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Salesfusion 12.25

Released on January 25th, 2019

Notable Updates

Updates and Enhancements to the User Experience and Interaction in the Platform

  • Clarified the experience for cleaning lists by adding a confirmation modal informing users what cleaning a list does.
  • Clarified the experience for copying campaigns by adding a confirmation modal informing users that recipients are not copied along with the campaign content in the process.
  • Added a confirmation modal on deletion of an asset in the Asset Library to inform users that any associated campaigns will be affected by the action.
  • Enhanced the Manage Distribution Lists page to collapse its toolbar buttons into a menu when screen size cannot accommodate them.

Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed. What was fixed?

General Bug Fixes and Improved Usability Across the Platform

  • Improved the Manage Users experience by removing the broken image for missing profile images in the expandable side info panel.
  • Fixed an issue where an inactive user was receiving subscription reports.
  • Fixed an issue where the asset library context menu would lose options.
  • Prevent the deletion of lists via Microsoft CRM sync as it caused issues with dependencies like campaign inclusions.
  • Improved the push score function for Microsoft CRM by refactoring.

Issues Fixed for Support Escalations

  • Page selections are duplicated in several parts of the platform.
  • Segmentations include deleted contacts.
  • Opportunities aren't displayed in euros when configured.
  • Hyperlinked images on a page won't open in IE or Edge.
  • Sales dashboard showing incorrect user profile image.
  • Reports aren't available to add to a nurture in Manage UI.
  • Nurtures are incorrectly handling contained in conditional logic.
  • Nurtures are incorrectly handling reports as exclude lists.
  • Copying a report opens the original report instead of the copy.

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