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Sugar Connect September 28, 2020 Update

Released on September 28th, 2020

Fixed Issues

This release of Sugar Connect addresses minor bugs, performance issues, and resolves the following defects. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details:

  • 85570 : Meetings in Outlook that were created using the calendar sync are shown in the UTC time zone instead of the user's timezone.
  • 85523 : The Save with Options feature in G Suite archives additional, subsequent emails sent until the browser session is refreshed.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in the latest release of Sugar Connect. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details:

  • 85275 : While composing an email in G Suite, misspelled words are changed to a different font and increased in size.
  • 85274 : The Account variables in SugarCRM email templates are not populating when inserting a template from the Sugar Connect sidebar.
  • 85206 : The attachment from a SugarCRM email template will not be included when selected via Sugar Connect in G Suite or Outlook for Mac and in Outlook for the web, image files will not be included.
  • 84885 : The Emails chart in the Sugar Connect Portal, used for displaying tracked email statistics, does not reflect the reporting period date range along the chart's x-axis.
  • 84806 : It is possible for tenants to exist without an administrative user, causing issues.
  • 84420 : In G Suite when email tracking is enabled by default, the email will not be tracked if it is sent prior to G Suite autosaving the draft.
  • 84327 : Contacts synced from Sugar are not differentiated from those created in Outlook.
  • 83780 : Users in dropdown list role-based views are able to view restricted values.
  • 83773 : Sugar calls and meetings for which you are a guest but are not the assigned user will not sync to your external calendar.
  • 83731 : The checkbox intended to mark tasks as complete does not properly function from the task Record View.

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