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Riva CRM 2.4.17

Released on October 22nd, 2010

Benefits Included in This Release

  • Salesforce:  Added SaleForce custom object integration.  Contact Omni for documentation.
  • CrmEx: Auto-restart if process encountered MAPI connection errors.
  • License:  License request will display warning if user requests a license for a .corp or .local email domain.  Enhanced the verbage on the CRM license wizard domain selection page. Added feature autofill the domains from existing policies.  Users can enter in a license count for the trial license.
  • CRM:  In case where CRM supports private appointments, Riva will not create contacts or match CRM entities from private appointments.
  • CRM:  Added new completed task options in app.config file.  Contact Omni for documentation.
  • SmartConvert:  Added attachment filter option under "Advanced Options" to specify maximum allowable file size by extension type.
  • Various maintenance enhancements and fixes.

Recommended Update Procedures: 

  • If you are running Riva 2.3.0 (or higher) you can perform a normal "Check for Updates" procedure.
  • If you are updating from a previous version of Riva, before you update to version 2.3.0 (or higher), delete all of the address books, calendars and folders Riva had previously created in the users' accounts.  You will also need to either delete your existing Policy and create a new one or re-initialize all users and check ALL of the option tabs and folder names to confirm the new options.  By creating a new policy, you are working with a clean set of data.

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