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DocuSign November 2017 Update

Released on November 3rd, 2017

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New Experience Additions and Updates

The following sections describe additions or updates to the New DocuSign Experience.

Send to Drafts – Sunset December 1, 2017

To ensure the ongoing security and scalability of the service, the send to drafts feature will be decommissioned on December 1, 2017. In case you aren’t familiar, this feature allows users to send an email to, and then return to DocuSign at a future date to add fields and send the enclosed documents.

A lot has changed since we introduced this feature years ago – notably, we’ve released highly reviewed DocuSign mobile apps that help users send and sign documents anywhere. We have also made numerous improvements to the DocuSign user interface to help users send envelopes faster than ever before. We encourage users to use the mobile application (on iOS or Android) or DocuSign’s web experience for sending envelopes.

Please start using the DocuSign mobile app or for all your sending scenarios.

IE 10 Support in Sending

To provide a more robust and secure experience to our customers, the New DocuSign Experience (NDSE) will remove support for Internet Explorer 10 in the December service pack. Presently, IE 10 is the lowest supported version in NDSE. After this change, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge will be the lowest supported versions in NDSE. Signing will continue to support Internet Explorer 8 and higher to ensure that our customers’ signers can complete envelopes.

Microsoft’s support for Internet Explorer 10 ended in January 2016.

.ET and .ETT File Types No Longer Supported

Due to low use, uploading Kingsoft Office .ET and .ETT documents into a new envelope will no longer be supported starting with the December service pack.

Admins Can Provide an Address and Phone Number When Adding Users

An Admin or Delegated Admin can add work address and the phone number in the membership record to a user's membership profile when adding or editing a user.

Display, Clear, or Copy a User's Federated ID

Organization Admin: Federated ID's will be listed on each organization user's page under Security for each Identity Provider for which they have a Federated ID and are a member of a reserved domain. Users without Federated IDs will be indicated by No Federated ID configured for this user. Organization Admins will be able to clear an ID, as well as copy the ID to the clipboard. For more information, see this topic.

Organization Admins Can Update the Organization Profile

Organization Admin: Admins can update the organization name and description in the organization profile.

Last Update Date Will Update to Show Most Recent Sent Date

For parity with the classic experience, when an envelope is resent, the Last Update column on the Envelope Details page changes to show new sent date. In addition, the original sent date appears under the envelope label.

Updated View As Experience

When viewing shared envelopes (formerly shared folders), users will be presented with a dialog box to let them choose or search for the person who has shared an envelope with them. In the past, when users had many envelopes shared with them, the View As feature presented only a subset of the other users, and the search function did not work as expected

Save Templates With a Blank Email Subject Line

For parity with the classic experience, users can save templates with a blank email Subject line.

Show More Added to Use a Template Dialog

When there are more than 10 folders on the Use a Template dialog box, "Show More" appears below the 10th folder, which the user can click to expand the list of templates.

Email Notifications Added to Admin

For parity with the classic experience, we've added two new user preference email notification options:

  • An envelope that I signed offline failed to synchronize
  • A signer's offline signature failed to synchronize for an envelope that I have sent

Support for XPS and MSG File Formats

For parity with the classic experience, the new experience supports users uploading XPS and MSG files.

Indicate Which Envelopes Have Been Purged

For parity with the classic experience, users will see more indicators that an envelope has been purged, or that a request to purge it has been made. When an envelope has been purged, the Inbox, envelope detail, document preview, and signing email will all state that the envelope has been or will be purged on a specific date. In addition, the option to forward a purged envelope will be removed from the More menu, and if the metadata has been purged, the option to download metadata will be removed from the download menu.

Automatic Email Reminder Events are Included in the Envelope History

When an automatic email reminder is sent to a recipient, the record of the event (date and time sent, recipient email address, and recipient ID) is included in the envelope history. This option is off by default; contact your account manager for more information.

