item in a quote group’s row associates the line items with an incorrect quoted line item record.
  • 67152 : Attempting to delete an email address via the Contacts subpanel in the Accounts module results in an error and cannot be saved.
  • 67202 : Changing the display label for the Salutation field is not respected properly as it displays the old display label in the list view and record view.
  • 67242 : LDAP group membership responses are not correctly evaluated by Sugar, resulting in failed authentication.  
  • 67262 : Modifying the round-robin or least-busy case assignment team for an inbound email account cause cases to be assigned to users from the previous, incorrect team.
  • 67284 : Importing opportunity amounts with a currency symbol (e.g. $100.00) will cause the import to fail and the list of errors are not generated as expected.
  • 67320 : Email signatures not associated to the current user are available for selection when creating emails.
  • 67346 : The Opportunities by Sales Stage dashlet displays incorrect decimal values on the chart.
  • 67404 : Setting the default language to Brazilian Portuguese causes the filters in record view and list view to break.
  • 67448 : The import errors spreadsheet displays the incorrect line number corresponding to the original import file when the import file contains greater than 101 records.  
  • 67453 : Dropdown Editor incorrectly displays filter_operators_dom list for editing.
  • 67586 : The Opportunity Metrics dashlet displays incorrect amounts if the “1000s separator” and “Decimal Symbol” preferences are changed in user preferences. 
  • 67597 : The ellipses incorrectly appears at the end of the note’s description even though the entire note is displayed in the description field.    
  • 67644 : Changing the “1000s separator” and “Decimal Symbol” in the user’s profile via Admin > User Management does not save as expected.  
  • 67668 : Navigating to another module (e.g. Opportunities) with the create filter dropdown list open in the current module (e.g. Accounts) causes the filter fields dropdown list to appear improperly when accessing the original module’s (Accounts) list view.
  • 67669 : Date type field with default value set as “none” causes the view change log to not properly load and result in an error.
  • 67899 : The View Change Log option does not appear as expected in custom person type modules created in module builder.
  • 67915 : Quick creating a note while viewing a contact record does not automatically create the secondary relationship for the contact’s related account. 
  • 67946 : Creating a quote via the Quote subpanel in the Contacts record view does not populate the billing and shipping contact and account name for the quote as expected.
  • 67968 : The Account Name field does not populate as expected when creating an opportunity via the Opportunities subpanel in a contact’s record view.
  • 68069 : Upgrade to 7.x fails if stock field type is modified.
  • 68075 : Saving a contact record causes duplicate contact-to-account relationship records to be created and multiple results per contact to appear when exporting contacts to a CSV file. 
  • 68077 : The Pipeline dashlet improperly displays the sales stage’s item name and not the display label.
  • 68111 : An empty row appears in the record view layout when a dependent field is hidden.
  • 68155 : Deleting shipping providers via Admin > Shipping Providers does not delete as expected.
  • 68162 : Undoing the import does not delete the created record(s) as expected and results in duplicate records upon re-import of the same file.
  • 68182 : Disabling the SkypeOut integration in Admin > System Settings continues to display the Call to link improperly in the record view.
  • 68225 : Record does not save as expected and displays an error message if email address contains an apostrophe.
  • 68326 : Disabling the Duplicate Merge option for a stock field in Studio is not respected properly as the field appears in the Merging Records screen.
  • 68348 : Editing the Status field list (“sales_status_dom”) in DropDown editor causes the Status field in opportunities to not display a value as expected upon save.
  • 68398 : Plain text emails created in the Emails module improperly applies HTML entity encoding when saving or sending the email.
  • 68415 : Duplicating a workflow via Admin > Workflow Management does not work as expected.
  • 68422 : Adding the Duration Hours and Duration Minutes field to the Meetings edit view layout causes the record to not save as expected.
  • 68423 : Creating a dropdown field with a new dropdown list using the same name as an existing field overwrites the existing field’s attributes including changing its type to be a dropdown.
  • 68436 : Making a dependent field read-only based on the value of another field, does not work as expected.
  • 68458 :  Attachments on case notes do not save properly when created in the portal.
  • 68483 : Sending an email using the group mailbox address does not send as expected and results in an error.
  • 68511 : The Related To field does not display as expected to select the related module and record when creating records in the Tasks and Notes module.
  • 68585 : The Assigned to field does not appear as expected in the Mass Update panel.
  • 68597 : Populating a target list using a report with a large number of records results in an error.
  • 68611 : Custom dropdown field does not display as expected on the record view layout.
  • 68616 : The silent upgrader fails with no errors and results in a false success when PHP CLI binary is not named “php”. 
  • 68631 : The Contact Phone field does not display any values in the Tasks list view as expected.
  • 68634 : The conversion rate displays incorrectly if the “1000s separator” and “Decimal Symbol” is modified in user preferences.
  • 68641 : Exporting customizations via Admin > Studio does not export the custom fields as expected.
  • 68643 : Dependent fields in the module containing a Related () function causes the module to not load properly and results in an error.
  • 68662 : When using SSL, the environment check during the installation wizard fails for 7.2.0.
  • 68700 : The revenue line item amounts display incorrectly upon save if the “1000s separator” and “Decimal Symbol” is changed in Admin > Locale. 
  • 68721 : SugarPDF file paths are not updated properly upon upgrade and causes the Print to PDFoption to break. 
  • 68760 : Custom one-to-many relationship created between the same module (e.g. Accounts) in Studio does not work as expected.  
  • 68845 : Importing non-primary email addresses causes incorrect email address mapping and errors.
  • 69101 : Workflow alerts are improperly sent using the current user’s email and not the system email settings.
  • 69310 : After upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2.1, the base_rate for opportunities and revenue line items are incorrectly calculated on the record.

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