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Riva Cloud On-Premise 2.4.45

Released on December 21st, 2017

Benefits Included in This Release

Sync Configuration Enhancements

Improved Error Notifications

  • Ability to receive digest sync error notifications by email:
    All new error notifications are now sent as a single digest (condensed) notification that contains an error notification for all recent user error notifications.
    Background:< >Error notifications.For instructions on configuring email notifications for a sync policy, select your email system:Exchange or IBM Notes.Google.Receive digest error notifications.

Improved Troubleshooting

Enhanced Scalability Management

  • Ability to enable multi-node support for Active-Passive availability:
    The Configure Remote Management window has a new check box: Enable multi-node support for Active-Passive.
    To navigate to the check box, see Enable multi-node support for active-passive.
  • For multi-node support, new capability to schedule RSS-GCM snapshots in the UI:
    Background:< >What are snapshots?What are advanced options?contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Ability to remove a user from a sync node, allowing it to be re-detected:
    In a multi-node Riva deployment, it is now possible to remove a user from a sync node.
  • Ability to configure the user gathering interval for the Global Sync Configuration:
    The Configure Remote Management window has a new field: Gather Interval.
    Requirement to use that field: The Global Sync Configuration Mode must be set to Consumer.
    To find the Gather Interval and Mode fields: In the left pane of the Configure Remote Management window, under Clients, select Global Sync Configuration. The fields are available in the right pane.
    For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.

CRM Enhancements

All enhancements in this release apply to all Riva-supported CRMs.

Email-Specific Enhancements

Office 365


  • Ability to configure a proxy in the Riva connection wizards for Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.
    On the wizard's Connection Details page, in the lower right corner, a Use Proxy link is available. For more information, see Configure "Use Proxy" settings in email connections.

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