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DocuSign November 2019 Update

Released on October 25th, 2019

New and Updated Features


Custom Help Contact

Admins can provide guidance and contact information that is displayed to end-users when they select the help button in their DocuSign eSignature Account. This can be configured in the Account Profile page by full admins. Available to all customers on both Demo and Prod environments.

Admin Capabilities for DocuSign ID Verification

Admins with DocuSign Identify enabled can now create and manage Identity Verification configurations. These configurations are used by Senders to verify the identity of recipients. For each configuration, Admins can restrict the list of countries that IDs will be accepted from as well as set the number of retry attempts that will be permitted before the envelope is locked.

For accounts with ID Verification and EU Advanced Signature, admins can also change the signature type applied in the recipient flow.

Availability: Standard Plans and Above, Requires the DocuSign Identify Add-On and Account Plan Item

For more information on new features and enhancements, see the Admin Release Notes.


21 CFR Part 11

New Activation Experience

Recipients external to your organization that do not have a DocuSign account will now be able to activate their DocuSign account and sign their envelope all at once through one email. With this new feature, as an unaccounted recipient, you no longer have to search for a separate activation email in your Inbox before signing your envelope. DocuSign will automatically detect you are not an accounted recipient and prompt you to activate your account. Once finished, DocuSign will redirect you to the envelope for signing. This provides a a faster and seamless signing experience, while adhering to the Part 11 credentialing provisions.

This feature has been rolled out to a few select customers and will be rolling out to relevant CFR customers over the next few months.

Validator for Life Sciences Report

DocuSign is launching a refreshed design of the Validator for Life Sciences Report, which provides a consistent look and feel with the updated DocuSign branding across the application.


DocuSign is deprecating the Classic feature Merge on Activation in December of 2019. Merge on Activation is not available in the New DocuSign Experience UI, only functions if the backend feature has been enabled by DocuSign Support, the account to be merged is a signer user account of an eligible plan, and if both accounts reside on the same server. Please reach out to your account team if you have questions


Error Handling

DocuSign has added new error handling in the REST API when creating fields that prevent invalid Regular Expressions (RegEx) from being saved when sending an envelope. This enhancement will be ramped up to customers globally.

Sending and Templates

Radio button or drop down should be used if one of the checkbox users selects

For users who have enabled the Admin Sending Setting Draw new signature for each signature or initial field, DocuSign has made a change to the UI in the recipient card. Previously, this advanced recipient setting was a check box that would allow users to select the option Draw a new signature for each signature or initial field.The UI drop down has been updated, where users can select None or Draw a new signature for each signature or initial field.

DocuSign Radio button

This change is effective in Production as of October 17th. (MAR-30571)


Armenian Signing

Add Armenian to Signing is now available for signing and available in the next release in Radmin and NDSE. Signing, a singer can choose Armenian as their signing language. For Radmin, an account holder can choose Armenian as a branding email language. For Sending, a sender can choose Armenian as a recipient language. (SMPI-220)

Require Upload Signature Specimen to Address 'remote Signature Card' for Finserv Customers

Major financial institutions still require a drawn signature specimen on the signature card document when opening an account. For consumer/in-branch scenarios, this is achieved through a bank owned tablet and embedded signing. This enhancement addresses remote signing scenarios, such as for institutional account opening (primary focus here), and consumer remote account opening, where the signers are using their own devices. (SIGN-22313)

Radio Button Tooltip

DocuSign has added a Tooltip to the Radio Buttons in Tagger to be included as the primary tool tip instead of the Group Label. In many cases the name may be an internal name that customers do not want disclosed. This tooltip is shown in signing to signers. (SIGN-17333).

Create Recipient View Links

This communication is regarding a change to the URL returned by the Create Recipient View API endpoint:

What will change? Customers can expect to see the length of the URL to be longer. Customers can expect to be redirected through a different subdomain depending on region of the account sending the envelope. Please verify your domain whitelist per the following documentation:

What will not change? DocuSign has designed this change so that your existing functionality should not change.

Why are is DocuSign making this change? These changes are part of an effort to standardize and further secure links that redirect into Signing Ceremony. DocuSign is working to centralize the system used for authentication across all its products. These new links provide improved security compared to the current system. These changes will provide the ability to expire, revoke, or modify an existing link without changing it. They also make secret links harder to brute force or to guess. They provide improved auditing on redemption and better ability to enforce authentication policies such as two-step verification. Redemption refers to what happens when the link is used. A token is created via the Create Recipient View Link API request, and then used/redeemed when the link is visited in the browser.

These changes began rolling out the week of Aug 26th.

Demo environment - Feature is now ON in Demo as of the end of September.

Prod environment - Feature is targeted for slow rollout in early January 2020.

For questions, concerns and feedback, please contact Managed Token Rollout at


Responsive Signing

Responsive Signing is now GA and only available to accounts on current account plans (e.g. Personal, Standard, Business Pro, Enterprise Pro). These accounts will now have the switch to enable Responsive Signing setting.

Note : DocuSign is running into instances were some legacy accounts are erroneously receiving this feature and this bug is under investigation

What Is Responsive Signing?