V02 Responsive Signing Experience

Accounts on signing versions V1 and V2 are being upgraded to the V02 responsive version. This is a minor UI change that results in a more consistent and mobile-friendly signing experience across different devices.

Connect HTTP Listener Sunset Reminder

Currently, the DocuSign Signature developer system ( can be configured to make Connect webhook calls to customers’ servers through HTTP or HTTPS connections. The production systems only support HTTPS connections, but in certain situations, customers are able to use HTTP.

HTTP should never be used for sensitive information, including DocuSign Connect notifications.

We will be updating both systems to no longer allow HTTP Connect notifications.

If your Connect listener is currently using HTTP, you must update your server to support HTTPS. Free HTTPS certificates are available from the Let’s Encrypt project. Self-signed certificates are not supported.

These changes also apply to eventNotification Connect webhook listeners.

Summer '17 Update

The June (Summer '17) release adds the setting “Only HTTPS” to the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. Activate this setting to ensure that your account is only using HTTPS for Connect and eventNotification webhook subscriptions.

Important dates

June 15, 2017: New accounts on either demo or production systems created after this date will not be able to use HTTP for their Connect listener servers.

February 1, 2018: No account on either demo or production systems will be able to use HTTP. On this date, any system still using HTTP for its Connect listener will stop working.

If you are currently using HTTP for your Connect or eventNotification listeners, we recommend that you update your server to use HTTPS as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes - New Experience and Core

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

The following bug fixes were deployed to the DocuSign Production environment on November 3, 2017 as part of the DocuSign November 2017 release.

High Priority Bug Fixes

  • Users were not able to change the language on the user interface by using the My Preferences > Regional Settings > Language setting (MAR-21928).
  • Users encountered mislabeled folders and were unable to access templates (MAR-23312/MAR-23313).
  • Users nearing a performance threshold received an error when trying to select templates (MAR-23317).
  • Users trying to log in to the New DocuSign Experience when it was set to Optional received an error (MAR-23813).

