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GoldMine 2017.1

Released on May 8th, 2017

Please Note:

Run the GoldMine Premium 2017.1 installer for a new installation or to upgrade GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0 or newer.

  • If you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine prior to 9.0.0, you must first upgrade to version 9.0.0 before upgrading to this version.

Run the GoldMine Connect 2017.1 installer for a new installation or to upgrade GoldMine Connect 2015.1 or newer.

  • If you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine Connect prior to 2015.1, it is necessary to uninstall the existing version of GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Connect and install GoldMine Connect 2017.1 as a new installation.

It is recommended to clear device/browser cache and restart IIS after an installation/reinstallation or upgrade of GoldMine Connect.

What’s New in GoldMine 2017.1

GoldMine Premium 2017.1.0.328 / GoldMine Connect 2017.1.0.460
All functionalities that have been added after GoldMine 2016.1, including any added in all 2016.1 Hot Fixes.

GoldMine Web


  • A new default landing page after logging in with the following sections:
    • My Activities
      • Displays a snapshot of upcoming timed activities, starting from the time at which the user is logged into web.
      • Select the "Go to Activities" to view more activities on the existing Activities page.
  • My Pending Emails
    • Displays a snapshot of pending emails.
    • Select the "View More" to view more emails in a new My Pending Emails page.
  • Recent Contacts
    • Displays a snapshot of recently viewed contacts.
  • Recent Opportunities
    • Displays a snapshot of recently viewed opportunities.
  • Recent Cases
    • Displays a snapshot of recently viewed cases.

My Pending Emails

  • A new page containing a tabular view of pending emails for the logged in user.
    • Accessed from either the “My Pending Emails” section in the Home page or through the global menu at the top right of the browser, next to the GoldMine User ID.


  • The Pending and History activities associated with a case are accessible from the detailed view of a Case.
  • View and create Notes - both “Case Notes” and “Resolution Notes” (PE equivalent of the notes in the “Notes” and “Resolution” tabs).


  • From the detailed view of a Contact record, users can now add a linked document stored in a cloud drive (eg. One Drive, Dropbox or Box etc) or shared network path to a contact by including a valid URL or UNC path to a shared drive.


  • Schedule a follow-up activity when completing an activity. Notes and other information are carried over to the follow-up activity.
  • User-specific settings that are applicable to GoldMine Web within the “Access” and “Menu” tabs in PE’s Tools → Users’ Settings… → are now reflected on web.
  • Contact record curtaining and ownership specified in PE are observed on web.
  • F2 look-up validation settings in PE are observed for Pending and History activities on web.
  • "Back to results" link added to the Opportunity details and Case details pages.
  • A “View All” link has been added to the Opportunities section in the detailed view of a Contact record.

GoldMine Premium Edition

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

  • A new Outlook add-in for linking email messages to GoldMine contacts.
    • Link Email / Unlink Email
      • The “Link Email” button in the toolbar enables the user to link email messages, search a contact, or create a contact.
        • If the email address matches a GoldMine contact, it will be suggested.
        • Use “Search GoldMine” to search for a contact in GoldMine to link email messages.
        • Use “Create Contact” to create a new contact in GoldMine and link the email messages.
      • When an email message is linked, it will be filed to the contact’s History tab.
      • The “Unlink Email” toolbar button enables the user to unlink email messages.
    • View Contact in GoldMine
      • The “View in GoldMine” button in the toolbar enables viewing the contact in GoldMine.
    • Settings
      • The “Settings” toolbar button enables the user to set up or update GoldMine Link, enable/disable automatic linking, configure Outlook folders, specify linking exclusions and set up Outlook synchronization.
      • Settings for each user may also be configured from PE by a master user by going to Tools → Configure → GoldMine Link Outlook Settings…
    • Synchronization
      • Select the “Start/Stop Sync” button in the toolbar to start or stop Outlook synchronization with GoldMine.
    • Address Book
      • The GoldMine address book is added to the list of “Other Address Book Types” in Outlook upon installation of GoldMine Link.

