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Relationship Analytics for Sugar 1.2.4

Released on January 30th, 2018

Compatibility & Pre-Requisites

This release is compatible with, or requires as a minimum, the following components:

  • Sugar or greater
  • ClientServices 1.1.0 or greater

Resolved Issues

  • SUGAR-95 : Linkswithin option to select table or graph view

  • SUGAR-96 : Add a configuration to enable/disable voice synchronisation

  • SUGAR-97 : Improve cURL timeout handling

  • SUGAR-98 : Remove extraneous spaces from phone numbers

  • SUGAR-99 : Improve volume chart algorithm

  • SUGAR-100 : Show ‘no data’ information for dashlets

  • SUGAR-102 : Remove freemailers from contact discovery

  • SUGAR-103 : Dashlet setting to exclude voice relationships

  • SUGAR-105 : Sugar v7.10 compatibility

  • SUGAR-106 : Sugar v7.11 compatibility

  • SUGAR-107 : Undefined variable in transition report

Known Issues

  • SUGAR-79:  Status dashlets are incorrectly drawn

  • 74354 : Pie charts may not display properly in report results if there are labels with a large number of characters.

Integration Notes

It is no longer required to add the local domain in the connector exclude parameter.

The exclude parameter should be blank, unless specific exclusions are required

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