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Sugar Plug-in for IBM Notes 2.1.4

Released on April 18th, 2016

Fixed Issues

Bugs fixed in the Sugar Plug-in for IBM Notes 2.1.4 release include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 72512, 75216 : In Sugar, if the Team Name field is visible on a module's list view, then records may not appear as expected in the search results when attempting to link a Sugar record to IBM Notes.
  • 74239 : The account name on an IBM Notes contact record does not sync to Sugar as expected.
  • 74450 : A recurring meeting created in Sugar where the recurring day differs from the start day may have its first meeting removed from the IBM Notes calendar once the series has been synced to and saved in IBM Notes.
  • 75156 : If an email is sent from IBM Notes to a Sugar contact and then linked to a Sugar account, the email does not appear under the Sugar contact as expected. 
  • 75599 : The "Select Email from Sugar" option in IBM Notes does not work as expected if the contact name in Sugar contains special characters. 
  • 75644 : Users may receive multiple error messages when using IBM Notes in offline mode. 
  • 75646 : If a meeting is created in IBM Notes and has an attachment, the record does not sync to Sugar as expected.

Known Issues

Known issues in the Sugar Plug-in for IBM Notes 2.1.4 release are as follows:

  • 71955 : Past activities (e.g. meetings) synced from IBM Notes to Sugar improperly display as open activities with an Overdue status.
  • 74482 : Importing a vCard from IBM Notes to Sugar does not work as expected.
  • 74792 : When the Calendar Records option is set to "Only sync linked Calendar Records to Sugar", linked activities in IBM Notes which have been marked as "Private" incorrectly sync to Sugar.

For more information on the above bug or to provide feedback, use the Sugar Bug Tracker.

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