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SugarCRM 6.7.5

Released on March 17th, 2014


This document describes the changes in Sugar 6.7.5.

Sugar 6.7.5 is available for Sugar On-Demand (Sugar-hosted SaaS) deployments only.

Feature Enhancements

Enhancements to existing features for Release 6.7.5 are listed below:

  • Charts included in scheduled reports : Scheduled reports now include charts when emailed. 
  • Improvements to currency display : Improvements have been made to how currencies are displayed in Opportunities, Forecasts, Reports, and Quotes modules.
  • Multibyte character report names for PDF : Report names including multibyte character strings will now display the file name properly when report is printed as a PDF.
  • New Date Filter options for reports : Additional Date Filter options (Next # Days, Last # Days) are now available to select for reports.
  • Product discount percentage granularity increased : The Product discount percentage granularity has been increased from 2 to 4 decimal places.
  • Option to mark emails as Read before Import : A configuration option is now available to mark emails as read before, instead of after, importing to Sugar.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with Sugar 6.7.5:

  • 59213 : Renaming the Forecasts module in Admin > Rename Modules does not affect all instances of the word "Forecast".
  • 59109 : Sales managers' "No Opportunities" checkbox available in User Profile > Advanced is not respected in the Forecasts module. Checking this box will not prevent the user from seeing a row and a worksheet for their own opportunities.
  • 61232 : After an opportunity is first loaded to the Forecasts module, any updates to the opportunity's probability will not affect its forecasting range. The opportunity will retain the original range designation throughout the sales cycle according to its original probability.
  • 67579 : The IBM Smartcloud Connector does allow users to access their Smart Cloud accounts.​

Fixed Issues

The fixes for Release 6.7.5 are detailed below:

