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Riva Cloud On-Premise 2.4.43

Released on July 12th, 2017

Benefits of This Release

Increased Security

  • Ability to configure the validation of secure HTTP communication certificates: (Riva 2.4.43 or higher.)
    It is possible to configure Riva to perform a custom validation of the server certificate. Among other options, a specific thumbprint certificate can be defined as a requirement for secure communication. The following connections support that validation:< >Office 365 and Exchange.Salesforce.Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Oracle CRM On Demand.SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C).HTTPS communication certification validation.
  • Default and specific persistent connection credential encryption: (Riva or higher.)
    External certificates are supported to encrypt and protect connection credentials. The certificates can be used in two ways:< >One certificate applies by default to all the connections of a Riva instance.A certificate can be specified for any individual CRM or email connection in a Riva instance.Encrypt Riva connection credentials.

Ability to Record Configuration Changes

  • Built-in Change Management: (Riva or higher.)
    The Riva Manager application can be configured to open a Change Entry window when changes made to a connection or policy are saved. The information entered in that window is then saved to a .backup file.
    For more information, see Change management.

Improved management of options and settings

  • Improved management of advanced options and custom options: (Riva or higher.)
    This applies to CRM options and sync policy options configured in the Riva Manager application.< >New: Ability to search for an advanced or custom option. If it is not found, selecting Add New populates the Key Name field; to finish adding the option, enter the option's value in the Key Value box and select Update.New: Ability to organize the options in groups. The list box displays the groups in alphanumeric order.Improvement: Ability to disable or re-enable an option by clicking. There is no need to change the value from true to false or vice-versa. A disabled option is greyed-out in the list of options.Improvement: Ability to delete (remove) an option by clicking.Set advanced or custom options for a connection or sync policy.
  • Ability to disable the syncing of an entire module for one user without creating a different sync policy: (Riva or higher.)
    For information, see Disable syncing a module for one user.
  • Improved handling of connection settings: (Riva or higher.)< >New Custom.Settings files. When a connection's Custom.Settings file is created, it is now placed in a folder that is exclusively dedicated to that connection. That new behavior prevents an issue that sometimes occurred when two connections had the same name: they resolved to the same folder path.Existing Custom.Settings files for CRM connections. To share a Custom.Settings file with other connections, move it to the appropriate folder. To help with that task, the Advanced Options page of the Connection Edit window has new buttons.Settings hierarchy and overrides.
  • Versionless settings: (Riva or higher. — Helpful for clustered multi-node deployments. See Riva Shared Services.)< >Versionless settings are settings that are located in the Riva\Application\ folder — not in one of its versions in sub-folders like Riva\Application\\.Settings hierarchy and overrides.

Enhanced Scalability Management

  • Configuring external settings files: (Riva or higher.)
    For more information, see Configuring external settings files.
  • Riva Shared Services (RSS) port number enhancements: (Riva or higher.)
    The port number is now configurable. The default port was changed from port 88 to 8100.
    For instructions on where to configure it, see Configure the remote monitor.
  • Global Calendar Management (GCM) - Cleanup Operation: (Riva or higher.)
    Provides the ability to remove old entries from the global calendar management (GCM) database.
    For more information, see Global Calendar Management.

Quicker Configuration of Sync Performance Counters

  • (Riva or higher.)
    A simple configuration window has been introduced to simplify the configuration of performance counters.
    For more information, see Performance counters.

Various Sync Enhancements

  • New user interface to configure "Mail Group" and "CRM-based" user gathering: (Riva or higher.)
    For information, see Advanced user gathering.
  • New re-init options:
    What are re-init options?
    There are three new re-init options in Riva 2.4.43:< >Remove empty Lost & Found Folder - Deletes all empty Lost and Found folders. (Riva or higher.)Populate appointment start dates in the Global Calendar Management (GCM) service - maintenance mode required. (Riva or higher.)Remove Sync Configuration - Removes the Sync Configuration entries from the user's mailbox. (Riva or higher.)contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Improved Clean Metadata re-init option: (Riva or higher.)
    The effect of the Clean Metadata re-init option can be restricted to clean the metadata of appointments based on their start date.
    For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.

Shortcuts and Time Savers

  • Edit a connection from the sync policy window: (Riva or higher.)
    In the Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window, select the General page, and< >in the CRM Connection field, double-click the connection to open it for editing in the CRM Connection Edit window; orin the Mailboxes entity selector, double-click one of the listed entries to open its connection for editing in the email Connection Edit window.Open a sync policy's transaction folder from the sync policy window: (Riva or higher.)
    In the Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window, select the Advanced Options page. Near the bottom, select Open Transaction Folder to open the sync policy's transaction folder in Windows Explorer.
    The Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window remains open.
  • Quicker access to the Riva On-Premise Support Request form: (Riva or higher.)
    In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, selecting Request Support displays the Riva On-Premise Support Request form.
    The old Request Support Wizard has been retired.
  • Quicker testing of sync customizations:
    In the Riva Manager application, in the Connection Edit windows, on the Connection Test page, new advanced test features have been added. Selecting the Show Advanced Tests check box displays several test tabs.
    These new options are used for diagnostics and testing by the Riva advanced configurations teams (the Success Team and the Client Engagement Team). We do not recommend using these tabs.

CRM-Specific Enhancements


  • Ability to configure the validation of secure HTTP communication certificates:
    See Increased security.
  • Improvements to Riva's support for the Salesforce enhanced email feature: (Riva or higher.)
    • Multiple contact relationships can be set on the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. (In Riva 2.4.42, only one contact relationship could be set.)
    • As a workaround to Salesforce's lack of support for setting a relationship on the From field, the Riva sync process adds the sender to the To list. A relationship is then created between the email and the CRM contact or lead that corresponds to the sender.

Infor CRM

  • Ability to sync email attachments: (Riva or higher.)
    When an item from any email system module has an attachment and is tracked to Infor CRM, the attachment is tracked too and is related to the item.
    For more information, see Sync attachments to Infor CRM (Saleslogix).

SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C)

Email-Specific Improvements

Office 365 / Exchange

  • Ability to configure the validation of secure HTTP communication certificates:
    See Increased security.
  • Enhanced first-sync Lost and Found prevention:
    For information on a new error message, see Stopping first sync.
  • Enhanced setup for Exchange UCD Push Notifications: (Riva or higher.)
    Background information:< >What is Exchange UCD?What are push notifications? See Notification Type.IBM Notes
    • Enhanced first-sync Lost and Found prevention:
      For information on a new error message, see Stopping first sync.


    • Google appointment attachments:
      Google has changed the way it exposes the attachments on an appointment.< >Originally, Google's appointment lists of attachments contained a URL that enabled Riva to download the resource directly even if the resource was stored on Google Drive.Now Google requires authentication when the URL is used to access the resource from Google Drive.
       Only the URL of an appointment attachment is synced. It is synced to the CRM appointment's description. It is up to the CRM user to use the link and provide authentication to access the attachment.
    • Google's change has impacted some Google sync policy advanced options with regards to attachments on calendar items:
      • Append attachment summary. Now Google exposes only the file name for attachments linked to calendar items. The file size is not provided.
      • Attachment Filtering - Filter by Maximum Size (MB). Because Google no longer exposes the file size, this option no longer applies to attachments on appointments.
      • Attachment Filtering - File Extensions. Because Google no longer exposes the file type of attachments, this option no longer applies to attachments on appointments.
        Note: Because the file type is not always visible in the file name, no attempt is made to extract the file type from the file name.

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