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GoldMine 2013.1.5

Released on February 7th, 2014

What's New in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1

GoldMine Premium Edition now supports 32-bit editions of Microsoft Office 2013. This includes support for the Word Link, Excel Link and Outlook Link.
GoldMine Premium Edition now includes an integration with the popular Email Marketing service Constant Contact. Please see the Marketing Tools chapter of the Online Help.

What's New in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 5 (2013.1.0.298)

Double-clicking a Case on a contact record’s Cases tab will open the selected case in the Service Center in detail view without resetting the Service Center list view. A user can return to the list view by clicking the Service link.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 5 (2013.1.0.298)

  • 166877 : MS Word exe is using a large amount of CPU with the GoldMine word link installed.
  • 211344 : Double clicking a case in the cases tab will not bring you to the case if not listed in the 500 cases in the Service Center >> The requested case is out of view because of your filter settings, please release the filter or use the search functionality.
  • 213323 : E-mails with base64 encoding not being displayed correctly in GoldMine (when using Exchange or some other mail servers).
  • 213446 : 8 bit encoded text/HTML emails are coming into GoldMine with Asian type characters or ?? in the body and header but show correctly in the online inbox view.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 4 (2013.1.0.287)

  • 212541 : Whenever an email is replied to if any of the recipient's full name contains an apostrophe, all CC recipients on the reply are stripped.
  • 211983 : Email received into GoldMine from Call Logix doesn't have a message in the body of the email but has some info from the body of the email in the email headers in GoldMine.
  • 154937 : sporadically: StartIndex cannot be less than zero - when linking specific incoming or outgoing emails via Outlook Integration.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 3 (2013.1.0.276)

  • 202253 : “Change” bar still existed after clicked "Send contact data to Outlook" hyperlink.
  • 208129 : Sign in under  "LinkedIn" GM+Views do not display login window, and will sign in capability in a new Web Browser outside of GoldMine for login, for Windows 7 there is further no chance even with saving cookies to get into LinkedIn anymore.
  • 211161 : Configuration of this site contains a serial number from a previous version of Goldmine. Please update it by entering a matching current serial number each day when a user logs onto GoldMine when synchronizing with another E-license.
  • 211572 : Output to >> Excel does not populate Office 365 Excel 2013 with any information, new workbook is never opened.
  • 211910 : Clicking on the Alert column to sort the list of cases in the Service Center produces an error and crashes GoldMine.
  • 212484 : Entering an apostrophe (') in the service center search field crashes Goldmine

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 2 (2013.1.0.265)

  • 211236 : Constant Contact integration recognizes UK format on Date Sent field only correctly, when the campaign was sent on or after 13th of month.
  • 210878 : When merging a document through an automated process, it loops repeatedly through the fields on the merge form.
  • 210996 : Contacts with a single quote (apostrophe) in their name cause subsequent contacts not to show in E-Mail address list.
  • 211248 : adding multiple attachments to an email, will not add the attachments after the apostrophe in the attachment name.
  • 210877 : When merging a document using right-click and print for this contact, loops through fields repeatedly.
  • 210797 : When updating LASTNAME (LAST) field the CONTACT field is updated > for all versions below 2013.1 only the opposite way did work and this is unexpected and not documented.
  • 210497 : When opening an E-mail after being processed (NOT in EDIT mode) >> opening Regarding list for linking to Opportunity or Project -> Sort of Opportunities/Projects is not intuitive (by creation date/time) and confuses when many records are there.
  • 210559 : Failed to execute command:  insert into {{owner}}Environment values( 'GMFileLocation', '','','','O',0,'GSPDONW&(
  • 211278 : GoldMine takes focus when creating new, replying to, or opening emails in Outlook.
  • 211217 : Attachments with apostrophe's are not properly downloaded/displayed in GoldMine.
  • 211008 : Email address with a single quote (apostrophe) causes subsequent email address to not show or become truncated.
  • 210492 : Attaching emails from a folder with an apostrophe results in the email history object not showing attachments.
  • 210385 :When putting an apostrophe in an additional contact's name, it truncates the rest of the list of emails when adding a CC to an email.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Hotfix 1 (2013.1.0.249)

  • 210092 : Customer tries to see "All Cases" - only a random list of 500 Cases are available in the Service Center.
  • 210106 : Required case is out of the view because of current filter settings.
  • 210145 : GoldMine PE 2013.1 Installer NOT recognizing Office 2013 32-bit installation from Office 365

To prevent performance issues, a maximum of 500 cases can be viewed in the Service Center. You may select an option from the Show drop-down to filter your Cases or use the Service Center Search function to search for a Case. The top 500 cases are loaded based on your sort selection.

What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1

  • 104559 : Unable to edit embedded Excel file in Word document template.
  • 129825 : Display of Subject from e-mails is truncated in GoldMine 9.0 to less than 80 characters although subject may have in the database up to 149 characters.
  • 163649 : Error Message: Synchronization with your iPad failed for x items {HOT ISSUE}.
  • 163983 : Mobile operates but cannot bring up Primary Contact Records data – Loading error, An error has occur.
  • 165024 : Transfer set creation fails if there is a missing document.
  • 166077 : When F2 lookup list depends on another field, the "Only valid when [FIELDNAME] contains box and lookup list is not limited to the length of the field per the database design.
  • 167325 : iOS6 - If you click "Add History" application appears to freeze, and you cannot change screens.
  • 200100 : City and or zip changes to contacts are not creating conttlogs when Zip Validation is turned on and new values is entered, but not in lookup again >> this leads to data is not synced.
  • 140701 : multiple, recurring Activities synced from GM to Outlook no longer are synced to iPhone / HTC via Exchange.
  • 167521 : Switching between recurring activities on the Outlook Calendar is slow when Outlook Integration Link is connected {HOT ISSUE}.
  • 207745 : Event viewer errors when viewing Activity List > Open Activities if user has Meeting Request Message.
  • 102380 : Preview of documents in the document management center does not work with .dotx files (Office 2007).
  • 112636 : [8.5.x] - sender address corrupted with customized return address.
  • 160926 : [GMCE] Calendar view not refreshing correctly when switching window views.
  • 167364 : After upgrading custom fields, and new social media fields are missing from the screen.
  • 206268 : a lot of Event viewer entries when looking, receiving or handling a Meeting request - The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.
  • 124610 : Cancel button in forced logout settings enables forced log out instead of canceling.
  • 162701 : Changing the Target Close By on an Opportunity will update the forecasted sales total on the Opportunity.
  • 167082 : Unable to export a filter when it's optimized with a sort order - Invalid Query error in Process monitor.
  • 167718 : Selecting a lookup value with comments for a user-defined field will populate the field with the lookup value and the //comment.
  • 167364 : After upgrading custom fields, and new social media fields are missing from the screen.

Known Issues with GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1

  • If you attempt to install a GoldMine Mobile build older than with GoldMine Premium 2013.1, you will receive an error message incorrectly indicating that you must be running a version newer than GoldMine PE 9.2. GoldMine Mobile fixes this issue.
  • Only the most recent 50 Constant Contact campaigns are visible within GoldMine. This is logged as RM209886. 

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