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DocuSign September 2020 Update

Released on September 4th, 2020


User - eSignature

Recipient Auth Card Changes

DocuSign is  rolling out an enhancement to the process of how authentication is applied to envelope recipients. On the Add Recipients to the Envelope section of the prepare step, customers can click the CUSTOMIZE drop-down to select whether they would like to add an access code or additional identity verification for recipients. This enhancement is currently live in Prod to customers who have DocuSign Identify enabled to their accounts. These customers will see no change. It has been rolled out to all other eSignature customers in Demo. Prod rollout began late August. This enhancement was made available to 20% of DocuSign's customers the first two weeks and then 25% per week until it has been made available to all customers. For more information contact your Account Manager.

PowerForms/ARR Conditional Routing

PowerForms with Conditional Recipients is now available to all Enterprise Pro customers & customers with Advanced Workflow add-on. This gives senders the ability to create a PowerForm, open to a wide audience, then route dynamically based on routing rules to the correct signers depending on how the form is filled out. For example, the form can automatically route to different departments based on a dropdown.

PowerForms CSV Download

When downloading PowerForm data, generated CSV file were broken due to characters in document fields.

PowerForms CSV download can now handle data that includes special characters.

Admin/Org Admin


  • The left-hand navigation menu item for the eSignature Admin homepage has been renamed from “eSignature Admin” to “Overview,” and is now located above the Account category.
  • Administrators can enable account insights from the Overview page in DocuSign Admin.

-This allows administrators to export usage data reports from accounts within their organization.

-Availability: Requires Organization Management or Enterprise Pro 

Updates to ID Verification in eSignature Admin:

-Administrators can now set up Identity Verification Configurations that require envelope recipients to verify their identity only once before accessing the envelope. This is recommended when the Manual Review option is activated.

-The user experience for Country, ID Type and ID Evidence selection within an ID Verification Configuration has been improved.

-Availability: Requires Identity Verification add-on


API Support for Advanced Recipient Routing

DocSIgn now has a full API support for Advanced Recipient Routing. This means 3rd parties can integrate the DocuSign API in their products directly to use the ARR feature.

For details, please refer to the API User Guide.


User - eSignature

There are no new fixed issues for this Product release.

Admin/Org Admin

  • Administrators can successfully save default email preferences for new users added to the account in eSignature Admin.
  • The Add User button in eSignature Admin is displayed for accounts where adding users is available.


Create Envelopes Call

The full Create Envelopes call still required an email on a conditional recipient. Creating a Conditional Recipient now would not require any placeholder emails in the API call. For Conditional Recipients, leave the recipient's information blank and use the workflow object to specify that this is a conditional recipient.

Templates and Tags

A new Error Code is added to create BulkSendRequest



ErrorMessage: Bulk Send envelope size limit exceeded, limit is: {0}, given envelope is: {1}."

Users that encountered this error can reduce the size of their envelope by removing any unnecessary documents, or using smaller or compressed versions of those documents. Please contact Support or your Account Manager and submit a request to have the limit raised if needed.


DocuSign eSignature v1 Deprecation

DocuSign is deprecating REST v1 ( legacy API in Production). This will not affect SOAP APIs, REST v2/v2.1 APIs, or SDK versions. All customers affected by this have been communicated within production. The majority of the customers will not be affected by this change. If you suspect your account may have been affected, refer to the API endpoints being called. If they include /restapi/v1/accounts/ in the endpoint, that needs to be modified to REST v2/v2.1. Please reach out to your Account Manager with questions.

21 CFR Part 11

In upcoming releases, DocuSign will be launching a new feature for customers using the Part 11 Module called Recipient Lockout Notification. With this feature, senders will be notified via an email notification whenever a recipient on an envelope has exceeded allowable login attempts. The notifications are only applicable for authentication via DocuSign and not through a 3rd party identity provider.