Medium Priority Bug Fixes

  • The chargeID was missing from the payment details returned by the REST API response (PYMT-2394).
  • ACH Validation pending status was not returned in the API response (Vdev and V2) (PYMT-2425).
  • Envelopes created from a template containing payment fields sent using Bulk Send, did not actually send (PYMT-2432).
  • Users were unable to search for contacts anywhere except when sending an envelope when they had more than 500 contacts (MAR-21171/TT-686).
  • Users with a single template/document match were prompted to select a template and were unable to use automatic template matching (MAR-21912).
  • When users without send permission clicked Load All on the Manage (formerly Docu-ments) tab, were presented with the Send Your First Document button, and after clicking it, received an error message (MAR-17833).
  • When users created an envelope with custom subject and body, and then applied a template, the template subject overrode the custom subject (the body was unchanged) (MAR-19460).
  • When the Recipient list was long, there was no scroll bar or other way to see the names toward the bottom of the list (MAR-20298).
  • Existing and newly-created contacts were not appearing in My Preferences > Contact in the new experience (MAR-20298).
  • Users without Bulk Send permission were erroneously allowed to use a template containing a bulk list, receiving an inscrutable error message when they attempted to send the envelope (MAR-20299).
  • When users attempted to print a document, the print dialog box did not appear. Instead, the download dialog box appeared (MAR-21043).
  • In the new experience, reports contained the header "Custom Field", which lead users to believe that custom fields would be in the report. The header was changed to "Envelope Custom Fields" and a tool tip was added to clarify that the data was the labels on the envelope (MAR-21494).
  • In the new experience, under Shared Folders, when users created a two layers of sub-folders (Shared Folders>SubFolder1>SubFolder2), and then moved the lowest-level folder up to the first subfolder level (Shared Folders>SubFolder1, SubFolder2), after logging out, the folder hierarchy reverted to the three-level hierarchy (MAR-21508).
  • When users attempted to print form data in the new experience, only one page printed regardless of how many pages of data was presented (MAR-21560).
  • Non-admin users with share permissions were unable to rename or move folders (MAR-21801/MAR-20733).
  • Drafts has been removed from search status options for custom folders because draft documents cannot be moved to custom folders (MAR-21930),
  • Characters in search terms that are commonly used in regular expressions interfered with search causing no results to appear (MAR-21946).
  • In the new experience, drop down fields with long items in the list of options were not scaling properly, truncating the items (MAR-21969).
  • When downloading an Envelope report for envelopes that had more than one Envelope Custom Field, only the first Envelope Custom Field appeared in the downloaded file, but all Envelope Custom Fields appeared in the console report (MAR-22000).
  • Shared templates that were deleted from My Templates were still appearing in the Shared Folder (MAR-22048).
  • Templates folders were created without user interaction (MAR-22054).
  • When cloning and immediately sending an envelope from the Sent folder, users were redirected to the Inbox where the sent envelope did not appear instead of staying in the Sent folder (MAR-22132).
  • When saving a custom report in the new experience where Specific Users was used to select only certain users for the report, the users were not listed and not selectable (MAR-22146).
  • Loading templates in Chrome and Internet Explorer hung indefinitely (MAR-22186).
  • In Firefox, when users tried to use the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate through fields on the envelope, the focus changed to menu or browser options instead of navigating through the envelope fields (MAR-22398).
  • Users were receiving the error message "Login Unsuccessful. Sorry, an error occurred."after successfully changing their passwords and entering the new credentials correctly (MAR-22419).
  • Uploading the same bulk list on different machines succeeded on some, but not others (MAR-22598).
  • When using DS EU Advanced with an access code, users had to click Close before the access code would be saved (MAR-22620).
  • Customers using the REST API to create envelopes with some recipients who needed custom email and language and others who didn't receive an error when attempting to correct an envelope after a recipient who did not have custom email and language signed the envelope (MAR-22716).
  • Merge field fixed widths in DocuSign for Salesforce were not honored when sending from DocuSign. Text bled off the edge of the page instead of staying within the specified fixed width (MAR-22769).
  • Users were unable to create a powerform from a template that contained a supplemental document (MAR-22875).
  • When using View As on the Manage page, when the list of users was long enough to require scrolling and the user used the scroll bar, the View As menu disappeared (MAR-22918).
  • Custom date ranges on custom reports were not being displayed (MAR-22052).
  • In Demo, when downloading a single completed document that had been uploaded as a non-PDF file, the downloaded document was a PDF, but the file extension was the whatever file had been uploaded (MAR-22997).
  • Users did not receive error messages when uploading unsupported file formats (dwg, dxf, and dgn) (MAR-22998).
  • In the new experience, users were unable to search by batch ID (MAR-23005).
  • When only one authentication type was required, senders were receiving "Each recipient must have an authentication type specified" for every recipient instead of being allowed to proceed as expected (MAR-23121).
  • When downloading fields, the resulting CSV had headers for each field, but no data when the envelope contained only fields without values (Signature or Initial, for example) (MAR-23133).
  • Users were able to send an envelope with an invalid SMS number by selecting Edit Recipients, changing the SMS number to an invalid number, and then pressing ESC. The envelope sent without validating the SMS number (MAR-22187).
  • In the new experience, users were not able to access Sender IP Address in reports (MAR-23249).
  • When a custom message to recipients was added to an envelope before any document was added, after adding the document, the email message reverted to the default "Please DocuSign: FILE NAME" message (MAR-23251).
  •  After correcting an envelope users received "Successfully sent." message instead of one indicating they successfully corrected an envelope (MAR-23262).
  •  When selecting multiple documents for download and selecting "Combined PDF", the documents were downloaded as separate PDFs in a zip file instead of a single PDF in a zip file (MAR-23350).
  • Users with switch to the new experience as optional, lost the ability to switch back to the new experience if they switched to the classic experience and logged out from there (MAR-23427).
  • In the new experience, when any field was locked to the template by sender permission Mandatory or Restrict Changes, or both users were unable to delete the recipient when sending the document (MAR-23571).
  • When users dragged field to a document, the fields disappeared and adding or modifying any other fields took a long time (MAR-23588).
  • Filters were not being retained on template folders (MAR-23807).
  • Recipient phone authentication was not saved and a JavaScript error occurred (MAR-23827).

