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Relationship Analytics for Sugar 1.1.3

Released on November 30th, 2016

Compatibility & Pre-Requisites

This release is compatible with, or requires as a minimum, the following components: • Sugar or greater • ClientServices 1.1.0 or greater

  • Sugar or greater
  • TrustVault 2.5-3 or greater (supporting MI API v2)

New Features

  • Fields
    • A TrustScore field has been added ranking the score as ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’
    • TrustScore value field now supports standard filters (‘greater than, equal to etc)
  • Connector settings
    • New setting ‘Show subjects’

By default subjects of messages are now not shown in TrustSphere dashlets. These may be enabled (for all users) by changing the value to ‘Yes’

  • New setting ‘Time offset’

Specifies the time delay between a transaction occurring and reception of the transaction metadata by TrustVault. The application must be aware of the delay to ensure all transaction activity is identified.


  • TrustScore
    • This is now displayed as a rank ‘Low’,’Medium’ or ‘High’ The existing TrustScore value is available as a separate field
  • Expanded support for complex transaction systems
    • Systems with multiple transaction reporting

Resolved Issues

  • SUGAR-39 : Rename ‘Strength’ label to ‘Trustscore value’
  • SUGAR-43 : Display TrustScore as ‘Low,Medium,High’ ranks
  • SUGAR-32 : Relationship dashlet update
  • SUGAR-41 : Remove duplicates from LinksWithin dashlet list
  • SUGAR-47 : Add time offset to configuration settings
  • SUGAR-48 : Inbound and outbound labels swapped in volume dashlet
  • SUGAR-49 : Monthly volume chart not showing
  • SUGAR-50 : Ensure table removal during app un-install
  • SUGAR-51 : TrustVault service - SSL certificate and host checking now compulsory

Known Issues

  • The application will not connect to a TrustVault service with a self-signed SSL certificate.

    • Customers with on-premise TrustVault services are required to install a properly issued SSL certificate.

  • The TrustView link no longer opens a view within the TrustView application.

    • This feature has been deprecated. Customers with an existing TrustView application are now directed to the TrustView landing page.

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