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Sugar Market 13.8

Version 13.8  •  Released on September 28th, 2019

Fixed Issues

The following Sugar Market issues have been fixed in version 13.8:

  • Fixed an issue with SugarCRM integration and user address data.
  • Fixed the EMB merge tag modal from not being displayed.
  • Fixed the EMB favorite merge tags option so it applies the selection.
  • Fixed a few design issues within EMB and page builder.
  • Updated links to the knowledgebase to point to
  • Improved scoring alerts by including an option to select a template for Alert User, Alert Role, and Alert Geo.
  • Improved contact cards by making the score match the contact list when a scoring profile isn't mapped to a field.
  • Improved the accuracy of the total sent count on the global dashboard.
  • Improved EMB by making the schedule step pull from the user's time zone.
  • Improved account cards by adding a tab for anonymous web activity.

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