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Salesforce Spring ‘16

Released on May 5th, 2016

Take action quickly with the Spring ’16 release. Do more from your phone. Predict what customers want with enhanced, interactive charts in Salesforce1. Accelerate productivity for partners and developers with community dashboards and secure scalable platform. Leverage the power of the Customer Success Platform to grow your business faster than ever before.

Lightning Experience: A New, Modern, Intelligent User Experience

It’s here ... the new Salesforce user experience! Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on Salesforce's UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Learn about the benefits of this intuitive, efficient interface. Then decide when it’s time to make the switch—the power is in your hands. (If you used person accounts in your production organization before now, Lightning Experience is available within 24 hours after the Spring ’16 release. Otherwise, there’s no wait.)

Financial Services Cloud: The Platform for High-Touch Relationship Management (Generally Available)

Today’s digitally connected investors expect personalized outreach, proactive insights, and goals-based advice from their financial advisors. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud delivers the technology to accelerate your advisors’ productivity, helping them engage with clients like never before and build deeper, lasting, more profitable relationships.

Health Cloud: Deliver Collaborative, Connected Patient Care (Generally Available)

Delivering outstanding patient care means more than simply managing the information and events that involve patients. Health Cloud reinvents the way that care coordinators engage with patients.

Sales: Opportunities, Campaigns, and More

Help marketing and sales teams drive more business to your company. Get sales reps to zero in on activities that need their attention. And help your sales teams increase their sales productivity in Lightning Experience.


Drive business decisions with data and analysis from Salesforce Reports and Dashboards and Wave Analytics.

Service: Hello Field Service for Agents, Goodbye Routine Setup Tasks for Admins

Extend your support team’s service out into the field with work orders. Set up knowledge faster with an automatically created article type and standard page layouts, and set up social service without contacting Salesforce or searching for settings.

Mobile: Do More On the Go

Office? Who needs an office? It keeps getting easier to do what needs doing, from anywhere your sales reps and service agents find themselves. The Salesforce1 mobile app is smarter these days with the enhanced, interactive charts from Lightning Experience, plus new support for objects that keep track of products purchased from you and work orders performed for your customers. And everyone benefits from the reimagined, easy-to-use Salesforce Authenticator mobile app. Salesforce's new two-factor authentication app gives your organization the strong protection it needs without requiring your users to jump through inconvenient and time-wasting hoops.

Communities: Chatter in Communities, Template Improvements, Enhanced Moderation, and Much More

Spring ’16 is packed with changes that make templates even more customizable. You can show more Salesforce data with custom object pages, create records using global actions, and manage your community’s pages more easily. Plus, you can now add full Chatter capabilities to your community with Chatter Lightning components. These features are available in Salesforce Classic only. Other than in Setup, Communities is not supported in Lightning Experience.

Chatter: Broadcast Groups, Banner Photos, Edit More Posts

Create broadcast groups, enjoy banner photos for users and groups, and edit posts with files and links. There are more improvements for groups, user profiles, feeds, and personal digest emails.

Files: Share Files in Lightning, Use Files Without Chatter, and More

Files now work whether Chatter is on or off. Share files with people and groups in Lightning Experience. Manage access to files in new ways. Navigate your libraries in Files Home, and your Files Connect external sources when selecting files to post in Lightning. Devour this section to learn about all these juicy new features and more!

Search: Finding Information

Help your users quickly find the information they need. Some Spring ‘16 search changes will be immediately noticed (and appreciated) by users, such as search term spell correction. In Lightning Experience, Salesforce is introducing search results sorting, enhanced formatting for instant results, expanded lineup of searchable objects, and a new button for custom objects and records inside lookups. Behind the scenes but still enhancing the search experience is expanded scope for synonym groups. Prospecting in Lightning Experience, Critical Company Info for Leads, and More

Several key Prospector features are now available in Lightning Experience, including Company Hierarchy, Prospecting Insights, and the ability to discover contacts for accounts. Also in this release, Premium Clean customers can now automatically enrich leads with valuable company details.

Customization: Easier Setup, Object Management and Flows, and Much More

Salesforce got some key Lightning Experience enhancements—the ability to update your users’ navigation menus and more resources dedicated to helping you migrate. Picklists are getting better and better with new restricted picklists and improved global picklists. And for you Process Builder mavens, a new drag-and-drop interaction makes reordering the contents of your process easy as 1-2-3.

Security and Identity: Better Authentication, Flexible Transaction Policies, More Encryption Coverage

Salesforce improved two-factor authentication and added verification history. You can create your own authentication provider plugin. Your transaction policies can now use external web services, so you don’t have to write a lot of policy-specific code. And Platform Encryption is now available to protect data in Communities.


You now have new ways to deploy changes to your Salesforce organization. Deployment changes include test options for change sets. Sandbox enhancements include a new sandbox copy engine and increased Developer Sandbox licenses.

Development: Create Your Own Salesforce App helps you develop new applications and integrations to help your organization or for resale to other organizations.


Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journeys. It enables you to build a single view of your customer-leveraging data from any source, and plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives. Deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time, and measure the impact of each interaction on your business so you can optimize your approach in real time and deliver better results.

Salesforce Overall: Lightning Experience Changes and More

Improve your overall Salesforce experience with the ability to change owners for more records in Lightning Experience. Plus, all new organizations now come with duplicate record management features turned on.

Critical Updates

This release includes updates that improve the performance, logic, and usability of Salesforce but might affect your existing customizations.

For a full list of changes, download the PDF version of these release notes.


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