21 CFR Part 11- Improving Activation of Federated Users

DocuSign will be releasing a fix that will no longer block senders from sending to federated users without an active DocuSign account. This will only impact recipients with an email domain that is claimed on DocuSign. This improvement has been rolled out to a few select customers and will be rolling out over the next few months.

21 CFR Part 11 Enhancement

When signing a Part 11 envelope and authenticating your signature through a third party identity provider (IdP), you will now be directed straight to you your IdP for authentication and will bypass the DocuSign landing page. This only applies to domains that have been claimed on DocuSign and have been configured as "required" for log in to relevant CFR customers over the next few months.

Editor Recipient

Recipients with "Allow to Edit" role can now edit the envelope directly from the Manage page, instead of in the Signing Experience. This removes a step and makes the workflow more efficient. This change will slowly be available and rolled out.


The new Drawing field enables signers to leave free-form markups directly on an image the sender includes in the document or an image the signer uploads. This will be rolling out to customers in Prod for eSignature Business Pro and Enterprise Pro plans.

Device Verification

Device Verification is a new security feature that is being ramped up in Demo and Production starting in this release. If a user logs in from a new device or browser, they will be asked to reverify their email before continuing into the product. This feature can be disabled by individual users on the Privacy and Security tab of My Profile. DocuSign Admins will be able to opt out for their domain users.


Connect failure queues previously kept errors for >30 days. Majority of customers would either have fixed and republished in the first few days or the queue tends sit and build up. In order to preserve performance for all customers, the failure queues will now be kept for 15 days.

Templates List Performance Improvements for IE

DocuSign will be updating the template list to be in line with the envelope list. Updates will be made to the menu for the folder items andstructure.

Download Email Improvements

Users will be taken to a download section upon clicking the Download link from an email. From the link, users are immediately taken to the download section inside Reporting. Users can see up to 90 days worth of scheduled reports. Once the View button is clicked, the CSV file downloads.

Enable clients to enforce uploading a signature

DocuSign began releasing a new feature to enable clients to enforce uploading a signature (instead of allowing the selection option of the default or to draw a signature). It will be enabled from a checkbox ("Allow senders to require signers to upload a new image to sign or initial") in the Sending Settings. The checkbox will be OFF by default, so clients will not see it. The feature will be activated during the Prepare phase under the Advanced Settings tab. For more information please see the user guide.

Create Recipient View

This change is to the URL returned by the Create Recipient View API endpoint.

What will change?

Customers can expect to see the length of the URL to be longer. Customers can expect to be redirected through a different subdomain depending on region of the account sending the envelope. Please verify your allowed domains.

What will not change?

DocuSign has designed this change such that your existing functionality should notbe affected.

Why is DocuSign making this change?

These changes are part of an effort to standardize and further secure links that redirect into Signing Ceremony. DocuSign is working to centralize the system used for authentication across all its products. These new links provide improved security compared to the current system. Ability to expire, revoke, or modify an existing link without changing it. Make secret links harder to brute force or to guess. Provide improved auditing on redemption. Provides better ability to enforce authentication policies such as two-step verification.

When can you expect these changes?

If you will not be ready by the Prod rollout, you can request an extension for your Production accounts by working with support or your Account Manager. If you are ready to see the change in Production and would like to request early access, please reach out to support or your Account Manager.

User - eSignature

Developer Sandbox Home page

DocuSign is enhancing the Home page on the Developer Sandbox environment to enable users to quickly navigate. Key changes you will see include:

  • Quick access to favorite templates to seamlessly create envelopes.
  • Enhanced dashboard counters for quick insight into envelope status.
  • Drag and drop files to easily start envelopes from the Home page.

The following changes will rollout

  • Link on the current Home page inviting you to try the enhanced Home page.
  • Default to the enhanced Home page with an option to return to the prior version
  • Access to the enhanced Home page only.

To facilitate a smooth transition, view the resources available at DocuSign eSignature Home Page Enhancements Welcome Article.

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