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Relationship Analytics for Sugar 1.1.2

Released on June 30th, 2016

Compatibility & Pre-Requisites

This release is compatible with, or requires as a minimum, the following components: • Sugar or greater • ClientServices 1.1.0 or greater

  • Sugar or greater
  • TrustVault 2.5-3 or greater (supporting MI API v2)

Resolved Issues

  • (SUGAR-38) : non-namespaced label in language files

The following label was removed as it may overwrite existing panel labels $mod_strings['LBL_RECORDVIEW_PANEL1'] = 'Relationship Intelligence';

In files:





Known Issues

  • (SUGAR-32) : Relationship Strength bar overflows chart.

    • The Relationship Strength dashlet displays a bar chart of strengths. Occasionally a bar may overflow the graph boundary. The tooltip shows the correct value in all cases.

  • (SUGAR-33) : Placeholders in connector configuration

    •  If the connector setting fields are set as blanks and saved, the TrustView settings do not reappear. Placeholders (*) were added to mitigate this behaviour.

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