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Salesfusion 12.1

Released on January 31st, 2018

New Asset Library

A significant update to an existing page, you can now upload and browse all file types you plan to use in Page Builder in Salesfusion new Asset Library.  Manage all your images, documents, audio, and other file types in a new, engaging experience with a fresh look.

New Asset Library

Specifically, with the new Asset Library marketers will be able to:

  • View assets and folders in a sleek, new grid layout
  • Manage separate sections for folders and assets for easier management
  • Move single or multiple folders and assets via interactive drag-and-drop

Updated Image Editor

Marketers rejoice!  Now you won’t need to edit your images in an external tool before bringing it into Salesfusion. You can now use Salesfusion's newly updated image editor to make changes to your images on the fly directly within Asset Library and while building pages within Page Builder. With the new image editor, you’ll be able to:

  • Add new stickers and effects to give your images additional character.
  • Convert images into Memes using the built in Meme editor to add some humor to your content.
  • Continue to utilize image editing tools : Crop, Sharpen, Brightness, Saturation, Focus, and more.
  • Preserve your original image, as all changes made to the image creates a new copy, leaving your original image intact.


How Do You Access the New Image Editor?

Within Asset Library:

1. After navigating to the Asset Library page, select an asset card you want to edit. You’ll know it’s selected when there is a green border around the asset

Updated Image Editor

2. Click on the overflow icon to reveal a menu where you can select Edit

Select Edit

3. This will open up the image editor in a modal window where you can start working your magic.

Aviary Update


Within Page Builder:

1. During the Build step in Page Builder, when you drag over an Image block, you’ll be prompted to add an image. Select the Replace Image button

Select the Replace image button in Editor

2. Then, select the Asset Library button, which will open up Asset Library within Page Builder 

Drop image screenshot

3. This will open up an Asset Library modal where you can then select from your images to replace the proxy image thumbnail

Select from Asset Library modal

The image then populates and replaces the once blank thumbnail

Selected image from Asset Library in page

Page Integration Into Email Builder

Added by popular demand, published pages built via Page Builder can now be referenced in Email Builder and added as a link to buttons and images. This enhancement will allow you to send your email campaigns with confidence knowing that you can link to your newly designed landing pages built with Page Builder!


How Do You Link a Page to Your Button or Image in Email Builder?

1. During the Create Your Email step in Email Builder, select either an image or button item to see a menu on the left-hand side.

Page Integration into Email Builder

2. Under the Link To section, select the Radio button labeled Pages. There will be a dropdown menu where you can search for any of your published pages to link to by either entering keywords or opening the dropdown menu. Select the Page you want to link to from the dropdown

Published label pages screenshot

3. Once you select the Page you want to link your Button or Image to, you should see the link populate into the field. Don’t forget to apply your changes to save them!

apply changes screenshot

Page Builder Updates

As part of the Salesfusion 12 release, Salesfusion will continue to add functionality to Salesfusion's interactive Page Builder. With this release, you can expect the following changes:

  1. Powerful image editing tools made available to you through Asset Library within Page Builder
  2. Automated script inclusion for Oktopost - Salesfusion's full-featured social media platform -will be included into each new page built with Page Builder to support easy integration
  3. View URL button is now an option in the overflow menu for published pages, which will allow you to easily share the page URL through your various channels

Page Builder Updates

Bullhorn CRM Updates

With this release, Salesfusion has extended the capability to push Contact and Lead updates via form submissions to the Bullhorn CRM to always stay in sync.

Bug Fixes and Issues Addressed

With this release, many bugs and issues have also been addressed:

  • Fixed inconsistent formatting on mobile devices when Forward to Friend is used
  • Fixed bug  where email layout in Outlook was being skewed when long URLs were used in Email Builder
  • Fixed issue where a Exclude lists that had types of Distribution, Reports, Segmentations, and Preference List were not saving for a Drip campaign
  • Fixed issue where Form reports were not including Page Builder submissions
  • Fixed issue with where utilizing the stack image option in Email Builder was not working properly
  • Fixed the old page template editor from receiving access errors
  • Fixed bug where fields with long words were not being synced to the Salesforce, Dynamics, Sage, Infor, and Netsuite CRMs

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