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Salesfusion 12.22

Released on November 28th, 2018

Notable Updates

Updates and Enhancements to the User Experience and Interaction in the Platform

  • Streamlined custom report options and increased performance.
  • Improved the create folder interaction on Manage UI pages.
  • Improved the workflow for scoring actions by consolidating options and adding the 'Alert User' action, allowing users to send a scoring alert to any individual.
  • Improved the workflow for listener actions by consolidating options and adding the 'Alert Role' action, allowing users to send a listener alert to a specific role.
  • Improved the speed of pushing updates to contacts in Sugar CRM.

Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed. What was fixed?

  • Fixed a problem with the group by option within custom reports.
  • Fixed an error with the standard report for undeliverable contacts.
  • Resolved an issue where legacy pages had multiple double opt-in options.
  • Removed tracking pixel from test emails which caused delays in Outlook.
  • Implemented pushing accounts to Netsuite.

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