Responsive signing will improve usability and performance for mobile signers. Responsive Signing automatically converts documents to HTML and allows you to preview the conversion across device types prior to sending. Signers on small screens will see the responsive HTML, and they can toggle to view the original document. This functionality helps signers get the most readable document presentation possible without pinching and zooming. For more information using the feature, read the public support page.

What do Customers Need to do?

Enablement is easy - admins will see a new tile on the homepage to turn on Responsive Signing for their account. See this example:

DocuSign responsive signing

Customers can later manage this setting in DocuSign Admin’s signing settings. Simply login to DocuSign, click Go to Admin, click Signing Settings and check to Allow recipients to view mobile-friendly documents with responsive signing.

When Should Customers use Responsive Signing?

This feature converts agreement content to HTML, so there are some documents that are better-suited to conversion than others. For instance, documents with regularly shaped tables and large blocks of text (e.g. common contracts) convert better than documents that have irregular or wide tables (e.g. tax forms). DocuSign recommends senders use Recipient Preview to check content before sending it.

If you encounter any issues with your content or if you want to improve your content for mobile signers, read the guide on optimizing your content for Responsive Signing.

Questions, Concerns or Feedback (Bugs)

  • Customers can report issues directly through DocuSign support.
  • For more information using the feature, read the public support page.

DocuSign Employees can report any bugs your customers find (with screenshots) on the Responsive Signing group on Chatter.

Improved Responsive Tag Placement Logic

DocuSign has improved the tag placement logic for Responsive documents. This change was done so that tabs align more accurately with the source document leading to an improved user experience for signers.

Customer Impact : Being a layout change, it may affect your existing template tab placement in a Responsive view. If you face any issues, please reach out to your AMs/TCSMs. (SIGN-23755)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused sending fonts not to save properly in Admin.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some admins with Users and Groups delegated permissions to lose access to the Permission Sets page in Admin.

For more information see the Admin Release Notes.

Advanced Recipient Routing

Conditional Recipients now works with all SBS accounts. DocuSign's customers and customers that purchased Advanced Workflow will now be able to use it for SBS accounts, prominent in Europe. (MAR-30700)


Download supplemental document with the correct file name instead of [[EmailSubject]].pdf: When a signer viewed a supplemental document, opened it up in a modal, and then clicked to download the individual supplemental document on this modal itself, the supplemental document was downloaded as a file called [[EmailSubject]].pdf.

This has been modified so that the Supplemental document is saved as [[SupplementalDocName]].pdf instead. (SIGN-18415)

Read only text field's frame still visible when set with Date Validation: "Read only" field's frame was still visible when it is set with Date Validation, confusing the end signer when the field was also set to Required as the red frame appears but they could not enter any value.

DocuSign has changed this so that "Read only" fields, whether they are required or not, or with a validation or not no longer display with their frame. (SIGN-23727)

Multiline text fields in responsive do not fit to 100% width of screen and cannot scroll them

DocuSign was not displaying the full multiline text fields in Responsive. DocuSign is now presenting users with the complete content and allowing them to scroll when appropriate. (SIGN-23366)

Coming Soon


Custom Help: Admins can provide contact information that is displayed to end users when they select the help button in NDSE.

Sending and Templates

Template List Performance Improvements for IE

DocuSign will be updating the template list to be in line with the envelope list. Updates will be made to the menu for the folder items and structure.

Favorite Templates

Favorite Templates: Senders may now tap the star button to mark a template as a favorite. Go to the Favorites tab to access all of your important templates in one place. (PORTFOLIO-2723)


transformPdfFields was not working when used on documents inside an inlineTemplate. This issue will be rectified and transformPdfFields will work as expected. (TT-2230)


Download Email Improvements

Users will be taken to a download section upon clicking the Download link from an email. From the link, users are immediately taken to the download section inside Reporting. Users can see up to 90 days worth of scheduled reports. Once the View button is clicked, the CSV file downloads.


DocuSign eWitness

DocuSign eWitness allows organizations to enable signers to identify up to two witnesses to sign an agreement in a legal and confidential manner. eWitness captures the witness information in the Certificate of Completion to support any legal disputes. This means many of the typically paper-based deeds can be digitized in the future, saving organization significant time and money. This feature is available for Enterprise Pro customers. If you are not an Enterprise Pro customer, please ask your Account Manager to enable this feature.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Near the end of September and on into October, DocuSign's partner LexisNexis (which powers the knowledge-based authentication) is going to be doing some required maintenance. LexisNexis confirmed there should be no discernible issues or changes for he users and members. DocuSign will be monitoring our systems for any anomalies, and should you see any issues, please contact support.

IMPORTANT - New DocuSign Logo

DocuSign has a new logo rolling out across the Product Development teams. Currently, it is released for Signing, Sending, Email, Mobile Apps, Admin, Account Server and Validation Module Report.

Refreshed Header

DocuSign is launching a refreshed header across the applications (eSign, CLM, and Rooms) which provides a consistent look and feel with the updated DocuSign branding across the application, as well as a common way to navigate between applications.

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