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Sugar Market 13.14

Version 13.14  •  Released on December 4th, 2019

Fixed Issues

The following Sugar Market issues have been fixed in version 13.14:

  • Significant performance improvements when loading Event Management pages, especially with thousands of attendees.
  • Fixed an issue where manually resizing images in Email Builder's image + caption widget was causing changes to not be saved.
  • Improved Nurture Campaigns to support form-complete include lists that exceed 2,000 recipients.
  • Fixed an issue with a Nurture being inaccessible if it has a large amount of nurture history data.
  • Fixed an issue with contact IDs not being written to the distribution list when added via form submission.
  • Updated the contact delivery status shown in the iframe to accurately display "Unverified" instead of "Invalid" for email addresses that have not been verified yet.
  • Improved iframe error messages by making them more specific and helpful.

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