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Sugar Market 13.19

Version 13.19  •  Released on March 2nd, 2020

Feature Enhancements

The following feature has been deployed in version 13.19 of Sugar Market:

  • The Mass Update Contacts function has been improved to reference reports, allowing customers to use more complex criteria when segmenting their contacts to perform mass updates.

Fixed Issues

The following Sugar Market issues have been fixed in version 13.19:

  • Improved lead scoring to better support a republished form/page.
  • Improved the Auto Deletion by Report feature when used to delete large amounts of data.
  • Improved performance of activating nurtures that have a large number of manually included recipients.
  • Fixed a scenario where specific nurtures would timeout when edited.
  • Fixed an issue with deactivating users when there were hundreds of records to reassign.
  • Fixed an issue where leads converted to contacts were being synced to Sugar Market from SugarCRM, even though the Pull Contacts feature was disabled.
  • Updated the SugarCRM MSSQL connector to resolve an issue with the quick repair and rebuild tool using an invalid script. The new connector is available here.
  • Expanded the sync of Dynamics standard entities to align with customer expectations, based on support feedback.
  • Updated the Salesforce sync to pull the contacts schema if either Pull or Push contacts is enabled instead of when both are enabled.
  • Improved how "date" type fields are handled when syncing with Salesforce to prevent invalid data being stored in Sugar Market.
  • Updated the sync with Sage to ignore empty strings when pushing data to the CRM.

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