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Salesfusion 12.18

Released on October 6th, 2018

Notable Updates

  • Enhanced functionality for unpublishing Pages - Pages can now be unpublished from the Pages and Forms Manage UI experience.
  • Improved available actions for Forms and Listeners -  Aligned the naming and functionality of actions in the dropdown for Forms in Form Builder and for Listeners. 
  • General bug fixes and improved stability for Events and Scoring Profiles - Fixed Event issues related to creating an event and setting up GoToWebinar. Fixed Scoring issues related to default scoring profiles, editing scoring profile settings, and web activity tracking.

Support Escalations

  • PLAT-1050: An incorrect folder can be selected when creating an event
  • PLAT-1052: Default account scoring profile not saving
  • PLAT-1087: Quick add for custom reports is not functional
  • PLAT-1102: Scoring profile settings can't be edited
  • PLAT-1104: Web activity scoring details won't add to scoring profile 
  • PLAT-1105: GoToWebinar not associating with event session
  • PLAT-1106: Form templates can't be deleted

Other Notables 

  • APP-1121: Added an unpublish option to Manage: Pages
  • APP-2174: Added ID and return URL parameters to the user subscription page when accessed from the user list  
  • APP-2175: Added ID and return URL parameters to the edit user page
  • APP-2198: Cleaned up the action list for listeners  
  • APP-2246: Added a return URL parameter to page layout configuration pages
  • APP-2273: Cleaned up the action list for forms in Form Builder
  • PLAT-930: Fixed the nurture conditional logic for is-on-list to handle re-published pages
  • PLAT-1107: Renewed license with Froala

Integration Work

  • PLAT-912 Infor : Implementing OpportunityPushProcessor
  • CRM-8 Improve pushing score to Netsuite
  • SAL-11605 NetSuite: Execute PullPickList once in 24hrs
  • PLAT-1018 Show the lastsync date for CustomEntities

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