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DocuSign October 2017 Update

Released on October 10th, 2017

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New Experience Additions and Updates

The following sections describe additions or updates to the New DocuSign Experience.

Multiple SMS Phone Numbers in Bulk Send Lists

Users can now specify multiple SMS authentication phone numbers in bulk send lists. If multiple phone numbers are provided, the recipient selects which one to use to receive the SMS verification text. See this guide for more information.

Allow Senders to Create New or Change the Title of Authentication Methods

Users can create custom authentication methods (for example, phone + ID check), or change the name of an existing one (for example, change "ID Check $" to "ID Check,"), and those new or changed options appear as authentication options in the web app.

Download and Upload Templates in Bulk

For parity with the classic experience, when more than one template is selected, users can download all of them into a zip file. This facilitates simultaneously moving multiple templates created and verified in Demo to Production, or when switching from one account to another.

Updated Documentation about Downloading Form Data

When downloading form data, users encountered the undocumented Recipient Signed field, which holds the date and time the recipient clicked the Finish button. The documentation had been updated to define this field.

SSO Log in Policy Changes are Saved

When an organization admin edits the user login policy setting, that setting is now saved. In the past, the policy change was not always saved.

Separate Last Name and First Name Fields

In the Adopt Your Signature dialog, signers who have set their language to Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, or Korean, are automatically provided with separate last name and first name fields instead of one full name field.

Support for European Date Format Validation

Text fields with Date data validation masking applied follow the sender's account setting for date signed format to automatically derive the date format for signers as follows:

  • If the date signed format starts with MM the date format will be MM/DD/YYYY
  • If the date signed format starts with DD, the date format will be DD/MM/YYYY
  • If the date signed format starts with YYYY, the date format will be YYYY/MM/DD

The required format will be shown to signers when they sign.

Core Additions and Updates

The following sections describe additions or updates to core DocuSign functionality.

Connect HTTP Listener Sunset Reminder

Currently, the DocuSign Signature developer system ( can be configured to make Connect webhook calls to customers’ servers through HTTP or HTTPS connections. The production systems only support HTTPS connections, but in certain situations, customers are able to use HTTP.

HTTP should never be used for sensitive information, including DocuSign Connect notifications.

We will be updating both systems to no longer allow HTTP Connect notifications.

If your Connect listener is currently using HTTP, you must update your server to support HTTPS. Free HTTPS certificates are available from the Let’s Encrypt project. Self-signed certificates are not supported.

These changes also apply to eventNotification Connect webhook listeners.

Summer '17 Update

The June (Summer '17) release adds the setting “Only HTTPS” to the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. Activate this setting to ensure that your account is only using HTTPS for Connect and eventNotification webhook subscriptions.

Important dates

June 15, 2017: New accounts on either demo or production systems created after this date will not be able to use HTTP for their Connect listener servers.

February 1, 2018: No account on either demo or production systems will be able to use HTTP. On this date, any system still using HTTP for its Connect listener will stop working.

If you are currently using HTTP for your Connect or eventNotification listeners, we recommend that you update your server to use HTTPS as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes - New Experience and Core

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

The following bug fixes were deployed to the DocuSign Production environment on October 6, 2017 as part of the DocuSign October 2017 release.

High Priority Bug Fixes

  • When users deleted documents from a template before sending, some of the documents reappeared in signing and on the completed envelope (MAR-22276).
  • In demo accounts, users who were on the new experience only were seeing the Switch to Classic options, and if they clicked it, they were returned to the new experience. (MAR-23144).
  • Recipients with allow to edit set and the sender of the envelope were stuck in a loop where the system said that the other was correcting a document (TT-647).
  • A user who was not a sender on an account, but had admin privileges and was added to the envelope as an editor was not able to correct the envelope.(API-7486).