Environment Table Settings

  • A new flag - “forceUTF8ForOutgoingEmail” - for enabling the use the charset “UTF-8” when sending emails through the Email Center. This flag takes a value of “0” or “1”. When set to “1”, the charset used for sending emails will be “UTF-8”. It does not matter what charset is specified in PE.
  • The TLog query for synchronization has been refactored and optimized for performance improvements in release 2017.1. A new flag - “UseOptimizedCalDefTLogsQuery” - is introduced to enable GoldMine administrators to turn off this optimization, if needed. This flag can be set to “0” to turn off the TLog query optimization.

What’s Changed in GoldMine 2017.1

GoldMine Premium 2017.1.0.328 / GoldMine Connect 2017.1.0.460
Changes made after GoldMine 2016.1, including the changes from all 2016.1 Hot Fixes.

GoldMine Web

  • The Contacts, Opportunities and Cases lists for mid- to small- sized screens are mobile responsive. These lists are now displayed in a card format rather than tabular format for these screens.
  • The “Activities” page graphical calendar is hidden by default on small screens. Select the calendar icon to display or hide the calendar.
  • The “Activities” page Tasks and To-Dos are collapsed by default for all screen sizes.
  • When searching for Cases or Opportunities, the default result of the search is Status: All and Owner: All.
  • The Contact record “Cases” section displays all Cases for the selected Contact.
  • All links to GoldMine Mobile will now be redirected to GoldMine Web.

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • "Include items from the local windows index” and “Include items from remote Windows index” in Universal Search’s “Documents” tab are now disabled by default.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2017.1

GoldMine Premium 2017.1.0.328 / GoldMine Connect 2017.1.0.460
Issues that were addressed after GoldMine 2016.1. Issues fixed in all 2016.1 Hot Fixes are also included.

