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Salesfusion June 29, 2016 Update

Released on June 5th, 2016


Feature:  Advanced A/B Testing

Benefit: Offers you the ability to specify the percentage of recipients you want to receive your test email, with the goal of determining the best email (or "winner") to send to the remainder of your list. The solution offers additional flexibility by allowing you to specify which criteria (open or click rate) determines the better email performance. 

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Feature: Associate Landing Pages via Email Builder

Benefit: Now visually connected in the EMB UI, you can easily access Landing Page URLs without having to leave the build experience to link a button or text. With easy access to Salesfusion's landing page and forms via dropdown, you can even connect an inactive page, allowing you to build in draft mode until you are ready. 

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Feature: Associate Landing Page Metrics

Benefit: Email opens and clicks matter but more important is if the campaigns that you have worked so hard to create are driving form conversions. Released with the UI enhancements within email builder, Salesfusion now offers enhanced associate landing page reporting across Email and Landing Page Dashboards, revealing top performing campaigns, sources and channels by form conversion. 

Salesfusion Associate Landing Page Metrics with Emails

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Feature: Prepend 'Test' to Email Subject Line

Benefit: Easily distinguish test email sends by the subject line.  Send yourself a test email of your template so that you can review html, formatting, and copy in your inbox.  

Feature: Added a "Load More" Button to Draft/Sent Campaigns Modal 

Benefit: Users can now view up to 1000 Draft/Sent campaigns.  Click the "Load More" button to load 100 more records at a time.  Search on Campaign Name, ID, Subject and Last Updated instead of all campaign fields.  

Original cap was only 300, preventing long standing or high volume users from accessing needed campaigns.

Salesfusion Load More button in Draft/Sent Campaign modal


Feature: Scoring Profile Filter Adjustment

Benefit: Adjusted scoring profile filter and column so it only shows if the user has an active scoring profile.

Salesfusion Scoring Profile Filter

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