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Sugar Connector to DocuSign July 2020 Update

Version 3.06  •  Released on July 30th, 2020


This article describes the changes introduced to Sugar Connector to DocuSign in July 2020.

Please see the Sugar Connector to DocuSign Product Page or the Sugar Connector to DocuSign User Guide for information about supported Sugar versions and compatibility.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Added a Refresh action on mobile using a swipe down gesture.

Bug Fixes

The following Bug Fixes are available with this release: 

  • An incorrect message was being sent to the recipient after pressing the Send Envelope action button in the dashlet. 
  • An error message was raised when trying to resend an envelope sent by another user.
  • Panel settings were not being preserved after reloading the page when the Bulk panel was expanded.
  • The notification regarding the request to recover specific envelopes was not raised when starting the scheduled job.
  • An error message was being raised when recovering a single document.
  • The user was unable to select a document for the envelope when the document name is was long on the mobile version of the package.
  • On mobile, subpanels were not populated correctly on records that had the same email address as the envelope recipients
  • On mobile, Related Documents were added to the envelope, even though they were not selected.
  • Issue related to the DocuSign actions being available in the DocuSign Envelope Module and Documents Module in Record View, despite the action not being relevant there.
  • After the process of recovering envelopes was completed, the new DocuSign Envelope names were incorrect. 

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