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Salesfusion 11.6.2

Released on April 30th, 2017

Check out some of the exciting enhancements included in Salesfusion's 11.6.2 release. Primary highlights include:

  • The ability to save and use a custom Form Builder template
  • The ability to copy Email Builder campaigns
  • The expansion of the new manage look and feel to Single Email campaigns

Updates to Form Builder

Save Custom Templates

Form Builder comes with a host of pre-built sleek, modern themes right out of the box. But we get it, everyone's got an inner DIY enthusiast who wants to build and save themes specific to their own brand and their own marketing campaigns. That’s why we have now included the ability to save your own custom form templates.

Templates take a snapshot of your form; saving everything about the field settings, the field mappings and the design, excluding your Form Actions. After you’ve saved a form as a template, you can continue to edit your form and your template will not be affected.

To save a form as a template, click on the three vertical dots in the toolbar to open the context menu and click ‘Save as Template’. All you have to do is give your template a name and a folder and you’re done.

Save Custom Templates

To create a new form using a template, navigate to Create > Form and select the Templates tab. Select and preview templates until you find one you like, then click ‘Select Template’ and you’re off to the races!

Form Builder - Use a template

Currently, you can only access your form templates from within Form Builder. We are actively working on a manage form templates page full of fancy features such as editing and deleting. This will be included in a future release.


Even more!

Additional Enhancements to Form Builder Include:

When subscribing a user to form alerts, you can now change the frequency of alert, selecting among On Submit, Daily and Weekly alerts options.

For those customers who have not yet upgraded to the the more secure HTTPS protocol, when publishing or republishing your form, be sure to uncheck the new ‘My site is HTTPS secure’ checkbox before copying or downloading your form’s code. Otherwise you may see security warnings that could hinder form completes from being recorded and that's not ideal for anyone. 

Form Builder - My site is HTTP Secure

Easier Navigation and an Improved User Interfacemanage Your Email Campaigns Better

We've already given managing your landing pages and forms a makeover; now that same look and feel is being expanded to your email campaigns. Starting with Single Emails, managing campaigns has the same standard functionality you enjoyed such as:

  • High level campaign statistics included in the list view
  • Quick access to important details regarding your campaigns
  • Improved simple search

Navigate to the new manage Single Emails via Manage > Campaigns > Single Email. Upon arriving at the new page you will see that you can toggle between your Sent and Draft campaigns as well as a new ‘Archived’ category.

A campaign can be archived regardless whether it's draft or sent to keep the other tabs clear of campaigns you no longer need to manage. Don’t worry, you can unarchive a campaign at any point should you need to manage it later.

Archive a campaign

Copy Campaigns 

One of the most requested enhancements customers have asked for is copying Email Builder campaigns and we are thrilled to include it alongside the new manage page for Single Emails.

Simply select any email, even those created using your own code, open the context menu and click ‘Make a copy’. Boom. Nothing will ever be the same again; except that copy which is exactly the same as the original.

copy campaigns

Custom Merge Fields

Merge fields are a powerful tool for personalizing your emails, but historically they have been limited to data for which there is a clear, singular relationship to a contact. For example, a contact can only have one first name, one account name or one owner signature. However, sometimes there comes a need in the sales process to personalize beyond the classic "Hi ++FirstName++".

Custom merge fields expand what types of data you can merge into your campaigns beyond just Contacts, Account and Owners. Find out more information and an example related to opportunity data here.

Custom Merge Fields

Exclude MS Dyanmics Fields from Salesfusion Sync

Customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can now flag individual fields from Contact, Account, Lead and Opportunity tables to exclude from syncing into Salesfusion, because sometimes more is not merrier.

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