Medium Priority Bug Fixes

  • After filtering a list of envelopes for in progress envelopes, when a new envelope was sent or an envelope in the list was corrected, the filter reverted to the default view instead of returning an updated in progress list (MAR-22009).
  • The Manage Applied Templates functionality was not properly handling adding and removing templates in an envelope (MAR-22148).
  • CFR-11: When sending a template-based envelope with a required signature/initial and an optional signature/initial after using Advanced Edit, users received a spurious error message (MAR-22877).
  • CFR-11: Sending to a non-DocuSign member worked when sending an envelope without using a template, but using a template to send and changing the non-DocuSign member recipient to a DocuSign member recipient resulted in the error: "Account Settings Indicate the recipients must be an active DocuSign user" (TT-598).
  • When users created radio groups with the same name on multiple documents, when a button was selected on one document, it was selected on all documents (MAR-22777).
  • When DS EU Advanced option was selected and an access code assigned, the access code was not saved (MAR-23088).
  • There was a limit of the first 500 contacts shown when users tried to add a recipient from their contacts when sending an envelope (MAR-20203).
  • When users set a document to be a supplemental document with specific view/accept settings and then tried to change those settings, the new settings were not honored (MAR-22399).
  • Envelopes with formulas were able to be sent when recipients were allowed to edit the envelope (MAR-22627).
  • The default country for Standards Based Signatures was not determined in the same way in all parts of the product (MAR-22562).
  • View Form Data has been moved to the More menu on the envelope page from where you can download the data (MAR-23125).
  • When an Admin user who created and shared a template had their permissions reduced to Viewer, other Admin users with whom the template was shared could not add recipients or fields to the template because the Viewer permission was incorrectly applied to them also (TT-620).
  • When using autoplace fields for a recipient on a template, when template matching was applied, if any field's x-offset extended beyond the page boundary, the recipient was removed from the envelope with no indication that an error had occurred (TT-589).
  • When radio buttons or radio button groups were deleted from an envelope, users randomly received the "Save Error: Some fields may be out of sync" error because the deletion was not being properly handled (TT-574).
  • Custom envelope field view/hide/required rules on templates were not applied consistently when using the template or applying the template to draft document (TT-546).
  • When replacing a document with a large number of fields, the new document was not added and the process timed out (TT-525).
  • The Document Volume Report and Dashboard graph were displaying different numbers of envelopes sent for the same time frame (API-6777).
  • The expiration date for an envelope was inconsistent between what was displayed on the Manage tab and the actual envelope (API-6803).
  • In the classic experience, when a user added herself as a signer to an envelope, she received an envelope not found error (SIGN-14070).
  • When a signing ceremony for embedded signers was initiated on iPads, the document appeared off the page, positioned towards the upper right hand corner (SIGN-14129).
  • Landscape orientation supplemental documents did not display properly (SIGN-14470).
  • Using a template with anchor tags that had a horizontal offset that placed the tag off the matching document caused the associated recipient to be removed from the envelope (TT-589).

Coming Soon

This following features and bug fixes will be available in the near future; any dates are estimates at this time and will be updated when the feature is released.

Important Update to Email Case Submission and Default Resource File

To improve responsiveness and routing accuracy, we are streamlining our Customer Support case submission process. After November 8th, 2017, we will retire the use of and, and ask customers to submit cases through the DocuSign Support Center.

All references to these emails will be removed from our default resource files and replaced with If you have customized your Branding Resources Files, we recommend that you update them prior to November 8, 2017 to ensure your envelope recipients have access to the correct support resources*.

Previous default value: DocuSign Customer Support: or

Proposed value: DocuSign Customer Support:

*To provide your envelope recipients with a path to contact DocuSign Support, we recommend using verbiage such as: "For assistance, please visit the DocuSign Customer Support Center:"

Indicate Which Envelopes Have Been Purged

For parity with the classic experience, users will see more indicators that an envelope has been purged, or that a request to purge it has been made. When an envelope has been purged, the Inbox, envelope detail, document preview, and signing email will all state that the envelope has been or will be purged on a specific date. In addition, the option to forward a purged envelope will be removed from the More menu, and if the metadata has been purged, the option to download metadata will be removed from the download menu.

Hide The Use Template Option on the Home Page

We've added the ability to hide the Use Template option on the Home page (MAR-23067).

View As Option Persists During a Session

The View As option was not persistent in a session, meaning that if a user was viewing a shared folder and needed to access more than one item in the shared view, they were required to go through the

View More on Template Folders

For parity with the classic experience, when a user has more than 10 template folders, users will see "View More" following the tenth, expanded folder.

Updated View As Experience

When viewing shared envelopes (formerly shared folders), users will be presented with a dialog box to let them choose or search for the person who has shared an envelope with them. In the past, when users had many envelopes shared with them, the View As feature presented only a subset of the other users, and the search function did not work as expected.