  • 205910 : Create email on GoldMine internal user on Project's team tab does not create internal email to User but instead creates email to Project's primary contact.
  • 214724 : French, German and also Danish characters corrupt in the email header when downloaded into the GoldMine inbox - displays fine online.
  • 213683 : Zoom or any interactivity with GM+View Google Maps or Google Directions does not work on IE 10 or IE 11 but works in IE 9 or IE 8.
  • 219439 : Google Maps and Google Directions GM+View appear always with message at the top 'It looks like you have enabled Internet Explorer Compatibility View. Google Maps will not work correctly unless this is turned off. Learn how to do this'.
  • 222313 : Body of e-mail flickers when replying to an e-mail with certain content - When replying to a HTML formatted email that contains external images, the cursor repeatedly flashes, alternating between the hour glass and pointer.
  • 223091 : Linkedin GM+ View displays incorrectly formatted as the first search result is obscured by the menu items on the webpage.
  • 231331 : When creating a recurring activity and editing the start date after creating the recurring series, if not clicking the recurring tab the last date of the recurring series drops off.
  • 232659 : GoldMine - Outlook Synchronization will loose/destroy after several changes and synchronizations back and forth German special characters.
  • 233236 : (GMWEB) Removing Edit Tab Folders right for a user, makes the user unable to complete activities in GoldMine Web >> Contact's Pending area while this is possible in GMPE on the Contact's Pending tab.
  • 233256 : When using Google Maps and Google Directions GM+View a message appears - You seem to be using an unsupported browser. This even re-appears when setting Google Maps to full instead of lite mode.
  • 234712 : GMWEB - Calendar date display is not available when first make browser windows smaller and then maximize view again.
  • 234850 : [GMWEB] Feature request - Add the schedule a Follow-up option to GoldMine Web.
  • 235067 : [GMWEB] Calendar loading with spinning wheel when the user has a lot of pending activities for the specific time frame scheduled >> this makes the activity list on the ACTIVITIES page not responsive, scroll may or may not work appears to hang in the list.
  • 235387 : GM+Views for LinkedIn templates are distorted, scrambled, fields are overlapping and there is a lot of white space on the left and right, maybe even message, looks like you're using a browser that's not supported although IE 11 is installed and used.
  • 235709 : Cross validated/context depending F2 lookups on OPMGR table: F2 values different in Opportunity's/Project's detail vs. Opportunity's/Project's properties view. Properties view shows no values as it looks for ' ' instead of set values.
  • 235847 : Emails (either with certain encoding or from certain mailserver, mailclients) will destroy Special characters (for example GERMAN or FRENCH) within the body - initially reported for PLAIN but also for HTML.
  • 238799 : Query times out or sync takes ages when a lot of users are in a GoldMine database, and / or filtered sync settings are used - offending query part seems to be C.USERID IN ('BARBIE','BT','DD','DERY','....,KAREN','KATIE'…).
  • 239349 : [GMWEB] When using forced valid input for the STATE F2 Lookup entry that contains comments in format value // comment the entry will not show as valid input in.
  • 240297 : (GMWEB) - Discrepancy between security settings in GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Web - e.g. Menu restrictions - Schedule and Complete is not respected in GMWEB, Access restriction Edit Tab folders is only partly respected - GMPE disallows to change.
  • 240618 : Google Apps Sync Configuration documentation is outdated and Google Apps has changed many areas and topics - even when trying to document never connects sucessfully.
  • 241625 : (GMWEB) - Responsiveness of Contact list - users on devices may need to know that they can scroll to the right in order to see Phone number - Request for making the list responsive too.
  • 241704 : GoldMine column in Outlook no longer shows any box or check mark after upgrading to GMPE 2016.1.
  • 245599 : When a different user completes a recurring single user Activity scheduled for a different user, the completing user is taken over even with the variable added to the Environment table.
  • 245747 : Change Request - Change of the Pop-Up message “Are you sure you want to delete all selected alarms?” as this deletes the related activities and not only alarms as the message lets assume.
  • 245827 : (GMWEB) Unable to set a date older than today when Adding a history item in GoldMine Web after upgrading to GMPE/GM Connect 2016.1 GA release.
  • 245885 : The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed when manually linking while creating an email in Outlook and then try to send.
  • 246048 : Sent Email won't link from Outlook to GoldMine when using the option "Link To: Additional Contact".
  • 246294 : Randomly on new contacts created by web import, the AP creates the activity and or history item but does not link it to the new contact.
  • 246404 : GMWEB - The Total and Forecast Column in OPPORTUNITIES list is to small and needs be extended.
  • 246648 : API Assistance request - customer getting error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object on inserting data and retrieving data via API
  • 246998 : Emails sent via GMPE do not include charset in heading if nothing is specified in Tools > Options > Email > More Options > Composing causing decoding to fail.
  • 247471 : GMWEB - Email address on partially curtained records visible in the Contact list or Search list in GMWEB.
  • 247588 : GMWEB - JSON error when opening ACTIVITIES page - Server Error Cannot deserialize JSON request input parameters.
  • 249075 : Google changed the name of Google Apps to G Suite - references in the application should be changed as this is an official product name.
  • 249148 : Compatibility Testing with Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
  • 249326 : Error: Unable to create PDA transfer set when using Outlook Sync with any kind of filter set - Outlook Sync is not possible at all.
  • 250162 : Special characters destroyed when downloading emails (similar to RM 235847 and/or 246998)
  • 250721 : [GMWEB] Forced valid input for Reference field is not forced when Scheduling or Completing activities.
  • 250756 : Ability to have by default the setting "Include items from the local windows index” under Universal Search > Options > Documents tab" disabled by default.
  • 251497 : Creation transfer sets when selecting no users (or only specific) and a sync filter is set - An error occurred while creating the transfer set. for gathering TLOGS for CALDEF.
  • 252213 : Wrong / outdated link on Record Type HTML Information screen - Welcome to GoldMine's Record Types Administration Center! - Partner locator points to web site and is not correctly redirected - The requested page cannot be found.

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