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Salesfusion 12.5

Released on April 10th, 2018

In 12.5 release, Salesfusion introduces a few new features and bug fixes to the Salesfusion platform!

Form Cookie Pass-Through Data

Now, return visitors to landing pages can expect a much better experience when filling out forms if they’ve filled out a form with you before. Forms can intelligently determine if your visitor has previously filled out a form and will auto-populate fields with past submission data. This means a faster, more efficient experience for your return contacts, which means potentially higher form conversion rates for you.

Fill out your form with details.

Form Cookie Pass-Through Data

Coming back to the same form later and notice how all my fields are pre-populated!

my fields are pre-populated!.gif

How to Ensure This Works Correctly


Ensure Field Names are Identical

  • If you’re using different forms on other pages, you’ll need to ensure the Field Names of fields you want pre-populated are exactly the same between each form. For example, if one of your forms has a field where you want to grab the company name and you have a Field Name of Company, you’ll need to ensure that other forms you make have a Field Name of Company if you want it to pre-populate.

Field Details of Form 1.png      Field Details of Form 2.png

Notice how the values under Field Name are the same between both forms. It both says “Company”. This ensures that the data will populate correctly between two separate forms.


Ensure Mapped Fields are Mapped to the Same Field

  • If you decide to map a field to a CRM field, then your other forms will need to map to the same CRM field if you want the data to pre-populate in the same input field. For example, if you map the First Name field to the firstname CRM field, and want the First Name field to be pre-populated correctly on another form, the same field must be mapped to the same CRM field, firstname.

Ensuring fields are mapped to same CRM field

Please note that this new Cookie Pass Through feature only applies to forms that are published after March 28th. In order for this to work on any forms created and published prior to this date, you must simply re-publish them.

Advanced Search for Manage Single Email Campaigns

The same robust search functionality that is part of Manage Pages & Forms now comes to Manage Single Email campaigns! With Advanced Search, you’ll be able to search across multiple criteria to help you find the exact campaign you’re looking for.

Specifically, users will be able to search using the following criteria:

  • Status - Draft, Sent, Scheduled
  • Location - folder location
  • Name - campaign Name
  • ID
  • Date Created - a specified date range the campaign was created
  • Created By - name of user who made the campaign

Advanced Search for Manage Single Email

Bullhorn Pull Picklist Functionality

Users that integrate with Bullhorn can now pull drop-down records and their items from the CRM and sync it to CustomFields within the Salesfusion database. This ensures that any important data that resides in a drop-down field type can be synced over, so that no data gets left behind!


Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed:

  • Fixed issue where a Nurture campaign was stuck would not execute when evaluating a conditional logic step.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a Date Filter of “No Filter” for web page hit conditional logic prevented a nurture from being executed.
  • Fixed a bug in Email Builder that caused an error when a user tried using a campaign as a template during the Build step.
  • Updated MSCRM to convert date value fields to match the CRMs time zone when pushed from Salesfusion.
  • Updated the Web app URL mentioned in the Alert Email sent when a connector login fails to authenticate.

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