  • 42178 : Read only role on Name field for Contacts module causes an error when non-admin users attempt to save the contact record.
  • 43402 : Assigning emails from the group inbox to different folders in a users personal inbox causes an issue with the email assignment and results in the email improperly appearing again in the group inbox. 
  • 45395 : Deleting emails from the group inbound mailbox does not move the emails to the Trash folder for Google Apps as expected.
  • 46807 : Deleting emails from the Emails module results in performance issues when there is a large number of emails in the Group inbox.
  • 50645 : Custom URL field does not populate the URL as expected in the module's list view and subpanel.
  • 53148 : Attempting to search for a Google Doc to attach to a new document redirects improperly to the Home page. 
  • 53357 : Creating a matrix report using the AVG summary column results in a PHP error and the grand total incorrectly displays $0.00.   
  • 54370 : Custom logo image created via PDF manager displays incorrectly in reports when report is printed as PDF. 
  • 55340 : The My Favorite Reports dashlet does not display more than 20 reports. 
  • 57746 : Sorting the workflow Alert Email Templates list view does not work as expected.
  • 64071 : Twitter feeds do not display as expected in module's detail view due to connector issues.
  • 64262 : Calculated value on Task modules Subject field causes the note subject and opportunity name field to populate improperly when creating the record's via a subpanel (History, Opportunities) in the module (e.g. Accounts).
  • 64441 : Changing the 1000s Separator character to a period causes the quantities in quotes to display incorrectly.
  • 64645 : Dependent field with the isValidDate function does not work as expected in the Opportunities module.  
  • 64806 : Read only role on Assigned to field improperly adds the creating users default team in addition to the assigned users default team when assigned user saves record again.
  • 65112 : The license agreement displays improperly when disabling third party connectors. 
  • 65573 : Optimistic locking is not available for the Quotes module enabling multiple, concurrent saves to the same record without warning or prevention.
  • 65691 : The Date Created and Date Modified fields display incorrectly in the Edit View and Quick Create layout if the field(s) are added, removed, then re-added to the layouts in Studio.
  • 65826 : Placing vertical report chart dashlets side-by-side on the Home page causes the report chart on the left to cut off improperly.   
  • 65838 : Dependent dropdown fields do not display correct values for the selected parent dropdown option when the parent dropdown order has been changed and the current user is viewing Sugar in a language other than US English.
  • 65985 : The get_relationships api call results in a PHP fatal error. 
  • 66018 : Calculated value fields with an incorrect formula using the Concat function causes the import in the module to fail and results in an error. 
  • 66038 : The set tab order for the Teams field in Studio is not respected properly when creating or editing a record.
  • 66050 : Time elapsed workflow does not work as expected when condition includes Datetime field values set in the past. 
  • 66090 : Performing a list view search as a regular user in instances with large amounts of data result in performance issues. 
  • 66107 : The Related to field created from a one-to-many relationship does not update as expected when changing the fields value via the related subpanels quick create form and saving.
  • 66239 : Re-saving a custom team automatically associates the team to records where the "Assigned User" was left blank.
  • 66242 : Quote subtotals are not correctly applying the discount and tax rate upon re-saving.
  • 66257 : Related calculated field function that logs calls results in Fatal Errors and causes performance issues when executed multiple times.
  • 66339 : Job queue can still fetch deleted records when fetching the next job.
  • 66442 : Inbound Email Scheduler logs errors in the job queue when downloading emails with attachments.
  • 66486 : Slower than expected response time in deleting when email(s) from a Group Mail account with a large number of unread emails.
  • 66536 : PDF Templates with non-currency decimal fields show the currency symbol to the left of the values.
  • 66568 : ​​Admins are unable to export reports when "Admin export only" is checked in Admin > Locale.
  • 66603 : Merge fails with a blank screen condition if Contact module's email address field has Duplicate Merge enabled in Studio.
  • 66604 : Logged Calls entered via the quick create option are experiencing save errors.
  • 66610 : Edit View is not working correctly for the Projects module.
  • 66613 : ​Changing the user Time Zone in Profile > Locale Settings generates incorrect time dependent results (i.e. date end) in reports.
  • 66629 : An invalid meeting Start Date & Time results in a blank screen and Convert Lead to fail when saving, if Lead Conversion Options is set to "Copy".
  • 66639 : Calendar can crash when users share multiple calendars with large numbers of calls/meetings that exhaust PHP's memory limit.
  • 66658 : Opportunities currency amounts do not save correctly when using custom currencies that have altered "1000s separator" and "Decimal Symbol" preferences.
  • 66659 : Pipeline funnel report does not display correctly if the amounts have altered "1000s separator" and "Decimal Symbol" preferences.
  • 66666 : Products Quantity fields are getting cut off when larger amounts are entered.
  • 66743 : Deleting a user and reassigning the associated Forecast Worksheets creates a blank user.
  • 66758 : Attempting to sort on a custom relate field in the subpanel generates a database error.
  • 66773 : Sorting List View by User is not displaying the list information correctly.
  • 66794 : Integer Fields cannot be set to blank values once set with a numeric value.
  • 66795 : Tax rate does not calculate correctly if "1000s separator" and "Decimal Symbol" preferences are changed.
  • 66799 : Reports display the wrong currency when using a custom Preferred Currency and grouping by the "SUM: Converted Amount" field.
  • 66838 : Labels changed in Studio are not updating if a custom package was loaded.
  • 66867 : Scheduling excessively large reports will hinder all scheduled reports from processing.
  • 66917 : The ​SetPanelVisibility function is not working as expected because it is referencing a NULL parent value.
  • 66988 : Saving the "commit stage" field in Opportunities from Studio results in it being set to an incorrect default value.
  • 66993 : Using Query Wizard in Excel Plug-in to manage custom One to Many relationship fields result in blank results.
  • 67018 : ​Changing the Timezone to non-GMT standard is causing synchronization failures between Sugar Calendar and other calendars (Google Calendar, etc.).
  • 67063 : Fields deleted in Studio are not being properly removed from Popup Search view.
  • 67170 : Exporting Contacts pulls unnecessary records causing slowness and timeouts.
  • 67197 : Currency symbols are missing from group totals and subtotals of Quote PDFs generated by Download PDF > Quote.
  • 67492 : Adding apostrophes to dependent dropdown fields is not working properly and is generating errors for EditView and DetailView.

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker located at https://portal.sugarondemand.com/#supp_Bugs. To view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using "6.7.5" in the Targeted Release field. Look for the bugs marked "Fixed" in the Resolution field.

To report a new issue found in this release, use "6.7.5" in the Found in Release field. Check the Bug Tracker for known issues prior to submitting bugs. You will be able to update existing bugs with additional information, as necessary.

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