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Salesfusion 12.15

Released on August 17th, 2018

In Salesfusion's latest release, 12.15, they've resolved several issues and improved the stability of the Salesfusion platform.

In order to better serve their customers Salesfusion has adjusted their support hours from 10AM - 7PM EST to 9AM - 6PM EST.

Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed. What was fixed?

  • Fixed an issue with nurture conditions for pages not being inclusive
  • Fixed an issue where contacts were not being created when imported
  • Fixed an invalid URL on the web activity alert
  • Improved the social media icon component in EMB to be secured
  • Fixed an issue where preference page merge tags wouldn't resolve in trigger nurtures
  • Fixed an issue where the campaign summary report was not displaying selected campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where suppression list options were not functioning
  • Fixed the web activity export to only pull the data displayed
  • Fixed an issue where inactive email templates were not hidden
  • Fixed an issue where dates were not displayed on the blackout calendar preview

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