Add and Edit IDR Zones

For parity with the classic experience, users will be able to add and edit Intelligent Document Recognition zones (IDR zones) to their templates by opening a template for editing, clicking the gear icon at the top of the documents list on the Add Fields view, and then selecting the Add IDR Zones menu option. After an IDR zone has been added, users will see an Edit IDR Zones link at the top of the documents list.

Header and Footer Links in Sending Experience Update

For parity with the classic experience, when users customize the links in headers and footers, those links will render properly in the new experience.

Allow Users to Customize the Sending Experience

Customers will be able to modify colors in the sending experience. This brings the new experience closer to parity with the classic experience branding functionality.

Note: if your account has branded colors in the classic experience, these colors will appear in the New DocuSign experience with no action on your part. If you want to revert to the default experience, you can edit your brand preferences in Admin > Brands > Signing.

Apply All Matching Templates

When Apply Matching Templates is enabled, and when multiple documents with matching templates are selected, all matching templates will be applied.

Save Templates With a Blank Email Subject Line

For parity with the classic experience, users will be able to save templates with a blank email Subject line.

Recipients at the Same Signing Order Retain that Order

Recipients in the same signing order will retain that order when adding fields in the new experience.

XPS and MSG File Formats Allowed for Upload

For parity with the classic experience, XPS and MSG files will be permitted for upload in the new experience.

Determine Whether Senders Can Specify Alternate Names

For parity with the classic experience, users will be able to determine whether senders can specify alternate names for signing.

Documentation Update for Creating and Saving Templates

The documentation for creating and saving templates will be updated to reflect the minimum requirement to save a template as a draft.

Shared with Me Folder Behavior Update

For parity with the classic experience, for Administrators, the Shared with Me folder will not show templates that are only shared with the Administrators group.

