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DocuSign September 2018 Update

Released on August 26th, 2018

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New and Updated Features


Envelope Security Improvement: Signing Links Expire Automatically

In an effort to improve the security of unauthenticated access to envelopes, this change expires links to envelopes after five clicks or 48 hours from the time they are sent. This only applies to unauthenticated envelopes, this does not apply to envelopes with an access code or other authentication methods.

Initially, this will not be enabled for all accounts, but will be rolled out to accounts over the coming weeks.

Here are some details:

  • If you apply any access code or authentication method, the link does not expire
  • After a link has expired, the user can request a new link that will be sent to their email account
  • For signers with accounts, they can sign in to their DocuSign account to gain access to the envelope regardless of the link expiration status
  • Applies to all in-progress links for all recipient types
  • Links to completed envelope links expire under the same flow
  • This applies to existing links not just new links generated after this change is deployed

Sending and Templates

Add Envelope Status to PowerForm CSV Download

To let customers filter PowerForm responses based on envelope status, a column containing Envelope Status was added to the CSV download file.

Change to Applied Template

In an in-process envelope, when users replace a document that has an applied template, they are presented with a dialog box to confirm that the applied template information will become part of the envelope. Otherwise, they can cancel and return to the in-process envelope with the original document and template intact.

This was implemented to mitigate the confusion when users were not seeing the Applied Template indicator when they replaced a document even though the fields, anchor tabs, or conditional logic from the template were actually applied to the replacement document. Not seeing the indicator led users to believe the template had not been applied, so they applied it and ended up with stacked fields, anchor tabs, or conditional logic on the replacement document.

Finish Later for PowerForms

PowerForm recipients can elect to complete the PowerForm at a later time by clicking Finish Later on the Other Actions drop down. When the recipient clicks Finish Later, an email with a link to the partially completed PowerForm is sent to them. If they have not entered an email address, they enter it in the Finish Later confimation dialog box.

Admins Can Delete Multiple Templates

Admins can now select and delete multiple templates that they own or that are shared with them. Deleted templates remain in the Deleted folder for only a short time (same behavior as deleted envelopes). Any PowerForms associated with a deleted template will cease to work.

Search Added to Template Move Dialog

For users with a complex template folder structure, it has been difficult to find a folder when they want to move a template between folders. A search bar has been added to the template Move dialog to let them type a folder name. reducing the number of possible folders into which the template can be moved.

Help Text Added to Envelope Custom Fields when Creating a Template

Users creating a template were not seeing any indicator that a particular field was required when entering Envelope Custom Fields (ECF), and were confused. When creating a template, no field in the ECF is required; however, some of the fields are required when sending an envelope that includes that template. Those fields now include helper text below them to alert the template creator that they will be required when the template is used.


Auto-navigation Improvement

Navigate All Fields now directs signers to each of their fields, required or optional, in a document. In the past, optional fields were skipped.

Clear Radio Button Selection

When a user selects an optional radio button, they can now clear that selection by clicking the button again. This allows optional radio button groups to have no options selected.

Deprecated Features

Support for DocuSign Print Driver v2 is Ending

Starting January 2019, Print Driver v2 will no longer function. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to Print Driver v3.x. The latest version of Print Driver is now available from the DocuSign support download site.

Bug Fixes


  • Reminders and expiries were not being honored after the first recipient when set for multiple recipients (EC-371).

Sending and Templates

  • When setting up a formula that included fields and a numeral entered manually, when the envelope was sent, the numeral was stripped of all but the first digit (MAR-22353).
  • Correcting an envelope to move a recipient to an earlier routing order (one before the current setting) and changing anything else (like recipient type) made the other change, but correctly, did not change the routing order; however, the user was not presented with an appropriate error message (MAR-23344).
  • Senders were able to click the Resend button hundreds of time in 60 seconds, causing hundreds of unnecessary reminders to be sent to recipients. Now, senders must wait 10 seconds before being able to resend an envelope (MAR-24754).
  • Merge fields mapped to a DocuSign for Salesforce account were not visible on the Add Fields page when preparing an envelope (MAR-25573).
  • When users replaced a document in a template that used IDR zones, the IDR zones did not appear in the replaced document unless the template was opened and resaved (MAR-26210).
  • Double-clicking a text field in a template removed all existing data from the field (MAR- 26607).
  • Dropdown fields were centered instead of left-aligned when previewed before sending an envelope (MAR-28619).
  • Envelope search results were inconsistent when using custom date ranges (MAR- 26622).
  • Recipients were not receiving email notifications to sign when templates were viewed with Recipient Preview before sending (MAR-26700).
  • When correcting an envelope, if a completed signer's signature type section was expanded during the correction, the correction failed (MAR-26820).
  • Document file names containing semi-colons (;) did not load properly (MAR-26873).


  • When senders included a hyperlink with no initial text in the data field, recipients were unable to follow the link unless they right-clicked and opened it in another window (SIGN-15504).
  • When the electronic records and signature disclosure field that allowed the sender to change the email address customers should use to receive a copy of their documents was updated, the changed email address was not reflected in the Certificate of Completion (SIGN-16466).
  • Using the SOAP API, occasionally the recipient was not properly redirected to the sign- ing-complete URL specified in the envelope (SIGN-16991).
  • Text box validation text (i.e., "Number") did not display properly when viewed by the recipient (SIGN-17783).

Coming Soon

Sending and Templates

Responsive PowerForm Pre-signing Page

When a signer opens a PowerForm, they will see a new, responsive pre-signing page. The responsive design means that the layout will change to accommodate the screen size of the device used by the signer to open the PowerForm.

