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SugarCRM 6.5.20

Released on December 16th, 2014

Fixed Issues

Sugar 6.5.20 is a security update released to address certain security vulnerabilities identified during our routine QA checks.

We strongly recommend that you install this update at the earliest opportunity.  While we have not experienced any reported incidents relating to these vulnerabilities to date, failure to install this update could leave you exposed to the following types of malicious third party attacks:

  • 71888 : Unauthenticated users may retrieve contents from system-generated files.

These vulnerabilities as well as an additional issue have been addressed in release 6.5.20 which is available for download from the Download Manager.

Administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade their Sugar instances running 6.5.x or earlier to 6.5.20 to prevent potential exploitation of these weaknesses. 


Known Issues

The following are known issues with Sugar 6.5.20:

  • 62064 : Shipping field in the Grand Total and Line Items section of quotes does not update as expected when the Shipping field is calculated via Sugar Logic.

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