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Riva Cloud On-Premise 2.4.30

Released on August 3rd, 2012

Highlights  of Top-Level Changes Included in This Release

Riva CRM Sync Policy

  • Fixed contact creation "*" wildcard filters - Fixed bug with using "*" wildcard in SmartConvert/Sent Item contact create filter so they work as expected.
  • Exchange 2003 Users Must Move to New Sync Policy - Riva now checks to ensure that users that were syncing using an Ex 2003 MAPI connection must be moved to a new sync policy if the connection is changes to EWS for that user.  Refer to Exchange 2003 Upgrade to Exchange 2007/2010 - How to Reconfigure Riva.

CRM Specific Enhancements / Fixes

  • Generic
    • Nothing new
  • GoldMine
    • Completed appointments are closed instead of deleted - when user completes an appointment, Riva will not delete the appointment from the user's Outlook calendar.
    • GoldMine to MAPI - Unable to impersonate - Riva will now use both GoldMine userID and email address to check for Exchange impersonation through MAPI connections.
    • Appointment alarm was improperly set - Fixed bug with Riva setting GoldMine appointment alarm when no Outlook notification was set for appointment.
    • Added support for carriage return in the notes section of a GoldMine appointment - enabled syncing line break from GoldMine appointment notes to body of Exchange and GroupWise appointments.
    • Added support all call types for completed call activity - Riva can now sync completion of all call type appointments.
  • Info@Hand
    • Connection test failed - fixed issue with Info@Hand connection tests failing.
    • Confirmed version compatibility - confirmed Riva connects and syncs with Info@Hand version 7.0.x
    • SmartConvert to Opportunity not relating to generated accounts - Fixed bug with Riva email SmartConvert to Opportunity creating new contact and account, but new contact is not related to the generated account.
  • MS Dynamics CRM
    • Advanced scheduling doesn't work for service appointments - Fixed bug so that advanced scheduling for service appointments uses defined sync ratios.
    • SmartNote feature writing duplicate contact details - Fixed bug so Riva will not write duplicate contact details if duplicate contact references are passed in.
    • MsCrm: Version 2011 contact link doesn't work - Added custom option to MSCRM connection to ensure that Riva passes correct website URL to Outlook contact web links, and summary email "Review" and "Edit" buttons.
  • NetSuite
    • Added Team Selling Feature Enabled option to UI - added check box for the Team Selling feature to the NetSuite connection wizard and the connection options page.
    • Employee contacts to be retrieved with organic contact filtering - Set as default.  
    • Advanced option to set default subsidiary in sync policy - Custom option to create sync policies and set a default subsidiary value to support different business subsidiaries.
    • Change to default mapping for Phone Call module - Riva now maps the CRM PhoneNumber field to Outlook Appointment Location field for syncing the Phone Call module.
    • Phone Calls appearing on the wrong day when synced from Outlook to Exchange - fixed bug with setting correct dates for phone calls.
    • Enable private appointment sync when sync target user is connection user - added custom option to CRM connection to enable private flag override support for Basic Impersonation. New Netsuite connections enable this as the default. Contact Omni support to enable if upgraded Riva to 2.4.30+ release and need to correct "IsPrivate" errors.
    • Phone and country cleared in NetSuite are not cleared in Exchange - Riva modified to clear the country in Exchange only when the country is not specified in NetSuite.
  • Oracle On-Demand
    • Advanced option to include subbooks when filtering by books - added custom option to include filtering queries to include books and sub-books.
    • Attendee removal is not synchronized from Exchange to Oracle - fixed bug to ensure that if attendee is removed in Exchange, that change is synced to corresponding calendar item in Oracle.
    • New CRM connections are "Stateless" mode enabled - New Oracle CRM connections are configured as "Stateless" connections by default.  Ensure that CRM is configured to support "Stateless" connections. 
    • Added more contact field mappings - updated contact mappings to include AssistantPhone, AssistantName, DateofBirth and MrMrs.  Only available when additional contact fields syncing is enabled. Contact Omni for additional instructions.
    • ItemSyncException: Error occurred assigning reference item - Fixed bug that generated the error "Omni.Sync.ItemSyncException: Error occurred assigning references to item: An item with the same key has already been added."
  • SageCRM
    • Nothing new
  • SalesLogix
    • Closed tickets continue to be synced - fixed bug so that closed tickets are no longer synced from SalesLogix to Exchange.
  • Salesforce
    • Added a custom URL option for Salesforce connection - Removed 2 existing options (Sandbox 1 and Sandbox 2) and added new custom URL option.
    • String not recognized as valid DateTime - Fixed bug causing issue with StartDate returning ActivityDate field value for an all day events.
    • Automatically remove converted Leads - Riva will automatically remove converted Leads from Exchange.
    • Appointment sync missing all day events - Fixed bug that prevented Riva from syncing all day events.
    • Enable private appointment sync when sync target user is connection user - added custom option to CRM connection to enable private flag override support for Basic Impersonation. New Salesforce connections enable this as the default. Contact Omni support to enable if upgraded Riva to 2.4.30+ release and need to correct "IsPrivate" errors.

Exchange/Outlook Specific Enhancements / Fixes

Riva CRM Monitor Application

  • Change CRM Integration Log behavior to reuse existing files - Riva will now use existing CRM Integration Logs for users if a service restart is detected.  This will reduce the number of user activity log files. 

Special Options That can be Enabled by Omni Professional Services

  • Implement monitoring/notification feature for enterprise deployments - require customization of Riva server.
  • Custom Option to enable initial sync of Exchange-to-CRM by Module - Added advanced custom options to enable initial sync of Exchange-to-CRM by module. Contact Omni Developer team to configure this option.
  • Custom options to set hard start date filter for appointment sync - advanced custom options to set minimum start dates for appointment sync, CRM-to-Exchange and Exchange-to-CRM. Contact Omnni support to configure.

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