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New Print / Save to PDF Option enabled on Act-On’s Message Composer

Released on September 11th, 2019


With the last release Act-On has added Print / Save to PDF functionality to the Email Message Composer.  Printing out emails can be used to visually lay out a customer journey, and PDFing can allow you to have saved copies of emails offline and accessible outside of Act-On.

This feature is accessible from the Review and Send Tabs under the additional Save options.  Once you click on the Print button, the system will use the browser's print functionality to allow you to Print the full email or Save it as a PDF.    

This feature is responsive to how the image is shown on the Review/Send Tabs, meaning that if you have Mobile or Text view selected, it will print in that view.  Additionally, if you have a “Sample Recipient” selected in the “Sample Preview” selector, their personalization will be shown. 

See videos below :

Act-On review and send tab drop-down

When using the Print / Save in SPF feature, it uses the built in print function on your browser to open a new window to print from.   Note: To save to PDF, select that option: depending on your browser and settings, you may need to download a PDF tool.

Act-On built in print function gif

If you want to print and have the PDF/Print to be in Mobile or Text Format, choose the Mobile preview or Text Preview options at the bottom of the preview window and the print will be responsive. 

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