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Riva CRM 2.4.24

Released on August 31st, 2011

Benefits Included in This Release

Riva CRM Sync Policy

Many of the changes in this release have resulted in noticeable changes in the Exchange CRM sync policy settings pages.  Refer to "Create and Configure a CRM Sync Policy for Exchange - Riva 2.4.24+" for an explanation of each CRM sync policy settings page.

CRM Specific Enhancements

  • GoldMine:  Contact Details in Appointment Subject:  Advanced Option to inject contact details into the subject of appointments synced from Exchange to GoldMine. (See "GoldMine: Advanced Option to Inject Contact Details into Appointment Subjects" for detailed instructions) 
  • SugarCRM / Info@hand:  Archiving outbound emails to the CRM:  When a user archives an outbound email from Exchange system, Riva will place the email item in the "Sent Item" email folder in the CRM. 
  • Salesforce:  Added support for "Contract" object:  Similar to Opportunities / Cases / Quotes with Salesforce, added a "Contracts" module to provide ability to sync and assign email to "Contracts" with SmartConvert / AssignTo.  For pre-existing connections, you will need to refresh the connection metadata.  Open the connection.  Under the "Object Definition" tab, click the "Refresh" button.  Once complete, save the connection edit window, close and restart Riva.  The "Contract" type will appear under the "Other" tab in the CRM sync policy.
  • MS Dynamics CRM:  Modify How Cancelled Calendar Items are Handled: If Riva is configured to delete closed CRM appointments from Exchange (see Remove Closed CRM Calendar Items from Exchange), this advanced option will enable handling of cancelled appointments.  (see Change Default for How Closed MS CRM Calendar Items are Removed from Exchange).
  • SageCRM:  Improved Appointment Sync Performance: Reduced the amount of time Riva takes to sync appointments.

Exchange/Outlook Specific Enhancements

  • Added "Vew" and "Edit" links to Contact Note in Exchange Address Book: To leverage a capability similar to the "ConnectBar", added a text links to "View" or "Edit" the contact in the Description of the synced contact in Outlook.. (see Advanced Options: Add Edit / View Links to Outlook Contacts)
  • Added "Connect" link to Contact in Website page address field: Added a link to the contact in CRM in the "Web page address" field in the contact in Oultook. (see Advanced Options: Add Edit / View Links to Outlook Contacts)
  • Drop folders in Oultook will display the number of total items instead of number of unread items: Riva will set the default for drop folders in Oultook to display total number of items in the folder.  This applies to EWS connections only. 
  • Recreate instead of update AssignTo folders:  When an AssignTo folder has been changed due to a change in the CRM, Riva will remove and recreate the AssignTo folder instead of updating the AssignTo folder (now the default).  iPad devices have a problem reading updates to Exchange folders.  This way the iPad will sync modified AssignTo folders new items, with the new data. 
  • Improved handling of appointments declined/deleted by users in Outlook:  Improved Riva's handling of appointments that are declined or deleted by users to prevent possible creation of duplicates.

Noticeable Fixes or Sync Workflow Changes

  • Automatically Prompt to Remove Old Application Version Folders during an UpdateWhen a "Check for Updates" is performed, if there are version folders older than 3 months, Riva will prompt to remove those folders to recover the space.  
  • Added Support to Sync S-MIME emails:  Riva will sync emails from the mailbox to the CRM that are signed S-MIME. 
  • SmartConvert option to include a prefix to the generated Account Name:  When SmartConvert creates a new account based on the email domain name, Riva can include a prefix to differentiate it from a manually created account in the CRM.  For example, Riva would save a new account for as where a user would normally save that account as (see Advanced option: Add prefix to newly generated Account name for more details).
  • Change Riva default to identify "stuck" sync Items and de-prioritize the sync attempt interval:  When an item fails to sync, it can get "stuck" in a sync queue and Riva will continue to attempt to sync it (filling log files with the same errors).  Admins can now apply advanced options to re-prioritize the handling of "stuck" non-syncing items. (see Adjust how Riva handles items that are fail to sync for more details) 
    • After the same item errors 3 consecutive sync cycles, the item will only be retried every 60 minutes.
    • After 2 more sync cycle errors spread 60 minutes apart, the item will be retried only once every 24 hours.

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