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Salesforce Summer ’17

Released on August 31st, 2017

Summer ’17 builds artificial intelligence (AI) right into the Salesforce platform, so you can build apps that get smarter with every interaction. Salesforce Einstein also powers improved lead scoring, data discovery, duplicate management, and recommendations. Lightning Partner Central extends Salesforce CRM to your partner network, while Lightning Omni-Channel helps you route customer service cases to the right agent at the right time. You get more tools to help your users adopt Lightning Experience, plus Lightning console split view, which lets you open multiple records and related records on one screen.

Supported Browsers

Salesforce made some changes to the supported browsers documentation, making it easier to find what you need. Supported browsers for Salesforce vary depending on whether you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Overall: More Tools to Help You Adopt Lightning Experience, Keyboard Shortcuts, and More Ways to Navigate and Manage Records

Summer ’17 gives you more reasons to love Lightning Experience. Salesforce has given the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant an easier-to-use wizard-style interface, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to maximize efficiency, success messages now include an active link that takes you to the record you created, and you can open multiple records and related records on one screen with Lightning console split view.

Lightning Experience: A Modern and Intelligent User Experience

Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on the Salesforce UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Check out the new features and considerations in this release.

Salesforce Einstein: The World’s Smartest CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone

Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the Salesforce platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing—and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, every Trailblazer in every role and industry can use AI to be their best.

Sales: Einstein Lead Scoring, Duplicate Detection, and Gmail Integration

Deliver high-impact Lightning Experience features that keep sales teams laser-focused on the leads and deals most likely to generate sales. Improve your company’s reputation and relieve your duplicate management headaches by getting a grip on duplicate records. And handle the sales process like a champ—directly in Gmail.

Service: Better Routing, Faster Setup, and More Power to the Field

Route cases and push work to the right agent at the right time with Lightning Omni-Channel. Set up Lightning Knowledge and Communities painlessly with the guided, step-by-step setup flows. And get more done remotely with Field Service Lightning preventative maintenance, parts requests, and stock transfers. Work where your customers are!

Analytics: Collaborative Reports and Dashboards and Einstein Analytics (Wave)

Drive decisions with insights from reports and dashboards and Wave Analytics. Lightning Experience reports and dashboards get more collaborative with dashboard filters, improvements to report subscriptions, and other enhancements. With Einstein Discovery and the new Wave features, analytics become more accessible for both admins and business users.

Communities: Partner Central Solution, CMS Connect, Notifications, and More

Communities make a splash this summer with a slew of flexible new features. Extend Salesforce CRM to your partner network, and drive channel sales with the native Lightning Partner Central solution. Use CMS Connect to render content from your content management system (CMS) in your community for consistent branding and easier maintenance. Switch between communities and see real-time notifications with App Launcher and Notifications support. Salesforce has lots more to show you, so dive in!

Chatter: Topics, Streams Enhancements, Better Group Member Management, and Top Users Reports

Organize feeds with topics, enjoy the new streams home, manage group membership with ease, and see who’s been most active in Chatter.

Files: Add Multiple Files to Libraries, Share Files via Public Link, and Customize Files Detail Page

Libraries are available in Lightning Experience, even for users without Salesforce CRM Content licenses. Multiple upgrades to libraries help you work better in Lightning Experience: add multiple files to a library, customize your file detail pages, and take action on files right from your Chatter feed.

Salesforce Integrations: Taking Salesforce to the Next Level

Empower your users to be more productive by connecting Salesforce to some of the industry’s leading business applications. Most of these integrated apps are available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, but a few are available in only one or the other.

Mobile: Improved Search and Approvals, Updated Requirements, and Mobile Classic Retirement

Salesforce mobile apps help your users stay productive throughout their busy days, no matter where they are. So Salesforce has been hard at work adding new ways to help your users outside of the office. Salesforce1 offers improvements to search, approvals, and many other sales features, so sales professionals can take care of even more business from their phones.

Financial Services Cloud: Lightning Components in Communities, Client Profile Builder, Individual and Relationship Group Enhancements

Share the wealth of Financial Services Cloud Lightning components that are now available in Communities. Get on the fast track to creating individuals and adding them to groups with the new Client Profile Builder. Take advantage of quick actions in Wave for Financial Services Cloud.

Health Cloud: Integrated Analytics Lists, Concurrent Care Plans, Health Cloud Empower Lightning Components, and More

Salesforce streamlined the care of patients with chronic or long-term medical conditions by allowing them to have multiple, concurrent care plans and more than one care manager. And now patient lists created from the Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud app can be sent to and used in the Health Cloud console. To make your life easier as an admin, Salesforce has packaged up three new Lightning components that let you create patient communities in no time at all.

Customization: Smarter Lightning Pages, More Efficient Setup Navigation, More Options for Flows in Lightning Experience

Make your Lightning pages smarter by adding the new Einstein Recommendations component. Navigate more quickly around the Object Manager and other parts of Setup in Lightning Experience. And get more done in Lightning Experience with enhanced approvals and Lightning flow runtime. If that’s not enough, check out the usability improvements to the data import tools and global picklists.

Security and Identity: More Lightning Support, Encryption for Formulas, Embedded Login

Transaction Security has a handy new Lightning Experience interface, formulas now work with encrypted fields, and you can connect your website to your backend CRM with Embedded Login.

Deployment: New Components Now Available in Change Sets, Deployment Permission Dependency Now Selected Automatically

Development: Create Your Own Salesforce App

Whether you’re using Lightning components, Visualforce, Apex, or APIs with your favorite programming language, these enhancements to help you develop amazing applications, integrations, and packages for resale to others.

Marketing: Tools to Engage Your Customers Like Never Before

Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journeys. It enables you to build a single view of your customer-leveraging data from any source, and plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives. Deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time, and measure the impact of each interaction on your business so you can optimize your approach in real time and deliver better results.

Critical Updates

This release includes new critical updates for Lightning components, formulas, Apex controllers, and email notifications. Salesforce delayed the critical update that allows you to enable CSRF protection on GET requests to Visualforce pages. The critical update that disables access to Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 from IE11 was canceled.

For a full list of changes, download the PDF version of these release notes.


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