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Salesfusion 11.6.7

Released on October 29th, 2017

Check out some of the exciting enhancements included in Salesfusion's 11.6.7 release. Highlights include:

  • The ability to delete Form Builder forms
  • The ability to manage form templates
  • Defaulting Contact list view to All instead of Leads
  • New tooltips in Events

Enhancements to Manage Pages & Forms

Manage Forms

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting rid of things you don’t need.  In that spirit, delete has now been brought to Form Builder forms! Any draft or published form that has never been completed can be deleted.

Manage Forms

Note: deleting a published form from Salesfusion will not remove the code from wherever you’ve embedded it on your site. In order to prevent your site visitors from ending up at an error page, it’s best to remove the code from your site before deleting the form in Salesfusion.

Manage Templates

Navigate to the Templates category and you’ll see a new tab for Form Templates. Here you’ll find most of the standard management functionality, including:

  • Quick access to high-level information for each template
  • Organizing your form template folders
  • Simple search
  • Deleting or renaming your form templates

Absent from this list is the ability to directly edit your form templates. We’ll continue to enhance your manage form templates experience in future releases. In the meantime, you can edit a template by creating a new form using the old template, make your changes, and save the form as a new template.

Manage Templates

Landing page templates can be managed as normal by toggling over to the Page Templates tab.


Enhancements to Leads & Contacts

View All Leads & Contacts 

Now, when you navigate to View All Leads & Contacts, you can view and search for both leads and contacts by default. No more searching for an email under leads, realizing it’s actually a contact and having to switch to a different tab and running the search all over again.

View All Leads & Contacts


Contacts 2.0

We’ve made some changes so that you can view a contact or lead’s information even faster. Go ahead and try it out!


Enhancements to Events

There’s been some confusion about timed actions in events, mostly centered around the time of the action. All timed actions are based on your user’s time zone and so now, when you create or edit a timed action, you’ll see the time zone in which you are scheduling it. Thanks time zones for making things confusing.

Enhancements to Events


  • Date merge fields in Custom Reports now work with custom merge fields expanding the options by which you can filter.
  • Advanced search has been fixed for manage Forms and Landing Pages

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