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Salesfusion 13.3

Released on June 28th, 2019

Notable Updates

Updates and enhancements to the user experience and interaction in the platform.

  • Revamped Contacts and Accounts view is here!

View all contact and account records or drill into the details to review the marketing behavior and subsequent quality of a single contact or account. 

Contact Journey Screenshot

Account Details Screenshot

The enhanced interface provides you: 

  • Easy access to view and drill into all contacts and accounts from your CRM navigation.
  • Key information detailing the contact's or account's complete journey of web activity and all of the events contributing to the contact/account score
  • Edit, manage, and customization capabilities for admin roles with an intuitive drag and drop UI.

Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed. What was fixed?

General Bug Fixes and Improved Usability Across the Platform

  • Updated the sync function for all CRM connectors
  • Updated the configuration page for Sage
  • Fixed a suppression issue in Sage 

Issues Fixed for Support Escalations

  • Unavailable campaign objects in form builder rules 
  • Folders missing from the folder selection list in form builder 
  • Button text in Email Builder 2.0 does not wrap on mobile 
  • Incorrect data returned when adjusting date range on the top page report 
  • Event emails not populating merge tag data 
  • Inactive nurture campaigns not included in campaign summary report
  • Error when saving campaign in Email Builder 2.0
  • Analytics toggle does not disable in EMB 2.0
  • Test email addresses shown in the contact list

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