Bug Fixes - Coming Soon

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

  • When selecting multiple documents for download and selecting "Combined PDF", the documents were downloaded as separate PDFs in a zip file instead of a single PDF in a zip file (MAR-23350).
  • When a custom message to recipients was added to an envelope before any document was added, after adding the document, the email message reverted to the default "Please DocuSign: FILE NAME" message (MAR-23251).
  • When users elected to show Sender IP Address in the Envelope Report, the field was always blank (MAR-23249).
  • When templates with bulk lists were shared with users who did not have permission to send to bulk list, the users were told the envelopes were sent, but they were not actually sent (MAR-20299).
  • When only one authentication type was required, senders were receiving "Each recipient must have an authentication type specified" for every recipient instead of being allowed to proceed as expected (MAR-23121).
  • In the new experience, when editing formulas in a template with many formulas, validation of the formula was taking an excessive amount of time (MAR-20824).
  • In the new experience, under Shared Folders, when users created a two layers of subfolders (Shared Folders>SubFolder1>SubFolder2), and then moved the lowest-level folder up to the first subfolder level (Shared Folders>SubFolder1, SubFolder2), after logging out, the folder hierarchy reverted to the three-level hierarchy (MAR-21508).
  • In the new experience, simultaneous API calls were causing signed envelopes to fail with a Not all Tags Signed error (MAR-21724),
  • In the new experience, when users tried to upload multiple documents from a cloud service, some documents uploaded, but others did not. They received the error message Error: the resource may have been changed by another user or process while you were performing this operation. Please try again (MAR-21797).
  • When creating a custom report with a custom date range, after saving the report, when the report was opened the custom date range was blank (MAR-22952).
  • In the new experience, drop down fields with long items in the list of options were not scaling properly, truncating the items (MAR-21969).
  • When more than one custom field was included in a report, the report displayed correctly in the web app, but when the report was downloaded to a CSV file, only the first custom field was included in the download (MAR-22000).
  • When using the SOAP API call CreateEnvelopeFromTemplates with a template that had phone authentication enabled, but did not include a phone number, the envelope sent without failing phone authentication validation (MAR-22249).
  • In Firefox, when users tried to use the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate through fields on the envelope, the focus changed to menu or browser options instead of navigating through the envelope fields (MAR-22398).
  • When users added SMS authentication and included a complete phone number, they received error messages stating that the phone number was incomplete (MAR-22919).
  • In the new experience, when a template with hundreds of formulas was used, it took an excessive amount of time to load (MAR-22602).
  • When using View As on the Manage page, when the list of users was long enough to require scrolling and the user used the scroll bar, the View As menu disappeared (MAR-22918).
  • For admins, when filtering templates using Shared with Me, templates shared only with the admin group were included in the list (MAR-22916).
  • When using a DocuSign for Salesforce merge field with a fixed width, the field width was not honored and the text bled beyond the edge of the page when the field was placed near the right edge of the document (MAR-22769).
  • In the classic experience, when an admin selected Use the New DocuSign Experience to require users to use the new experience, "Yes" was not an option in the menu (MAR-22753).
  • Correcting an envelope that included Specify Recipients or Update Recipients did not retain changes made to recipients data (MAR-22744).
  • When using DS EU Advanced with an access code, users had to click Close before the access code would be saved (MAR-22620).
  • In the new experience, a template with hundreds of formulas was taking significantly longer to load than when using the same template in the classic experience (MAR-22602).
  • Users were not able to use the Tab key to move through fields on a document when using FireFox (MAR-22398).
  • When using Standards Based Signature, and correcting the SMS authentication phone number on an envelope, the change is not saved (MAR-22384).
  • When using the SOAP API CreateEnvelopeFromTemplates call, users were able to create templates with phone authentication required, but without specifying a phone number (MAR-22249).
  • Viewing templates by clicking Templates or searching by date produced an indefinite loading state (MAR-22186).
  • Templates folders were created without user interaction (MAR-22054).
  • When downloading an Envelope report for envelopes that had more than one Envelope Custom Field, only the first Envelope Custom Field appeared in the downloaded file, but all Envelope Custom Fields appeared in the console report (MAR-22000).
  • In Signing, envelopes with drop down menus that contained long strings truncated the strings (MAR-21969).
  • When users tried to upload multiple documents from a cloud provider, not all the documents would upload, and they received the message "Error: the resource may have been changed by another user or process while you were performing this operation. Please try again." (MAR-21797).
  • In the new experience, users were receiving the message "NOT ALL TAGS ARE SIGNED" when, in fact, all fields had been completed by the recipient (MAR-21724).
  • Users were unable to search for contacts anywhere except when sending and envelope when they had more than 500 contacts (MAR-21171).
  • Clicking Print on a non-draft envelope resulted in the download dialog instead of the print dialog (MAR-21043).
  • Users were unable to see newly added contacts in Contacts under My Preferences when they had more than 500 contacts. Related to MAR-21171. (MAR-20298).
  • When attempting to save a template, users received the error "The template is not locked." and all changes were lost (MAR-18383).
  • Users were unable to load envelopes for a powerform (TT-714).
  • When the Sender role was applied to a document in different routing orders, and different templates containing that role were applied, the Sender role was duplicated instead of being consolidated. This occurred because Sender is based on the person creating the envelope and is auto-populated with that person's name and email when the first template was applied; when the next template was applied, the Sender role on that template did not include the auto-populated data and so did not match the first template's Sender role and was duplicated. Changing the Sender role to Sender1 solves this problem (TT-712).
  • When using a custom text field with custom validation, template is used, but the custom validation is ignored (the text field is applied when the TT-675).
  • In Sending view, templates created in the classic experience and used in the new experience show misalignment of checkboxes, and data field wrap (TT-590).
  • Users whose settings for EnableSequentialSigningAPI and EnableSequentialSigningUI were set to false were not able to use Sequential Signing when using templates (as expected) (TT-584).
  • Text boxes placed on a template changed position and size after saving and reopening the template (TT-540).
  • Users can search envelopes and templates by sender name + email, or recipient name + email. Searching by sender only works if custody of the envelope had not been transferred (TT-260).
  • IDR does not work on dimensionally large documents like engineering drawings (TT-260).
  • When uses modified and then saved a template, the Last Modified column on the Templates page listed the correct date, but the time was in the future (TT-581).
  • When users uploaded multiple templates all of which had the same role names and signing order, and where the role name was blank on some templates, but contained a signing group in others, the roles were duplicated in the envelope (TT-628).
  • Using the REST API to send an envelope based on a template with pre-filled values does not show those values in the envelope seen by the recipient (TT-738).


This addendum contains information that should have been part of the October 2017 Service Pack Notes, but was not. Included here are bug fixes, new features, and information about soon to be released bug fixes and features for DocuSign Admin and Organization Admin.