Low Priority Bug Fixes

  • Users did not receive any indication that a template that included a supplemental document was sent by clicking the template and choosing Use (MAR-22116).
  • Powerforms columns with double digits were wrapping (MAR-23159).
  • Users were unable to download multiple templates from the Share Templates or Shared With Me folder (MAR-23286).

Users were unable to upload some bulk recipient lists (MAR-23316).

Coming Soon

This following features and bug fixes will be available in the near future; any dates are estimates at this time and will be updated when the feature is released.

Admins Can Set Default Email Notifications Settings

Currently in the new admin experience, there are no default email notification settings that can be set for all account users. For parity with the classic experience, new experience admins will be able to set default email notification settings.

Ability to Define Header and Footer Links in Sending Emails

DocuSign admins will see a link in their sending brand to let them customize links in headers and footers. The set-up will be the same as is available in the signing brand, with the exception that there is only one sending brand.

API Will Only Return Shared Contacts When Set in Admin

The contacts API will only return shared contacts for a user when shared contacts is set in the DocuSign Admin.

OCR-A Font on the Add Fields Page

For parity with the classic experience, we will be adding the OCR-A font to the add fields

page in the new experience.

Warning When No Merge Fields Permission or No Salesforce Access

Warn a user when they upload a template with merge fields associated with Salesforce fields to an account without merge field permission or Salesforce access.

Add and Edit IDR Zones

For parity with the classic experience, users will be able to add and edit Intelligent Document Recognition zones (IDR zones) to their templates by opening a template for editing, clicking the gear icon at the top of the documents list on the Add Fields view, and then selecting the Add IDR Zones menu option. After an IDR zone has been added, users will see an Edit IDR Zones link at the top of the documents list.

Apply All Matching Templates

When Apply Matching Templates is enabled, and when multiple documents with matching templates are selected, all matching templates will be applied.

Recipients at the Same Signing Order Retain that Order

Recipients in the same signing order will retain that order when adding fields in the new experience.

Formulas Created in the Classic Experience

Formulas created in the classic experience will continue to work in the new experience when modified.

Search for Templates Update

Users will be able to select what field to search for templates:

  • Template Name
  • Owner Name or Email
  • Recipient Name or Email

Template List Date Range Update

The Template list date range in Use Template or Apply Template dialogs will default to All.

Anchor Text Alignment in Word Documents

In the API, DocuSign for Salesforce anchor text applied in a Word document will be aligned to the bottom of the surrounding text string rather than to the center of the surrounding text string.

Shared with Me Folder Behavior Update

For parity with the classic experience, for Administrators, the Shared with Me folder will not show templates that are only shared with the Administrators group.

Error Message for Templates with the Same Name

Users will receive an error message when they try to create or update a template with the same name as another template in the account.

Select Multiple Envelopes for Download to CSV

Using the API, users will be able to select multiple envelopes and download all of them to a single CSV file instead of downloading each envelope individually.

Basic Authentication Support for Connect

Coming soon, the Connect notification service will be updated to support the Basic Authentication scheme with customer’s Connect servers (listeners).

When the feature is activated by a System Administrator for a Connect custom configuration (subscription), Connect will include the Authorization header in its requests to the customer’s web server.

The System Administrator uses the Connect configuration panel to enable Basic Authentication and to set the user name and password that will be sent.

The user name and password can be updated with the Edit command for the Connect custom configuration.

The Basic Authentication option is only available for custom Connect configurations. Individual Envelope Connect configurations created with the eventNotifications API option do not support Basic Authentication.

