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Sugar Market 13.29

Version 13.29  •  Released on July 14th, 2020


This document describes the changes introduced in Sugar Market Release 13.29 on July 14, 2020. For a complete list of supported platforms for Sugar Market, please refer to the Sugar Market Supported Platforms page.

Updated Sugar Market for SugarCRM Connector

new version of the Sugar Market for SugarCRM Connector is now available for SugarCRM 10.1 compatibility. Only new Sugar Market customers need to download and install the latest connector; existing SugarCRM customers upgrading to 10.1 do not need to download and install the new connector.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature has been deployed in version 13.29 of Sugar Market:

  • Rescoring Single Profiles : In addition to the existing profile rescoring functionality, this release introduces the option to rescore individual profiles.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in Sugar Market version 13.29:

  • When reports containing "Is in List" are used as include or exclude lists, the campaign reverts to draft status.
  • Mass Update Contacts in custom reports fails with a 503 error.
  • Event Landing Page Merge Report fails with a 503 error.
  • Email click time stamps in SugarCRM do not match actual click times.

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