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Salesforce Spring ’15

Released on May 20th, 2015

Spring ’15 improves your overall Salesforce experience with better searching, more ways to handle duplicate records, more detailed person accounts, and tighter email security. The release notes are easier to use too.

Get Faster and More Relevant Search Results (Generally Available)

Salesforce has updated the search engine, bringing you faster, smarter search and more relevant results throughout Salesforce, including global search, sidebar search, and advanced search in the full Salesforce site, Salesforce1, and your custom search implementations that use the SOSL search API.

Duplicate Alerts and Blocking (Generally Available)

Now you can maintain clean and accurate data with Duplicate Management. Control whether and when you allow users to create duplicate records inside Salesforce, customize the logic that’s used to identify duplicates and create reports on the duplicates you do allow users to save.

Import Accounts and Contacts with Ease

Available to new and trial organizations deployed on and after December 17, 2014, and coming soon to all other organizations, choose from popular data sources to quickly and easily get your accounts and contacts into Salesforce.

Middle Name and Suffix Fields for Person Objects (Generally Available)

Better represent the name of a person associated with a record by adding Middle Name and Suffix fields in person objects. Using these fields also helps to avoid confusion when two records have the same first and last names.

DKIM Signing Outbound Email

Use the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) key feature to enable Salesforce to sign outbound emails sent on your organization’s behalf. A valid signature provides recipients confidence that the email was handled by a third party such as Salesforce in a way authorized by your organization.

Email IP Ranges Updated

The IP ranges that Salesforce uses to send email have changed. If your organization blocks any of the IP addresses, users may not receive all email sent from Salesforce. Update your whitelisted IP addresses.

For a full list of changes, download the PDF version of these release notes.


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