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Salesfusion Events Integration With Form And Page Builder

Released on April 24th, 2019


Salesfusion has rolled out exciting new updates to the Form and Page builder tools. You can now link your forms created in the Salesfusion Form Builder to the Events module, and embed that form in Salesfusion Pages or host them externally. This integration will enable you to build quality landing pages with the drag and drop editor and drive engagement with your events.

Here are the steps for event integration, read the sections below for more details or watch this quick video tutorial.

  1. Have an event with Active or Planned session(s)
  2. Create a form with the type Event
  3. Select the event to link to your form
  4. Add a form field that maps to event session(s)
  5. Publish your form
  6. Add your event form to your page
  7. Publish your page 

Events Changes

Only a few things have changed when creating or editing an event. The create landing page step has been removed from the event creation wizard. It has also been removed from the landing page tab in the event editor (unless you are using an old event). There is now a Manage Forms button on the landing page tab that will direct you to Manage Forms. This button is specifically formatted to filter the forms list and only show forms associated with the event.

Form Builder

To integrate with an event you’ll need to create a form in Form Builder, select the ‘Event’ Form Type, then search for and select your event. To note, before you can setup your event form and page you must have/create an event with active or planned session(s).

Creating a form for events in Salesfusion

The Build step of Form Builder is where you map the event session(s) to a form field. If you are creating a form for a single session event, you must add a Hidden Field to your form and activate the Map to Event Sessions toggle so that the session ID of the associated event is mapped to the field.

Mapping Event Sessions to a Salesfusion form

If you are creating a form for a multi session event, you must add either a Dropdown or Radio Field to your form. You will activate the Map to Event Sessions toggle so that the session IDs of the associated event are mapped to the field. For multi session events, after activating the Map to Event Sessions toggle, you can edit the display names of the sessions. The default display names will be the Session Name defined in your event. For example, if you are creating a multi session event, you can update the Session Names to display as the month, day, and year of the sessions.

Adding a dropdown field in Salesfusion forms

Page Builder

Once you customize, and publish your form you will move over to Page Builder to add your form to a page with the ‘Event’ Page Type.

Creating an Event page in Salesfusion

Customize the look and feel of the page and insert the form you created for your event. Only published Event forms will display in the simple search results. Once you are satisfied, publish your page to share with your customers. 

Salesfusion Page Builder - Choose a Form

Published Event Page

Salesfusion Event Page - Single Event Session

Event page with single session

Salesfusion event page with multiple sessions

Event page with multiple sessions


Did I lose my old event landing pages?

No, all previously created event landing pages will still be accessible for that event. Any new events will need to use Form Builder and Page Builder though. 

Why can’t I create landing pages in the event creation wizard or in the event’s landing page tab?

We have removed these options because they were specific to our legacy pages that are being deprecated. From the landing page tab you can click the Manage Forms button then click Create Form, or you can create a form from the navigation menu. That form can then be added to a page. 

What happens when an event session hits the seat limit or is expired?

If the session is configured to be removed when it’s expired or the seat limit is met then the form will hide the sessions that are no longer available. If no sessions are available then the form will be swapped out of the page and in its place will be an image stating “Registration for this event has closed.” 

The hide session feature will be available soon!

Why isn’t my new session showing on my previously created event form/page?

Event integration isn’t dynamic because of the complexities of publishing and hosting forms and pages. If a new session is added to an event, you’ll need to edit the event form, edit and save the session field (notice it just updated), publish the form, then refresh the form in page builder and publish the page. 

Does event integration work for external forms?

It does, as contacts can still register for event sessions, but the functionality is more limited. Session expiration and seat limit will not be recognized on an external form so those sessions will not be hidden like they would on a Page Builder page.

Additional Resources

To learn more about creating and managing events you can access the Knowledge Base articles below:

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