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DocuSign November 2018 Update

Released on October 19th, 2018

New and Updated Features


Additional Account-level Audits

DocuSign supports the following additional account level audits:

  • Settings related to the Legal Disclosure
  • Changes to the default Legal Disclosure
  • Brands

Changes to these areas are now captured in the audit logs.

Improved Search and Filter for Custody Transfer

The search and filter options for Custody Transfer have been improved. The search option is now more obvious, enabling admins to better locate the desired envelopes or templates.

This feature is scheduled to release in early November.

Manual Date Entry in Admin

The date control in Admin now allows manual date entry. Previously, you had to use the date picker.

This feature is scheduled to release in early November.

Better Navigation in Admin

Admin has improved navigation to help you better navigate through the admin experience.

The new navigation also better supports various screen sizes and form factors.

This feature is scheduled to release in early November.


Clarification to Envelope Security Improvement: Signing Links Expire Automatically

This feature is now live for all customers in Demo and is scheduled for Production starting in mid-October.

In an effort to improve the security of unauthenticated access to envelopes, this change expires links to envelopes after five clicks or 48 hours from the time they are sent. This only applies to unauthenticated envelopes, this does not apply to envelopes with an access code or other authentication methods.

Initially, this will not be enabled for all accounts but will be rolled out to accounts over the coming weeks.

Here are some details:

  • If you apply an access code or other authentication method, this is what currently happens:
    • If you send an envelope with authentication required every time to view the envelope, the envelope is sent and the link never expires
    • If you send an envelope with authentication required only once to view the envelope, the envelope is sent, the recipient is asked to authenticate, and after they authenticate the five clicks or 48 hours rule applies and a new link is sent

    • If users are required to authenticate with both an access code and SMS or phone, the new link only requires the access code to authenticate (it does not require SMS or phone authentication
  • After a link has expired, the user can request a new link that will be sent to their email account
  • For signers with accounts, they can sign in to their DocuSign account to gain access to the envelope regardless of the link expiration status
  • Applies to all in-progress links for all recipient types
  • Links to completed envelope links expire under the same flow
  • This applies to existing links not just new links generated after this change is deployed

Sending and Templates

Select and Share Multiple Shared Templates

When using shared template folders, using the CTRL/CMD key in the Copy link dialog box, users can select templates from the different folders and share them to one or more other folders. This feature will be available starting October 24, 2018

Accessibility Improvements

The following improvements have been made to enhance accessibility in both Sending and Signing experiences:

  • Sending
    • The Next button has been relocated to provide better focus order and more logical navigation
    • Dialog boxes with tab navigation all had the same issue: The tabs are not announced as tabs and they also did not announce their selected state. These included dialog boxes such as Create your signature, Contacts, and Select Template
    • All pages with a right or left panel now have these sections as regions and are labeled appropriately
    • Some elements in the navigation did not provide enough contrast to be visible to all users
    • Signing
    • Correct reading order for in progress and completed documents
    • Some controls could not receive focus or be acted on using the keyboard
    • Form fields did not have programmatically associated label, valid or invalid state, or association with additional description
    • There were incorrect or insufficient roles or attributes, and incorrect keyboard behavior for tabbed interfaces

Redesigned PowerForms Post-signing Dialog

The DocuSign team has redesigned the PowerForms post-signing dialog that allows users to download the document that they have completed. Admins can override this functionality and set up a customized PowerForms post-signing redirect URL. Relevant documentation can be found in the How do I specify a URL to redirect to when a PowerForm is completed? article on the DocuSign Support Site.

Deprecated Features

Support for DocuSign Print Driver v2 is Ending.

Starting January 2019, Print Driver v2 will no longer function. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to Print Driver v3.x. The latest version (v3.2.1 uploaded October 10, 2018) of Print Driver is now available from the DocuSign support download site

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where valid URLs could not be saved in a Brand's destination URL. Valid URLs can now be saved (ADMIN-5693).

Sending and Templates

  • Fixed a bug on the PowerForm download CSV where, if data in a field contained a comma, the data would be moved to the next column (FRM-716).
  • Senders were able to click the Send button multiple times, which resulted in numerous sends of the same envelope (unbeknownst to the sender). We fixed the issue so that it results in one notification, not multiple (MAR-24754).
  • Fixed the "Unable to access envelope" error that occurred when the person with whom the envelope was shared accesses the envelope with an access code. In the future, the DocuSign team plans to add an Open button in the Doc Details so that the user can input the Access Code and see the document (MAR-24991).
  • Fixed a bug where the font size for Radio Buttons was reset to 9 when users set another size in a template (MAR-26834).
  • Radio buttons are now available as custom fields. When a user creates a radio button custom field, one radio button will be placed each time the custom field is used (MAR-27310).
  • Usually, if the first recipient in the routing order is the sender, they are prompted to Sign Now when they send the envelope. If, however, the sender was the first recipient and acting as the in-person signing host, they did not get this prompt (MAR-27463).
  • When a sender pre-filled a data field with text, inconsistent behavior was noticed with it being saved and displayed to recipients after the envelope was sent. Data field text entered will now be saved and displayed to a recipient regardless of what method a sender chooses to type in text (e.g., double-clicking, typing text and pressing the Tab key, typing text and clicking off a field, etc.). The text also appears in the Add Text box in the right-hand field properties (MAR-27790).

Coming Soon

Sending and Templates

Download Callout Converting to Dialog Box

The download callout is being converted to a dialog box to make it more accessible to keyboard users. Functions will remain the same.

Allow Users to Disable Template Change Dialog Box

A "Don't show this again" checkbox is being added under the text for the template document change warning so that users can disable the warning. Experienced users know that replacing a document in a template does not remove roles, fields, and so on from the template, so seeing the warning every time they replace a document interferes with their productivity.

Bug Fixes

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug.

  • When a sender is a signer on an envelope with document visibility, they click document visibility to review it. When they click Save to exit the document visibility dialog box, they receive the error message "Document Visibility changes could not be saved. Please try again". They get this message whether or not they have made changes. The error only occurs when the sender is set as a signer on the envelope (MAR-25261).
  • There is a problem with the Edge browser when clients who use the company login button, see the loading screen, but it never loads. This only happens with Edge, they are able to use Chrome or Firefox (MAR-27985).

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