If enabled, the Basic Authentication header is included with the Connect notifications. Enabling the Connect Basic Authentication option does not ensure that the customer’s server is implementing access control.

Access control and Basic Authentication requirements are implemented by the customer’s web server, not by DocuSign Connect.

Important Update to Email Case Submission and Default Resource File

To improve responsiveness and routing accuracy, we are streamlining our Customer Support case submission process. After November 8th, 2017, we will retire the use of and, and ask customers to submit cases through the DocuSign Support Center.

All references to these emails will be removed from our default resource files and replaced with If you have customized your Branding Resources Files, we recommend that you update them prior to November 8, 2017 to ensure your envelope recipients have access to the correct support resources*.

Previous default value: DocuSign Customer Support: or

Proposed value: DocuSign Customer Support:

*To provide your envelope recipients with a path to contact DocuSign Support, we recommend using verbiage such as: "For assistance, please visit the DocuSign Customer Support Center:"

Bug Fixes - Coming Soon

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

  • When using a custom authorization, users cannot save a phone number as well as an SMS number (API-7285).
  • Envelopes set to expire within 24 hours do not have an expiring soon warning and do not appear in the list of envelopes tat are expiring soon (API-7427).
  • When continuing a draft envelope or correcting an envelope, attempting to clear a recipient's contact information fails (DCMT-960)
  • Users attempting to create and save a template received the error "The template is not locked." and they cannot save the template (MAR-18383).
  • Aligned text fields size changes between preview/creation and when envelope is sent (MAR-21488).
  • Envelopes were put into an invalid state preventing recipients from signing (MAR-21724).
  • In the new experience, when users tried to upload multiple documents from a cloud service, some documents uploaded, but others did not. They received the error message Error: the resource may have been changed by another user or process while you were per-forming this operation. Please try again (MAR-21797).
  • Users are unable to view the envelopes of other users (using View As) (MAR-22234).
  • When uses switch between a classic experience account that has used the new experience set to optional and an account that has used the new experience set to no, when they switch to the original account they cannot switch to the classic experience (MAR-22520)
  • In the new experience, when a template with hundreds of formulas was used, it took an excessive amount of time to load (MAR-22602).
  • When users added SMS authentication and included a complete phone number, they received error messages stating that the phone number was incomplete (MAR-22919).
  • When a template is created when "Don't allow senders to edit the subject, email, or private messages." has been selected in Advanced Options and the subject is left blank or erased, users were able to save the template without any warning that the subject was empty and that the template was now unusable (MAR-23342).
  • In the new experience, users on Internet Explorer 11 experience extremely long load and search times after logging in (MAR-23359).
  • Checkboxes and following text on templates created in the classic experience did not retain their position when the template was used in the new experience, requiring users to manually adjust their positions (MAR-23573).
  • Envelopes with the same in-person host for two or more signers received one of two errors: "An In Person signer host is not a valid DocuSign User." or "Invalid host. The host must be a DocuSign account holder." (MAR-23583).
  • In the new experience, users are unable to filter reports on closed users (MAR-23603).
  • Users with Manage Envelope permission are logged out instead of remaining in the web console after correcting an envelope opened from the email link (MAR-23660).
  • Users can search envelopes and templates by sender name + email, or recipient name + email. Searching by sender only works if custody of the envelope had not been transferred (TT-260).
  • The owner of a shared template cannot see it on the Template page (TT-724).
  •  New users activated on an account are created with two Templates folders (TT-764).
  • Users are able to see templates not shared with them (TT-784).
  • After applying a template, if the document is replaced, the fields lose formatting and the text is distorted (TT-785).
  • When users upload a document containing Auto Place fields, the fields are duplicated when a template is applied (TT-797).
  • When a Needs to Sign recipient is changed to Sign with Notary, the user receives the error "Account lacks sufficient permissions, user cannot send envelopes with a notary requirement" and cannot proceed to the place fields page (TT-817).
  • Templates using autoplace text with custom field validation lost the custom validation when the templates were used (TT-675).

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