Document Visibility on PowerForms

The ability to set Document Visibility on PowerForms is being developed and will function just as it does for regular envelopes. Document Visibility lets you specify which signer can see which documents in a PowerForm. Document Visibility must be enabled for your account before it can be applied to a PowerForm. When it's enabled, you will be able to create one PowerForm with documents intended for different types of signers instead of a PowerForm for each type of signer. For more information, see Use Document Visibility to Control Recipient Access on the support site.

New Column for Bulk Send to Set Recipient Language for Authentication Localization

Authentication like SMS localizes based on recipient language, but when using Bulk Send users can only predefine the recipient language that will be adopted for each recipient entry. This enhancement will add a new column to the Bulk Send that allows senders to set the recipient language for each entry.

Add Standards Based Signature Capabilities to Bulk Send

Users will be able to include SBS information necessary in the Bulk Send CSV file. There will be a column to specify the signatureProviderName and the Required options that the user will need to complete depending on the type of signature.

Improvements to Mobile Web Navigation

The DocuSign team is making improvements to the Mobile Web navigation by adding more depth to the "hamburger" menu icon.

DocuSign Mobile Web navigation menu

When users tap the "hamburger, the secondary menu slides out and they can tap any of the following:

  • Home - to go to the Home Page
  • Manage - to go to the Manage Page
  • Templates - To go to the Templates Page
  • My Preferences - to go to the user's Preferences Page
  • Notification - To go to the Notifications Page. A red dot indicates unread notifications
  • Links that change depending on the user (whether the user is an admin, whether they have multiple accounts open, etc.)

Each of the secondary menus slide out and provide access to a third menu level. For example, when the user taps Manage they can now see and interact with the third-level menu, which is not possible in the current Mobile Web app. They can access the Envelopes folders (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Deleted), as well as the Quick Action folders (Action Required, Waiting for Others, Expiring Soon, and Completed).

Note: The ability to see and create folders will be added in future improvements.

Creating folders in DocuSign Mobile

Select and Share Multiple Shared Templates

When using shared template folders, users can select templates from the different folders and share them to one or more other folders.

Add Original Owner as CC on Transfer

A new check box, Add Original Owner as Carbon Copy Recipient, is being added to the Transfer Ownership dialog box. This option will be disabled by default.

Update Bulk Send Success Message to be More Informative

The Bulk Send Success message is being changed to:

  • BULK SEND IN PROGRESS. Bulk send envelopes are queued for processing and may take some time to send. Please refresh your browser to see an updated list of sent envelopes.

This is being done to better inform users about the progress for Bulk Send operations.

Updates to the Electronic Records and Signatures Disclosure (ERSD)

Customers operating in the United States need signers to accept the Electronic Records and Signatures Disclosure (ERSD) upon first signing with DocuSign. DocuSign provides a default ERSD document in the application, but may also be customized to meet your needs. The default ERSD for new accounts has been updated to address recently updated system requirements (system requirements link). If you have customized your ERSD, you should update your version to include these new terms as a replacement to the existing system requirements section.

Required Hardware and Software

The minimum system requirements for using DocuSign may change over time. The current system requirements are found here:

21 CFR Part 11

Allow PowerForms

The ability for 21 CFR Part 11 companies to use PowerForms for frequently used templates is under developement.

Bug Fixes

  • The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug.
  • Access Code restrictions are not enforced when viewing another user's inbox through Envelope Sharing. Users A and B have access to each others inboxes because they cover for each other. Confidential info sent that should not be shared between the two, and that uses an access code to enforce authentication, is accessible by the restricted user without entering the access code. This occurs even when Recipient Authentication Triggers is set to "Every time a recipient accesses an envelope" and Recipient Authentication Skip Option is set to "Cannot Skip" (API-7974/MAR-24991/EC-7).
  • Users on Internet Explorer 11 experience extremely long load and search times after logging in (MAR-23359).
  • Users on a mobile browser are unable to clear the Quick View default filters from Documents to access the My Documents folders. As such, user cannot access documents in statuses that do not have Quick Views associated with them (e.g., Voided or Delivery Fail- ure) after using a Quick View (MAR-25380).
  • Changes to supplemental document requirements for individuals on a template are not saved (MAR-26016).
  • When generating an envelope from a customer integration that includes branding, the text in the header on the upload/recipient management page does not honor the brand (MAR-26226).
  • After correcting a shared envelope, users are returned to their own inboxes instead of the shared inbox (MAR-26393).
  • Users cannot specify the start page when applying several templates to a single document (MAR-27002).
  • When adding fields, some customers intermittently have a problem where the field being placed follows the cursor after the mouse button has been released (MAR-27070 supposedly fixed in April in MAR-23728)
  • When trying to connect to Google Drive, users see the error: "The request contained at least one invalid parameter. Invalid 'service name'." (MAR-27104).
  • Check boxes and radio buttons that have conditional logic to show/not show a signature field are creating extra signature fields (MAR-27307).
  • When creating a custom field using radio buttons, the settings for the radio button are not saved in the custom field (MAR-27310).
  • Templates Last Change time/date is different from Template History last edit time/date (TT-1241).
  • When a template was uploaded, it was shared with all users irrespective of what its shared status was (TT-1332).
  • When correcting an envelope, adding a document and applying a template to the document, AutoPlace fields are not honored and do not appear, but manually added fields do appear (TT-1464).

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