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Salesfusion 12.2

Released on February 15th, 2018

In 12.2 release, Salesfusion introduces several new features, updates, and various bug fixes to the Salesfusion platform!

Templates in Page Builder

Added by popular demand, you can now save your favorite pages as templates to reuse for another page you plan to build. Like the format of a particular page and don’t want to remake it from scratch?  Maybe you want to be able to replicate your brand standards from a successful landing page you made?  If you find yourself fitting into these categories, then Page Templates are for you!

Templates in Page Builder

Specifically, Page Templates will allow you to:

  • Save your pages built in Page Builder as a template
  • View and manage all your templates in one place
  • Preview and select your saved templates before building your landing page


How Can You Save Your Pages as a Template?

Within Page Builder:

  1. While building your page in the creator, click on the More icon in the toolbar where you’ll get a list of options presented to you in a menu.
  2. In the options presented, select the Save as Template option. A modal menu should appear immediately afterward.
  3. Fill out your template details by naming your template, selecting a page type and folder location, and adding a description about your page.
  4. Hit Save and you should see a success message verifying that your page has been saved as a template!

Save as Template

Within the Manage Pages List:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Pages & Forms page where you’ll be presented with a list of all your pages.
  2. Select a single page from the list, then click on the More icon where you’ll be presented with multiple options in a menu.
  3. From the menu, select Save As Template, which will result in a modal prompting you to fill out the template details.
  4. After filling out the template name, specifying the folder location and page type, click Create. You will receive a success message telling you your template has been saved.

Pages & Forms - Save as Template

Note: Pages saved as a template that have a form embedded will not save the form along with the template. It will be replaced with a placeholder form image and will need to be replaced with an actual form when planning to use the template to build a page.

Where Can You Find Your Newly Saved Page Templates?

Within the Manage Experience

1. Navigate to Manage -> Landing Pages -> Pages and Forms

newly saved page templates

2.Select Page Templates in the panel on the left. This should load a list of page templates that you can view and manage.

Page Templates

Within Page Builder:

1. Create a new page or create a Page from template from either the Pages or Page Templates page, which should take you to the theme selection step.

2. Select the Templates tab next to the Themes tab.

Within Page Builder - Templates

3. Select any of the thumbnails to get a preview of your template in the preview panel.

preview of our template in the preview panel


Unique Visitors Metric for Pages

A new update to Pages, a new metric has been added for Unique Visitors. You can now see how many unique visitors visited your published landing page for even greater insight into how your page is performing.

Unique Visitors Metric for Pages

Added Font Sizes for Text and Button Items in Page Builder

Let your text speak for itself. For more flexibility in your page styling, new font sizes have been added to both the Text and Button Items within Page Builder.The new font sizes added, which you can access through the context menu when editing your Text and Button Items, are:

  • 16
  • 20
  • 22
  • 26
  • 28
  • 42
  • 54
  • 66
  • 84

Font Sizes for Text and Button Items in Page Builder

Customize the Required Label in Form Builder

With 12.2, you can now customize the look and feel of the required labels in your forms. With this update, you will now be able to:

  • Choose from three new required label styles: Circle, Asterisk, or Text.
  • If you choose Text, you can edit the text to be exactly as you want it.
  • Edit the color, style, size and opacity of the label.
  • Edit one required label and propagate those changes globally to all other required labels in the form.

How Do You Edit the Required Labels in Form Builder?

  1. Once you’ve indicated the form fields that you want to be required in the Build step, move to the Style step.
  2. Select any required label, which automatically selects all other required labels in the form.
  3. You’ll see a new Text option in the right-hand editor which you can expand to reveal all the stylistic changes you can make to the label.
  4. Select which label type you want: Circle, Text, or Asterisk.
  5. For the Circle and Asterisk label types, you can edit the size, color, and opacity of the label.
  6. For the Text label type, you’ll be able to edit the font styles, size, color, opacity, and specify the exact text you want for the required label in an input field.
  7. Once a change is made, that change propagates to all the other required labels.

Required Labels in Form Builder

Feature Retirements

Along with the newly enhanced features and updates and Salesfusion 12 announcement, Salesfusion is retiring a set of features.  Moving forward, these features will no longer be accessible or supported. The retired features include:

  • Social Signals
  • Trigger Calendar
  • My Calendar
  • Lead Scoring Weight & Rating
  • Email Attachments
  • Google Adwords
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Schedule Me
  • QR Codes


Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed:

  • Fixed bug where users were unable to upload .ics files to Asset Library.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on Marketing to Sales Pipeline in the Lead Scoring Dashboard was resulting in a 503 error.
  • Fixed issue where a form appears to have been published even though the publish modal never finishes loading.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on “Refresh Data” within Advanced Segmentation was not populating the count correctly resulting in a 503 error.
  • Fixed bug where users were not able to edit the existing Landing Page Scoring Profiles
  • Fixed issue where Salesfusion iFrame for Infor was producing a 503 error.
  • Fixed issue where alert fields were not being updated for newly synced contacts which prevented customers from being alerted on newly added contacts.

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