Bug Fixes

  • After an Organization Admin changed the email address of a closed user, the change did not take effect (ADMIN-3424).
  • When adding a new user and assigning that user to a specific group, the group setting did not take effect (ADMIN-4085).
  • Users with the Delegated Admin role were unable to manage DocuSign Admins (ADMIN-3985).
  • Delegated Admin users with only user level permissions were incorrectly offered the option to provision an Admin level user, but when attempting to provision the admin user no error message appeared and no action was taken, leaving the user confused (ADMIN-3980).
  • Admins received an error when trying to update or edit brands in the new experience (ADMIN-3944).
  • When using the API to create a new user with a specified job title, the title was not provisioned (ADMIN-3893).
  • When an Organization Admin tried to change a user's email address, they received one of two error messages, either that the membership was closed or that there was an error saving the profile, and the changes were rejected (ADMIN-3727).
  • Organization Admins who managed accounts on two sites could not add a user from the account on one site to the account on the other site (ADMIN-3664).
  • When creating an organization, Organization Admins were not taken directly to the Org Admin dashboard (ADMIN-3307).

New and Updated Features

Following are new and updated features for Admin.

Include Account Number Column When Displaying Account Name in Organization

Organization Admin: In Organization Admin, whenever a page contains an Account Name column, a corresponding Account ID column will be displayed. The Account ID will also be updated to display the common ID instead of the current GUID.

Envelope ID Shown with Envelope Publish

For parity with the classic experience, when using Connect > Publish Envelopes, the Envelope ID is now displayed in the output.

Loading Indicator Shown when Searching

When an Organization Admin searches for a user, the Search button dims and includes a spinner to indicate that it is searching. If they enter and invalid email format, they receive an error. If there are no results, they see a message to that effect.

Admins Can provide an Address and Phone Number When Adding Users

Available the week of October 16, 2017

An Admin or Delegated Admin can add work address and the phone number in the membership record to a user's membership profile when adding or editing a user.

Reactivate or Create New User on an Account

Admins can reactivate or add a new user to an account with an email address that belongs to a closed user. They have the option of selecting from a list of existing memberships to reactivate, or of creating a new account. If the membership is reactivated, the reactivated user will have access to any existing envelopes.

Reactivate or Create Closed Users with Organization Account Membership Notice

Organization Admin: If a user has a closed membership, we now indicate to the admin that there is an existing closed membership for that user on the account and ask whether they want to reactivate the membership or to create a new membership for that email address. This lets admins reuse email addresses, which is common practice in large organizations.

Display, Clear or Copy a User's Federated ID

Available the week of October 16, 2017

Organization Admin: Federated ID's will be listed on each organization user's page under Security for each Identity Provider for which they have a Federated ID and are a member of a reserved domain. Users without Federated IDs will be indicated by No Federated ID configured for this user. Organization Admins will be able to clear an ID, as well as copy the ID to the clipboard.

Organization Admins Can Update the Organization Profile

Available the week of October 16, 2017

Organization Admin: Admins can update the organization name and description in the organization profile.

Reactivate a Closed User Membership When Active Member Exists

When an admin attempts to reactivate a user that is closed, but an active user with the same email address exists on that account, they receive a message saying that an active membership for that email address already exists. They can then open the active membership profile or cancel the reactivation.

Admins in a Group Can Access All Brands Shared with That Group

An Admin in a group has access to all brands shared with that group.

Enforce the Default Date and Time Format at the Account Level

Administrators can enforce a standard time zone and date and time format for all users, or allow users to choose their own settings in Regional Settings. For more information, see this help topic.

Updated Documentation

Documentation for creating and reactivating users has been updated here.

Coming Soon

Following are bug fixes and feature that will be released in the near future.

Bug Fixes

  • An error message will be displayed when Admins attempts to add an email address that is part of a reserved domain that does not permit account memberships outside of the Organization (ADMIN-4044).

New Features

Bulk Add Updates

  • When using Bulk Add, members with closed memberships will be skipped and not reactivated.
  • When using Bulk Add, admins will be able to add optional addresses and phone numbers.
  • Delegated Admins will be able to use Bulk Add to add users.
  • Bulk Add will use First Name and Last Name instead of Full Name when adding users.

Access Bulk Actions

Delegated Admins will be able to access bulk actions in Admin.

Deprecated Admin Role

The delegated Groups admin role will be added to the Users and Groups role.

Remove Closed User from Signing Groups

For parity with the classic experience, when an admin closes a user, and that user is in one or more of the account's Signing Groups, a checkbox will appear as part of the confirmation dialog to ask whether the admin wants to remove this user from all Signing Groups.

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