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Salesfusion 12.7

Released on July 25th, 2016

In 12.7 release, Salesfusion introduces a brand new enhancement as well as some bug fixes to the Salesfusion platform!

New Manage Experience for Nurtures

Continuing with our interface updates, we extend it to the Manage → Campaign → Nurtures page. You can expect all the same functionality that you already had, but now through a page with a new, fresh look!

Updated Manage Nurtures Experience

With this new look, you’ll be able to continue using some of the same functionality such as:

  • Adding lists and individual recipients to active nurture campaigns.
  • Viewing and managing all your Blackout Calendar Date profiles.
  • Quickly understanding the Status of your campaigns from a glance with our new chip design.
  • A more robust folder view for easier nurture organization.


New Record Creation within Microsoft Dynamics

For all our Microsoft Dynamics CRM users, you'll now be able to configure if you want a form submission on a Salesfusion landing page to be pushed to your CRM as a new lead record even if the same email record exists in your Salesfusion database. This is mainly for the use case that you want to track every form submission of your users.


Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue with the folder view where all folders were not appearing within the manage events page.
  • Fixed an issue where the folder view for segmentations was hiding folders.
  • Fixed an issue where the exporting security attribute was still showing the export button for file. This improvement removes the export button from showing up at all when the security attribute is applied.
  • Fixed a bug where the event wizard was not saving any sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the preference center was not loading on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented a user from creating a distribution list from a custom report.
  • Fixed a bug where records that were deleted in the Salesforce CRM were still available in Salesfusion database.

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