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Salesforce Summer ’14

Released on September 10th, 2014

General Enhancements

General enhancements affect many users.

API Access Change for Connected Apps

Beginning with the Summer '14 release, all users of approved connected apps must have the “API Enabled” profile permission turned on to allow access to all features.

Updates to Browsers

Changes were made to the way Salesforce works with browsers.

Improved Help & Training Search Experience

Improved search in Help & Training to make it easier to find the content you’re looking for.

Attach Larger Files, Up to 25 MB, to Objects

Increased size limit for attachments to objects from 5 MB to 25 MB. Collaborate more easily with larger attachments to cases, accounts, orders, and other objects.

Receive Incoming Emails of up to 25 MB

Salesforce increased the size limit for incoming email messages from 10 MB to 25 MB, making it more likely that you’ll receive even long messages with multiple attachments in their entirety.

Salesforce Notification Banner

The Salesforce Banner is an announcement banner that appears on some pages.

Improved Previews for Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx) Presentations

Salesforce enhanced the technology used to preview PowerPoint® files inside the browser. Users now enjoy presentations rendered with noticeably higher quality.

Orders Included in Data Storage Limits

Orders (but not order products) now count against the data storage limits of your organization.

Separate Documentation Discontinued

The documentation set has been replaced by the standard Salesforce documentation.

Updates to Translated Terminology

Salesforce updated some terminology, including tab and field names for Dutch, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish language users. For each term, we provide the English version and the corresponding previous and new translations.

Middle Name and Suffix Fields Available for Person Objects (Beta)

Salesforce added the Middle Name and Suffix fields to person objects so that you can better represent the name of a person who’s associated with a record. Using these fields also helps to avoid confusion when two records have the same first and last names.

Increased App Limits with Expansion Pack and Unlimited Apps Pack

Get Expansion Pack for Professional Edition or Unlimited Apps Pack for Enterprise Edition to add and use more custom apps in your organization.

For a full list of changes, download the PDF version of these release notes.


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