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Sugar Market Update for July 31, 2019

Released on July 31st, 2019


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the latest release of Sugar Market.

July 31, 2019


The following Sugar Market features have been deployed as of July 31, 2019:

  • Rebrand to Sugar Market : Salesfusion is now Sugar Market! We've made several changes to reflect our new name and design. Here are some of the places that have been changed.
    • The iframe and loading screen have been redesigned.
    • The login page has the new logo and color palette.
    • The navigation bar, page title, and favicon have been updated to reflect the new brand.
    • Several pages have the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links.
  • Contact and Account View improvements
    • Fixed contact/account cards so owners can edit without CRM admin access.
    • Fixed contact cards so records without an email address can be viewed.
    • Added a preview layout option to the assign layout modal.
    • Improved the contact journey to retain filtering when navigating away from the tab.
    • Improved the unsaved layout prompt to only show when necessary.
    • Improved the preference list tab to show data relevant to the contact.
    • Fixed the accounts link in the navigation header.
    • Improved the edit field workflow:
      • Fields can be edited without entering an edit mode.
      • Values are auto-highlighted for easy replacement.
      • Hitting the enter key will save the change.
    • Fixed the inability to set a contact's account to empty.

Fixed Issues

The following Sugar Market issues have been fixed as of July 31, 2019:

  • General bug fixes and usability changes across the platform
  • Improved the Salesforce custom entity sync process.
  • Removed the chat feature from the navigation header.
  • Issues resolved for support escalations
  • Fixed EMB so domain is not reset when navigating back to step 1.
  • Fixed batch emails from showing an incorrect send date.
  • Fixed reports that were not correctly converted from segmentations.
  • Fixed a scenario where a specific nurture wouldn't open.
  • Fixed legacy landing pages from sending duplicate trigger campaigns.
  • Fixed an SSL issue with form redirects.
  • Fixed the create scoring option in the navigation menu.

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